Psychology of a serial victim: my two sense perspective

A soft yell escapes her bruised beautiful lips. Such tragedy to use bruised and beautiful together in one sentence, an irony that is not only blasphemous but is an affront to mother nature too. Lips bruised not by blissful passion but by senseless violence perpetrated by a brute who should know better than to harm such a dainty creature whose only crime is to offer her unconditional love. Lips whose only charge, in a court of law, would be proclamation of undying allegiance to one who would bestow not unforgettable kisses, or welcome caress but monstrous slaps and injurious fists with total abandon and a sadistic inclination laced with willful malice. yet such a lass, despite her woeful coexistence with violent lads, will cling to the same pitiful existence like a drowning bloke clings to nearby reeds for one’s dear life. Such a tragedy, disheartening as it maybe, requires the strongest condemnation: not directed at the man, neigh, but at the lady who insists on remaining a serial victim.

So what really drives one so beautiful and sometimes blessed with intelligence too to lead such a shameful life, to be a punching bag to one who is clearly a coward and does not merit the balls which dangles underneath his cowering junk. Such a man must have inadequacies which pushes him to such a recourse, but regardless of his reasons, his acts cannot be vindicated and his cowardice can never be overlooked. But the victim, she bears the larger blame for she chooses to stay, she chooses to be hurt, she chooses to receive the pain hurled her way and bear it with senseless pride as if love must accompany tragedy for it to be immortalized. There are some who claim the reason they stay is out of fear, of threats, intimidation and self preservation. Which is worse dear reader, certainty of violence in staying or the probability of violence if one chooses to leave? Such a question, in my humble intelligence, can only have one right answer. So spare us such excuses and bear the outcome of your bad choices or find enlightenment and save your dear life, for violence begets more violence and the outcome is a soft coffin nestled six feet deep in a lonely ground.

Others stay for love, yes, that word which many people use to justify their damaged souls. The bible says love is kind, its never cruel. So how can one love you if he finds, with absolute ease, the strength to beat you like a dog. No, let me take back that last assertion. Men rarely beat their dogs, they caress them lovingly, they brush them and walk them proudly. So a man like that, he holds you in such low esteem he probably sees his dog in higher light than you. So wake up and smell the coffee, pack your clothes and seize back you God given dignity. For a woman without her dignity is nothing, she’s just a shell of her former self, though she might carry herself differently in public, the truth haunts her wherever she may go or whatever she may achieve. Ladies, say no to violence, say no to being serial victims.