The Mingle 7 is here: ladies and gentlemen, it’s bigger and better

I have been to many events this year, from Rugby events in Nakuru to Machakos, rallies and football games, but none compared to the thrill manifested by the activities and the crowd at the Mingle 6. But this post is not a preview of the last event, it does not wish to dwell in the past but is inclined to predict the future much as it successfully predicted the past. But for those, and I mourn for your loss, who did not make it to the previous event, check my preview of the Mingle 6 .

Mingle 7 is billed to be the largest and wildest volume so far if the word of the organizers is anything to go by. I have no reason to doubt it. So ladies take out your shorts and sundresses on Saturday and head out to impala grounds Ngong road for fun, interaction and partying. Gents pimp yourselves out, wash your rides, take out those designer shades and make a fashionable entrance. The Mingle is where beauty comes to be celebrated, masculinity is noticed, fashion statements are made, trends started and relationships planted. Where deities become men and mortals become heroes. Where friendship blooms and the mundane is kept aside and replaced with pleasure, hedonism and sheer happiness. At the mingle gloom, sadness, dullness and everything shy is locked out at the gate and in its place courage, charisma and likability is endowed on those who step on this grounds. At Impala, on 17th November, business meets pleasure and beautiful people achieve harmony between the personal and the corporate.

Feast your eyes above, look at the tender limbs as they turn color as the heat adds sheer delicious flavor into the meat and imagine the bliss as the end product is ground slowly in your mouth and your tastes buds attains culinary orgasm. The grills at the mingle 7 do not stop until your fully fed and your attention can be turned to other fun activities. The mingle has a feast for all your senses, especially the eyes, the eye candies in this venue will make them want to pop out of their sockets. So ye who love beauty, come yonder, no other event is aesthetically pleasing as the crowd at The Mingle.  And for those who remember the beauty of childhood and those who missed the fun, the clocks of time have been turned back, come and be transported. All your childhood games in one place, from katii to bladder, bouncing castles and water bubbles, chapa ua and so many more. Other activities include hoops, netball, rodeo bull, video games and many more.

Experience the thrill

Any party can’t be a party without drinks and the organizers have ensured that there is plenty of drinks, all assortment, to be bought from various drink stands in the venue. The great news actually is that patrons are free to bring their own drinks so guys, do what I did last event, pass by the supermarket and buy a carton of scotch whisky; make sure you keep some for me. Don’t forget the party cups guys, lets drink to a prosperous future and toast to life and fun. Gentlemen, please show up in numbers, last event was full of so many beautiful ladies and so little men to keep them company.  In retrospect, the few of us there had an awesome time; after all, less competition means more choice.  The music was superb and the dancing is likely, as did the last event, to go deeper into the night. DJ style, hope you don’t disappoint, the last DJs didn’t. I also hear there is a VJOne from New York, so the party don’t stop.

So guys, if you like having fun, dress comfortably and let’s do this. For those who like fashion, dress up and let’s get admiring, be a star. For the party lovers, stock up on the liquor and get your dancing shoes on, the biggest party of the year is about to go down.  For the business minded, print your business cards, a large consumer base and pool of professionals awaits. Celebs come interact with your adoring fans. For everyone else, just come, you won’t be disappointed.

PS: All Pictures courtesy of the Mingle facebook Page and great work to the Photographer who took them.


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