Settling down: my rebutal

My friends have been trying to dissuade me from the path which I’m ready to take, a path apparently so scary to them that they couldn’t wish such a fate for me. Every time I utter those words, I see them take a defensive position as if the very devil has invaded our holy space. Its like I’m Arthur, and they are the knights of the holy table, ready to slay any dragon which threatens to snatch me from their careful watch. They bare their fangs at that one who would infringe on their way of life, the one supposedly, who will break apart a friendship based on mutual respect and convenience. The one who would take me away and for life, keep me locked down in her embrace, and in my domain which would be hers to control. Ladies and gentleman, she would be my missus, and no one, has lent a supporting hand towards my endeavors.

Anyway, lets discard of this hypocritical attempt at attaining literal flow in describing an issue which should be simple and not worthy of such talents. For some time now, I’ve been looking forward to settling down with a nice girl and ridding myself of this lonely cloak called bachelorhood. My friends on the other hand have united to wage war against this ambition and have made it out to be a proverbial situation of digging my own grave. When did we as a society start viewing marriage as a dungeon rather than a sacred institution which fosters well being, happiness and perpetuation of sacred life. For them, I’m either too young or haven’t enjoyed life as much as I should. Well, at least in their distorted point of view. But regardless of their opinions, and i do care for it, my life remains my life last time I checked. The croaking of frogs does not stop an elephant from drinking water, no pun intended. So sooner than later I will surprise them with the good news that I have found my self “a jiko.”

I’m not a player neither I’m I a bad boy. This shouldn’t matter but it does if only to understand the mind frame of some of the most vocal opponents. These are pals who have a beautiful girl every other day in their house keeping them company and partaking of the proverbial honey. All that fun while I wallow in loneliness and melancholy in my house, cold, bored and depressed. They have a warm meal prepared with love while I nibble at my indifferent bread and sip of my forlorn cup of sadness. They sweat with passion while I shiver in the suppressed memory of satiated desire. They cuddle against milky soft flesh while darkness stalks my sole form in a house designed for two. So when I climb the stairs and I hear the laughter, the smell of spices in kitchens, the moans of love as they creep their way into my unwilling ears, I wish i had a missus of my own. This is not a whim, its a wish which refuses to leave my being, an idea which took root and continues to grow whether watered or not.

But the world seems to have conspired with my friends to deny me this one wish. I can feel fate throw his head back in laughter, a laughter of malice and sarcasm. That I would be denied of a suitable mate while thousands flock Nyayo to pray for a suitable husband. When ladies keep whining of the supposed lack of suitable men to settle down with. Sad really when every where I go I see men with suitable girls dying to settle down with them and the imps are more bent on chasing after other skirts and the pursuit of hedonism. But such is life, a life which the wise claims, gives you  what you need rather than what you want. So, if this has any shred of truth, it must mean that life doesn’t mean for me to settle down yet. In the meantime, she is the best alternative to a wife right now, better even. I can see the curiosity in your minds dear readers, but that is a story for another time. A story I believe is not mine but hers to tell.


The effect of changing jobs

I came across this post from a friend in the domain popularly known as facebook. i thought it was hilarious and I decided to share with the few guests who make the effort to visit this abode on a regular basis.

A taxi passenger tapped the driver on the shoulder to ask him a question.

The driver screamed, lost control of the car, nearly hit a bus, went up
on the footpath, and stopped centimeters from a shop. For a second
everything went quiet in the cab, then the driver said:
“Look mate, don’t ever do that again. You scared the daylights
out of me!?
The passenger apologized and said,
“I didn’t realize that a little tap would scare you so much.”
The driver replied,
Sorry, it’s not really your fault. Today is my first day as a cab driver –
I’ve been driving a mortuary van for the last 25 years.”……….. :-))

