The Mingle 6: Too awesome

A few weeks back, a friend of mine, popularly known in clandestine circles as agent C, kept querying me as regarding my concerted effort to promote the mingle event. She was convinced that I was either a paid promoter or deriving some other monetary benefit from the organizers, my protestations to the contrary were met with deaf ears. Yes, I kept sharing the mingle posters and other information which was available online, religiously even, but not to the point of obsession. I did so because I like the theme behind the event and as a Kenyan, my heart full of patriotic fervor and the same heart entrenched with a burning desire to see others succeed. But deep down my being, in secret nooks tucked away in my conscious self, I hoped, prayed even, that the event turns out to be a great success. It did not disappoint. It was everything I hoped for and much more.

The mingle6 went down last Saturday at Impala grounds Ngong road. Though the event started at 11 (I think), I was yet to make a grand entrance by the time the clock hand hit 3pm. The cleaning lady took too long so I had to sit my impatient behind down and let her do her thing, which she does with painstaking slowness. Ordinarily, i translate this to mean that she’s being thorough, but this Saturday her tortoise imitation methods did not auger well with my hunger for awesome company and thirst for liquor. After picking some pals it was time to head to the Super market to stock up on the intoxicants (my choice of this word taking the supposition that there was more than liquor, I cannot confirm nor deny this). There was some crazy jam on Ngong road but after some bat like manoeuvrings, we made our way to Uchumi Ngong road for some shopping. It was agreed that there is bliss in variety so all manner of liquor went into the basket but mainly scotch whiskey(nothing says event like a good old famouse grouse). At 3.30 we made our way into impala grounds and the event was already in high gear.

The tents seemed full and the organizers of this event seemed to have under estimated the turnout. There weren’t nearly enough seats to accommodate even half the people. Or maybe it was just a strategy to keep people mingling, pun intended, whatever the case is, kindly procure sufficient seats for November event. Lucky for us, Agent C used her top secret skills to pilfer some chairs from the adjacent VIP section. This is the part where, if I was a village lout, I would go like” Si we drank, let us drink, and we drank some more, let us get drunk, mwathani, even if they switched off stima we still drunk” lol. You get the drift though, right? Bottom line by the time 5 came sneaking past, we were wasted. And so began the fun.

We were a group of over ten peeps, 4 guys and at least ten lady friends. Which brings me to  a particular conundrum, where were the men?The place was too estrogen packed, too may fine women in one venue with a few scattered blokes here and there. In fact when I went to do some childlistic jumping at the bouncing castles, I had to inquire whether it was only meant for ladies because it was packed with too many of them and not a single guy. Needless to say I got in and jumped around, fell over, pillow fought and had some mad fun with  a bevy of beautiful women.

Needless to say the evening part was fun too, the Djs were on point and the whole arena was turned into one energetic dance floor; pure awesomeness. I danced so much my body hurt the following day and I’m never one to spend more than  a minute dancing. I’m sure the liquor helped. We partied well past midnight and at no point did I feel bored or disappointed. kudos to the organizers, you’ll see much more of me and my friends in coming events. Below is a special mention to guys in our entourage who made it all worthwhile.

Agent C otherwise known as mwende, your escapades this day will be a topic of discussion in many events to come.

Thatcher, your rare presence was noticed and appreciated plus those comedian moves you were pulling, legendary.

gathoshkie, For showing up amidst terminal sickness, that’s brave man.

nov, for being the most prolific player at the game and winning one hell of a hottie, kudos.

Shellie, for not throwing a b***** fit again at me, gratitude.

georgina, for being such an awesome neighbor, mucho grcious.

sam, yako tusiongee leo.

sarah, for being such a sweetheart.

savvykenya and Phylis, for being awesome peeps, unforgettable.


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