4 am Musings

Wow, just finished reading Biko’s piece and I’m, for lack of better words, wowed. Its 4 am and I’m just sitting on my PC reading other people’s extraordinary works and feeling, how i wish i had the freedom to let go and just be me. I am a caged animal, struggling, striving, fighting even for any chance to be totally free, even for a day. I want to have the freedom to live my days the way i feel like, hell, even to be paid to live my days the way my spirit craves. My dear readers, I want to be free. i hear the cynical among you demand to know what kind of freedom i yearn for. I hear the skeptic snort at my assertions, wondering at my audacity to put word to blog at this incredibly late time of the night. yes, the night is nearly spent but I’m not. I’m alive and burning with literal embers to shove this writing block against a mythical wall and smash it into smithereens. Did I mention that my head is full of red wine, slightly laced, not simultaneously of course, with vodka.

Anyway i read two pieces before i was inspired, hell, forced to pen this piece. I read Biko’s piece on the 1000 follower and found it to be quite inspiring. If you see this post, and I’m sure you will, you are a great writer. But busy as you may purport to be, it is time you showed some minor courtesy and left a comment now and then at our sites, since we religiously do so every week at your blog. We do so not because we are obligated to, but rather, because we feel that such an effort deserves acknowledgement. Now I know I’m not the best blogger in bloggsphere , but I’m an avid reader and i have never come across any comment, in any blog, from you, Bikozulu. This, cowboy, reflects not on your competence, but cuts across your very character. hate me if you will, but greatness is measured by the way one treats lesser me. You may be the head honcho in this damn shit, but the way you treat the rest of us hood-rats down here, speaks volume of the kind of man you are.This of course doesn’t mean I will stop reading your awesome pieces.

The other piece i tread was savvy’s piece on”The high cost of using sms based products” featured on yesterdays daily nation. It was a great piece, and which furnished me with information I’ve always wanted to get but lacked the forum to do so. It was simplistic a way that made the lay man, me included, understand the technological jargon tech nerds usually understand. This is not to say that the author is a nerd, having had the pleasure to meet her, she is an awesome lady. She is indeed one of the most brilliant woman I’ve had the pleasure to meet, and quite beautiful too. It is my hope, that we are likely to see such insightful articles published in the mainstream newspapers in the future. Savvy, we got our eyes on you, you going places no doubt. The only other lady blogger who i believe is talented, is one Bubbly, but I bet she already knew that.

Tomorrow is a great day, scary even. Tomorrow is the first day at my new office, CEO of a small financial start up, Visionary merchant Finance, a new Micro Finance Institution. It is a daunting step, its overwhelming, its frightening. But this is a an organization which will challenge the fundamental theories of economics. Why is that? During my campus years, my economics teachers taught me that the main aim of any business is to maximize profits. But I’m here to tell you that I found most theories defective in may ways. And since their assertions contradicted with my views, I found it hard to agree with their tenets. It is their inability to consider human emotions, beliefs and practices which fostered a strong sense of weaknesses within them. For clear as day, humans are not creatures of logic, but creatures  of habit.

Habits are influenced greatly by both human nature and social circumstances that surround people, among them religion and moral norms. But for me, the main drive behind this institution is a need to create an institution whose main goal is to invest in people’s ideas. Rather than consider the ability of these person to secure funding, it is best to dwell, on the strength of that idea to create success and by extension, a better life to its creator and those around it. Rather than create emphasize on those who have gained some level of success in business, give the means to those whose ideas stand a great chance to change the status quo. We talk of poverty eradication? How exactly are we achieving this by funding existing business and slamming our doors to individuals with amazing ideas and no capital. By investing in existing and tested ventures while closing our sight to the possibility of social innovations that have the possibility of bridging the great divide between the rich and poor, between the old and young, visionary and rigid, successful and pioneers, we perpetuate what economics like to call the vicious cycle of poverty. I, in my own right, have chosen to rebel against this tradition. I will map out my own path, directed only by intellect, and counseled by like minded individuals. i will invest in the dreams of others so that they too, can make my dream a reality. Together, me and you, “we are the new future. “


16 responses to “4 am Musings

  1. Typed a long comment that disappeared!!!

    You’re an awesome writer, and I believe each writer has a unique sense of style so it is never fair to say x is a better than y.

    You think I’m beautiful and brilliant? 😉 Thanks!

    Here’s to your new venture!

  2. Head honcho? Me? I don’t know about that mate. But thanks for those undeservedly high accolades. I read you once in a while, I read you because you are “hungry” and a hungry writer is a good writer because we write with our hands. I included. My lack of commenting has gotten nothing to do with loftiness or a character flaw…hang on, maybe it is a character flaw.

    I don’t need to tell you that you write well…only if you could capitalize the i heehe

    • Let me apologize for throwing this little tantrum, you know hat wine can do. But as far Kenyan blogging goes, ur indeed, the head honcho, I’m just calling a spade as a spade and not a big spoon. As for the I’s most times i just say “Eeeeh” its my blog, but I’ll change. Thanks for the comment.

  3. I read economics…and work at a bank now…HATE IT! But a paycheck is a paycheck- I sold out (if only temporarily), I know. But, I’m ecstatic I stumbled upon this. I’ve been questioning these old, stuffy, impersonal, ‘Classical’ economic theories for a while now-if only in my head, and to find a kindred spirit is welcome happenstance. I hope your new venture is fruitful, and perhaps our new ideas are just what the future has been waiting for.

  4. How did I miss this post??? You mention a couple of talented people who inspire others in different ways. Biko packs a powerful punch. His hard hitting no nonsense stance reminds one of short bursts of machine-gun fire. Savvy is like a graceful bird she flies higher and higher and shows us that there is no limit to what one can achieve. Pitzevans – He inspires because he writes like we would all like to write – like a real author – a lot of thought goes into the words that he chooses and the reader is forced (ama encouraged) to think….ooops sorry why are my blogging here…..??

    The business venture that you are embarking on is a noble one. Best wishes

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