The Minefield that is friendship

There are days, like today, when one questions the benefit of maintaining some friendships. This, dear reader, is not to say that all friends are useless and this post should not be misconstrued to mean that. However, all of us have encountered people we considered friends and only to realize that they are either in our lives to add unnecessary misery and just arrogant pricks who will disrespect us and deny us for their selfish reasons. These kind of people, bonoko friends if you may, are the worst kind of fish to swim in the sea of humanity. They are a disgrace to the institution of friendship which have been founded on the pillars of mutual respect, tolerance, understanding, empathy and compassion. Their selfishness and the burdens it imposes on us is a smear in what should be a white sheet of unconditional association and cooperation. Their betrayal, denial and disrespect a smudge in a mirror forged of transparency, accountability and reciprocation. Their acts, borne of greed, stupidity, conceited inclinations, recklessness is redolent of hyenaic tendencies and as such should be viewed in a similar light; with the repercussions been swift removal from one’s life.

Make me understand, dear reader, how someone you have treated as a pal and accorded the necessary platonic respect wakes one day and start telling you that you and her will never ever happen. A lady you look to like a sister and she shamelessly chides that you can forget ever seeing the color of her nickers. The same lost sister, progresses to spew out more atrocities and denying our friendship in the same stead as one effortlessly engages in mindless banter. In a week where another pal caused me significant financial loss without as much as a single apology. You have to wonder, come on, whats the point of trying to maintain civility with some of these characters. What gives some ladies the audacity to believe, that every one wants to examine the locale guarded by their colorful nickers. It is highly insulting when a female friend pulls such a stunt. Its an act demeaning to friendship, a shameful act that must be condemned with the strongest words possible. As for ladies with such tendencies, get over yourselves, we probably wouldn’t want to see those nickers if you paid us to anyway. The next time you get such an itch, look at yourself in the mirror, and if that doesn’t discourage your folly, be advised, you may not want to hear the truth of the issue once a guy decides to unleash the truth. Do not open a can of worms if you are not able to withstand the taste of the same.