In the footsteps of a hustler: genesis

Hustling is unglorified, its tough, burdensome, unpredictable and most times simply disappointing. Its a life that receives no celebration nor acknowledgment, a rat race if you may, the kind that always leaves a rat regardless of victory. Its a life for those who are born with the misfortune of restlessness, poverty, wildness, folly, eagerness among other traits. It is not for the weak hearted however for that breed of people follows but one path, employment. I do not blame them, those that seek security, even though meager that security may be. They shy away from the unpredictability of hustling and the chance that fate usually thrusts a hustler into the breezy cold now and then without even the dignity of a warm sweater.

But some must walk this path into the uncertainty of a an unpredictable tomorrow and hope the gods smile unto them and offer them a better future that the past which they have gotten accustomed to; a past full of senseless strife and unrewarding toil. A past full of disappointment hopes and broken promises. A road laced with failure, hunger, tears and surrounded by dams of acid which eats away at their insides like floods eroding ground. A yesterday whose sad memories linger like phantoms in a ghost movie haunting the tomorrow which they build with blood, sweat and unyielding hope that they can make it despite all odds. While some make it into the achievers club, many are shut out by the bouncers of fate and are left to spectate from the gloomy outside and wade off into their circumstance which is perpetually tiresome, strenuous and fruitless. yes, they must go on with their hustling and pray to their gods, that sooner than later, they see that proverbial light at the end of a tunnel.

But what drives this breed of people, these modern gladiators who fight fate on a daily basis and have the audacity to believe that they can master destiny. Is it for glamor, to own assets and cars, to wield power in due time? Do they do it for wine and women, to enjoy life, to make true of the eternal saying “one day at a time.” Or are their motivations more idealistic, a need to control their affairs and have no other masters but themselves.To understand this people, one must probably be hypocritical for to assert ones ability to do so is probably one of the biggest lie one can impose on himself. For these people are complex and diverse and their reasons as many as there are birds flying across the free skies. All we can do is make a toast to the hustlers and offer to them a silent prayer and hope the most high will make their paths more smoother and their futures more clearer.


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