A kid grows up somewhere in the slums of Nairobi, impoverished, cold and and confused. This is a scenario that affects so many people in our land, people whose fault was to be born by parents without means; parents who have to struggle in order to survive; parents who question the unjust of such an unequal and inequitable nation. These children sometimes have to gaze at the posh homes of the affluent usually juxtaposed next to the disheartening slums. And so as the sun bids humanity goodbye and the young ones troop from school and head to the comfort, and sometimes discomfort, of their homes; the rich head to their luxurious abodes and the poor glibly find themselves into their humble shanties. It is almost redolent of past colonial times when the masters lived in mansions and enjoyed the fruits of our labor while the African, hitherto taken to be lackeys only, would wallow in the misery of servitude and languish in the torture of cruelty and unkindess. I would imagine that these kids, bowels rumbling with the hard pangs of relentless hunger, would question the kind of fate that assigns one infant to a life of grandeur and confines another to the indignity of slum living. Who gets to choose where one is born? Why don’t we get a choice to choose whether to be born or not? Why is it that humanity must be fragmented into two unequal segments, the haves and haven nots? The answers to this questions transcends common sense and how we attempt to answer them is highly subjective to our skills, intelligence and culture. But mostly, such questions do not have any right answer and such answers as might be propagated by people are mere suggestions. These kind of questions, dear reader, are imponderable questions.

There are many examples of such questions and people who try to find answers to imponderable questions are walking on a path laced with frustrations and fraught with the danger of over speculation in an area where nuance isn’t possible and any evidence to the contrary must exist through unethical skullduggery and backed by supplanted data. But man’s need to know will always prove too strong and speculation will always be rife within our society especially within the academic circles. In fact, philosophy can be accused of delving too strongly into issues whose possibility of arriving at clear, concise and valid answers is not possible.Take the issue of God, and their overly ambitious attempts to prove that he exists, and some that he don’t, with the presupposition that they have the means to reach conclusions which are beyond peer disapproval. I disagree, since we cannot see God, we should not try to rationalize an issue of faith. Somethings are supposed to be viewed through faith and our learned fellows should devote their significantly talented minds in pursuit of more objective goals . As to the rest of the imponderable questions, they will always intrigue us, but we should not obsess too much about that which we cannot fathom but instead focus on those that we can change or at least mitigate.


For the sake of writing

Dear reader, let me begin, and do not take this to be an effort to obfuscate the issue, but rather to provide nuance as to why I haven’t wished you a happy new year despite wanting to for the last two weeks. I have to say that I have been longing to get  a forum, any forum for that matter (please forgive my love for appositives) to use these two words; obfuscation and nuance. But before I indulge in a brief explanation of what these terms mean, let me retrace my steps and find my path to my original intent. Clearly,explaining these words is definitely inimical to the spirit of this post but without wanting to exacerbate this diversion, let me point you attention back to the title. Yes, this post have no head or tail and those who attempt to discern any deeper meaning would be exercising an effort in futility. This being January, kindly save your cognitive faculty for more important things, like creating a story which might get you a soft loan from a stingy friend.

Most of you must have had an awesome time during the holidays and are reeling from the effect of overindulging in hedonism at the expense of better judgement and restrain. Most of you must have packed your skimpy clothes and headed to enjoy the pleasures of the coast or the serenity of Naivasha. Its all good, you have fun with your women, get intoxicated with your booze, smoke your weed and other shit, yeah we know how you roll. But answer me this, you arrogant prick, how are you enjoying the empty pocket right about now. I can see you trying to placate you human resource manager or payroll guys hoping that this kindness will translate to an advance or a small loan. yeah give up, eat your greens for the month, drink your cheap liquor and grow some white hair while at it. Honestly, I don’t really give a damn. What I mind, with good reason, is my inability to put words to blog on any topic worth my effort and worthy of your time. So I find myself here, tail between my legs, throwing words without cohesion and lacking synergy between intent and meaning; totally devoid and with complete disregard to word syntax.

But seriously, happy new year. For those guys who are regulars at this verbal cafe, welcome, any time, the ambiance haven’t changed a bit. The menu is likely to improve though, to cater to your growing tastes and accommodate the needs of those inclined to specific biases. And for those who I make a daily effort to drag my tired grey matter as I shift through your posts in the hope of literal enlightenment and cognitive satiety, kindly enrich your content so we have a reason to keep coming back. I apologize, if some of you find some of my chosen words to be a tad convoluted. I will try to mitigate the level of complexity, hopefully in a few months,I will achieve complete detente. Well, I did warn you, if you cared to notice, that this article was written with a single aim. To write, for the sake of writing, governed by no particular objective and constrained by no individual purpose. Since this is supposed to be a free forum, and the underlying attitude being a forum for the unexpected, bear with my irrelevance and forgive my self-aggrandizement. I haven’t forgotten, that supposedly I should provide the meaning of those two words, it would be too easy for me to do so, but I choose not to. Blogosphere is a volatile zone, so today, take this to be homework, and I expect you to provide your answers as soon as you possibly can. And no cheating please.