The Business of Quote making

It is hard to read any serious work of literature and not come across a great quote. History is littered with such efforts which defined the utterances of great people. Quotes are important because they not only inspire the learned but have the ability to yank a person from deep miasma of despair and propel him to overcome his shortcomings and become a winner. So what inspires an individual to come up with a memorable quote. Brain perhaps. In the case of other writers like Biko, must be chutzpah. But seriously, I don’t even understand what that term means, but I like the feel of it as the intent to portray it eases off my ,mind and is conducted through my fingers and manifested into this media called blog posts. So I, perhaps blessed with an above average brain and possessed by this mystical chutzpah, I am indulging in the business of quote making. Sadly, it seems one has to be famous or one of the famed wahenga to be recognized as an adept quote manufacturer. But since I’m neither, all I will do is to continue along this path until such a time when people can acknowledge my efforts and give me a position among the “quote elite.” So below are a few of the quotes that I’ve been making, holed up in my humble abode, and inspired by wine and reflection. So have a look at them, and let me know whether you think I’m heading in the right direction.

  1. Crossing borders maketh us, but the borders we chose not to cross, they define us.
  2. When you reach the top, dwell not, for only then can you conquer other mountains.
  3. A just system aids the innocent rid themselves of faulty accusations.
  4. It seems, sadly so, that great education brings out the vanity in people.
  5. If you win yourself a powerful enemy, you better get two powerful allies.
  6. Only a fool trusts in those who have betrayed his trust before.
  7. A wise man never pegs his self esteem to his occupation.
  8. Always prefer the unique, whether it’s better than the ordinary or not
  9. Sometimes you meet an event that challenges all you thought you knew.
  10. Love is like a peppered salad, the taste of it, depends on which portion you are currently chewing.

Is sex really necessary

Is Sex Necessary

            Sex is part of our lives, and I feel a need to share this article I wrote some years ago. It is not more about why we should have sex, or even why we shouldn’t but rather whether sex is really a necessity in human or animal existence. Contrary to common belief, sex is not absolutely necessary for reproduction or continuation of living life to exist, infinitely. This post might bore many, those who are more interested in the mundane, readers whose writing deity is one “wanjohi wa Kigogoine.”But for those whose brains yearn for a little more informative knowledge, and do not shy away from knowledge as a vamp turns away from sun, read on. You might learn a thing or two, but even if you don’t, the courtesy will still be duly noted, and appreciated in equal measure.

Most organisms reproduce to a great extent without having sexual intercourse between the male and female members of the species. This phenomenon is called parthenogenesis, and involves production of offspring by female members of a species while they are still virgins. Parthenogenesis is quite common in many groups of animals and other organisms. It is only mammals and dragon flies that do not feature in this group of organisms that do not go through parthenogenesis.

The order Hymenoptera is uniformly parthenogenetic, because all males are born without any contribution from a male. This order includes bees, wasps and ants. He gives an example of an organism that has perfected parthenogenesis. This is the aphid. The aphid starts as a dormant egg rooted to the bark of a poplar tree. This egg sucks nutrients from the sap of the tree, and soon matures into a female aphid. It continues sucking the sap and it matures to puberty. On reaching puberty, the female becomes pregnant automatically and later gives birth to a colony of other wingless females. These females also suck sap from the poplar tree and later give birth to more wingless females. This cycle continues for three months until the tree can no longer support more aphids.  At this point, the next generation of females is born with wings, and they fly off to search for another plant to colonize.

When they get a new plant to colonize, the cycle starts again. Generation upon generation of females is born without wings. Then, when the colonized plant can no longer support the colony, the next generation which is born has wings. This cycle continues for about six months, up to September, when healthy plants to colonize become hard to find. This group of females gives birth to a completely different type of offspring: winged males! Meanwhile, all the females born in this generation at the poplar tree have wings and know the meaning of sex. The males fly around looking for mates and the copulate with these females, who then lay eggs which attach themselves to the barks of the poplar tree sucking on its sap, and the cycle is completed. In this example, Quammen notes that these aphids are able to reproduce very rapidly and colonize unfamiliar habitats, while at the same time exploiting available resources. These are opportunists, and this is common among many insects.

