The Business of Quote making

It is hard to read any serious work of literature and not come across a great quote. History is littered with such efforts which defined the utterances of great people. Quotes are important because they not only inspire the learned but have the ability to yank a person from deep miasma of despair and propel him to overcome his shortcomings and become a winner. So what inspires an individual to come up with a memorable quote. Brain perhaps. In the case of other writers like Biko, must be chutzpah. But seriously, I don’t even understand what that term means, but I like the feel of it as the intent to portray it eases off my ,mind and is conducted through my fingers and manifested into this media called blog posts. So I, perhaps blessed with an above average brain and possessed by this mystical chutzpah, I am indulging in the business of quote making. Sadly, it seems one has to be famous or one of the famed wahenga to be recognized as an adept quote manufacturer. But since I’m neither, all I will do is to continue along this path until such a time when people can acknowledge my efforts and give me a position among the “quote elite.” So below are a few of the quotes that I’ve been making, holed up in my humble abode, and inspired by wine and reflection. So have a look at them, and let me know whether you think I’m heading in the right direction.

  1. Crossing borders maketh us, but the borders we chose not to cross, they define us.
  2. When you reach the top, dwell not, for only then can you conquer other mountains.
  3. A just system aids the innocent rid themselves of faulty accusations.
  4. It seems, sadly so, that great education brings out the vanity in people.
  5. If you win yourself a powerful enemy, you better get two powerful allies.
  6. Only a fool trusts in those who have betrayed his trust before.
  7. A wise man never pegs his self esteem to his occupation.
  8. Always prefer the unique, whether it’s better than the ordinary or not
  9. Sometimes you meet an event that challenges all you thought you knew.
  10. Love is like a peppered salad, the taste of it, depends on which portion you are currently chewing.

20 responses to “The Business of Quote making

  1. I like the new furniture in your abode. It gives the place a certain atmosphere which leads one into a reflective mood. You chose well. I will have to disagree with you when you say that one must be famous to be quoted – there are many famous quotations that we all know and yet we cannot name the person who originally said those lines…
    For example – i am struggling with this one – can anyone tell me who said…”don’t make me angry, Mr McGee, you wouldn’t like it if I was angry.”

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