Searching for I

Descartes lived a bizarre life where he obsessed on the topic of his existence. He delved into issues which seemed apparently obvious to other intellectuals before and after him. How a man, probably insane and not aware of his own insanity, can get the audacity to question his very existence when even an imbecile with an IQ similar to a duck can see the stupidity of such endeavors is beyond my comprehension. But maybe he wasn’t alone after all as most people, aware or not, are in a similar path as the try to make sense of who they are or why they are. For as the great thinker once pointed in his celebrated ego sum (Latin) ” i think, therefore i am.”

So the man began to acknowledge his existence by accepting that the presence of a vibrant and above average mental faculty is proof enough that we exist. In this regard, it remains an indisputable fact that logical thinking is the keystone to determining one’s homo sapienship and thinking in general proofs one’s existence. But maybe indisputable is a strong word to use as one Russel John tried to prove, everything exist only as an idea into a higher being’s mind and everything else just a projection of our collective mind. If this argument holds truth, it means that a shift in thinking of the one who is responsible for our being would shift reality as we know it.This concerted effort by two of the most celebrated thinkers to query the way we view existence only shows that maybe, just maybe, there is something they saw that the rest of us misses. But one thing is for sure, religion, politics, association and even emotions are just a remnant of questions we long to satisfy but have long forgotten the origin or even the genesis of things we see as obvious components of living.

After all we pursue religion, based on faith, as we hope that it will eventually lead us to the source of all enlightenment. We do so as an acknowledgement that we are not totally whole and as thus cannot have the ability to answer all questions regrading our beings. So we make choices thinking we know where we want to head only to find misery in the realization that we were wrong and that the paths we trend are not suited for us and are contrary to our passions. if we can make such small mistakes, if we keep reevaluating our paths, if we keep looking for something higher than us, keep making certain declarations like a country must be bigger than an individual, then it must be because we do not know enough about who we are or why we are. So the question still lingers, to most of us, who are we? In coming times, we shall dissect this question and hopefully arrive at some meaningful answers, but that’s only possible if you participate in this discourse with me.



4 responses to “Searching for I

    • hehe someone has to my friend, in a weird way, the most difficult philosophical issues makes more sense to me than ordinary ones

  1. Pablo Neruda once wrote “Someday, somewhere-anywhere, unfailingly, you’ll find yourself, and that, and only that, can be the happiest or bitterest hour of your life.”

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