A tale of beauty and wolves part 2

PS: kindly read the previous post in order to continue with this one.

For those who are privy to the previous post, to which this one is a continuation, we were describing a certain vivacious and utterly hot lady. But to put context to such a description, and woe unto those who missed it, the said lady was gyrating her extremely awesome and indisputably mesmerizing hips in a certain bash held in Rongai to celebrate the birth of a certain lad whose identity is not known to me. The room was small and filled to capacity with humanity engrossed in different activities from the imbibation of liquor to the thrill of dirty dancing with ladies and gentlemen clearly in a mood for some social and possibly carnal fun. There were several ladies in the house and it would not be possible to to give an accurate description of them in this post which is constricted by both time and space. But I do remember this particular one, clad in blue miniskirt and flaunting her bosom in what appeared to be a  skimpy vest. The said lady was enthralled with this dude whom they seemed to be getting it on in the kitchen, I’m not quite sure they were just enjoying a  harmless dance. It would be unfair not to mention the liquor lady, mama pima if you may, whose sole intent was to get every one drunk. She seemed to be quite effective in her role since by the time I arrived at the party, around 9pm, most of the people were senselessly drunk.

Most of my pals were around and its always a pleasure having one’s friends in one place with such  friendly fellowship blessed by sweet liquor and bonded by eternal whiskey. Take for example my pal George, a guy I’ve known since form 1, who by all definition can be said to have his shit all together and not one to be swept down by any amount or brand of alcohol. But this night the guy saw black out before 11pm, a testament as to the amount of alcohol available at this night and not the kind of cheap liquor usually available in most bashes. My other pal gathosh, he is a lad, wasn’t too drunk; maybe because he is a drunkard (all pun intended) or simply because he was too animated with certain ladies as to pay attention to his liquor. This would have turned out to be a party of epic proportion, one to rival the likes of project x and the hangover had the caretaker and house agent not decided to bring an end to it. All in the name of complaining neighbors; in my humble opinion, they were just jealous. So My pals left and i would have been immediately behind them hadn’t the liquor lady decided to play hide and seek with my shoes in a bid to stop me from leaving; what her intentions were, I shall not guess. By the time I got on the road, my pals were already home and one of them, whom we were to continue partying after linking up with another lady, was already at Rafikiz.

This, my dear reader, is how I ended up in Ngong forest at 2 am in the night pitted against three mighty wolves and emerging victor after some courageous and quick reflexes. To tell you the truth I don’t know how I got lost, somewhere around Bomas and rather than ending up long lang’ata road I ended up in Karen. I do remember going all the way to the junction but I must have taken another wrong turn because I ended up somewhere in dagorreti. To add salt to injury, and in a manner still fuzzy to me, I ended up in the middle of the expansive kibera slums. I cast my eyes unto the fuel meter only to realize that it was past the empty mark, my God, my heart nearly dropped down to my gut especially with the sight of menacing kids lurking on the sides of the road. Its after my narrow escape from this slum that I ended up in Ngong forest, talk about the proverbial saying “from the pan to the fire.” I do not have to recount the momentous events that occurred within the confines of this dark jungle but I shall continue wondering how I ended up in kabete nd the waiyaki way when all I wanted to do is make my way to rafiki and join gathosh and this cute lady for what seemed likely to be an interesting continuation to the party. Finally, after being lost for over two hours, near death fight with wolves, I  made my way to rafikiz and into the embrace of the most lovely lady I saw that night and a cold beer from my friend.

PS: To be continued


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