In contrast, other organisms, such as vertebrates, are equilibrium species, and reproduce more slowly and maintain constant population sizes. We note that parthenogenetic organisms are opportunistic. Parthenogenesis, he argues, is quick and allows organisms to reproduce rapidly as long as food is available. It also ensures that offspring have the same genetic makeup as the parents, hence no tampering. The genetic pattern of the parent is passed to the offspring unaltered. However, this means that the lack of genetic changes makes them be unable to adapt to changes in habitat. In contrast, organisms which reproduce sexually mix the genes from both parents to make sure that their offspring has some traits that neither parent had.  This might be more advantageous to the offspring for survival, he notes. Therefore, parthenogenetic organisms attain rapid reproduction rates at the expense of flexibility. This means that they find it very difficult or even impossible to adapt to changes in the ecology. They can only survive in a particular ecological niche.

Due to their inability to adapt to changing ecology; parthenogenetic organisms eventually become extinct or are forced to revert to sexuality to ensure propagation of their species. Therefore, we realize that sex is necessary, even if it is on an intermittent basis, for the propagation and adaptability of a species as seen in the case of aphids.

4 am Musings

Wow, just finished reading Biko’s piece and I’m, for lack of better words, wowed. Its 4 am and I’m just sitting on my PC reading other people’s extraordinary works and feeling, how i wish i had the freedom to let go and just be me. I am a caged animal, struggling, striving, fighting even for any chance to be totally free, even for a day. I want to have the freedom to live my days the way i feel like, hell, even to be paid to live my days the way my spirit craves. My dear readers, I want to be free. i hear the cynical among you demand to know what kind of freedom i yearn for. I hear the skeptic snort at my assertions, wondering at my audacity to put word to blog at this incredibly late time of the night. yes, the night is nearly spent but I’m not. I’m alive and burning with literal embers to shove this writing block against a mythical wall and smash it into smithereens. Did I mention that my head is full of red wine, slightly laced, not simultaneously of course, with vodka.

Anyway i read two pieces before i was inspired, hell, forced to pen this piece. I read Biko’s piece on the 1000 follower and found it to be quite inspiring. If you see this post, and I’m sure you will, you are a great writer. But busy as you may purport to be, it is time you showed some minor courtesy and left a comment now and then at our sites, since we religiously do so every week at your blog. We do so not because we are obligated to, but rather, because we feel that such an effort deserves acknowledgement. Now I know I’m not the best blogger in bloggsphere , but I’m an avid reader and i have never come across any comment, in any blog, from you, Bikozulu. This, cowboy, reflects not on your competence, but cuts across your very character. hate me if you will, but greatness is measured by the way one treats lesser me. You may be the head honcho in this damn shit, but the way you treat the rest of us hood-rats down here, speaks volume of the kind of man you are.This of course doesn’t mean I will stop reading your awesome pieces.

The other piece i tread was savvy’s piece on”The high cost of using sms based products” featured on yesterdays daily nation. It was a great piece, and which furnished me with information I’ve always wanted to get but lacked the forum to do so. It was simplistic a way that made the lay man, me included, understand the technological jargon tech nerds usually understand. This is not to say that the author is a nerd, having had the pleasure to meet her, she is an awesome lady. She is indeed one of the most brilliant woman I’ve had the pleasure to meet, and quite beautiful too. It is my hope, that we are likely to see such insightful articles published in the mainstream newspapers in the future. Savvy, we got our eyes on you, you going places no doubt. The only other lady blogger who i believe is talented, is one Bubbly, but I bet she already knew that.

Tomorrow is a great day, scary even. Tomorrow is the first day at my new office, CEO of a small financial start up, Visionary merchant Finance, a new Micro Finance Institution. It is a daunting step, its overwhelming, its frightening. But this is a an organization which will challenge the fundamental theories of economics. Why is that? During my campus years, my economics teachers taught me that the main aim of any business is to maximize profits. But I’m here to tell you that I found most theories defective in may ways. And since their assertions contradicted with my views, I found it hard to agree with their tenets. It is their inability to consider human emotions, beliefs and practices which fostered a strong sense of weaknesses within them. For clear as day, humans are not creatures of logic, but creatures  of habit.

Habits are influenced greatly by both human nature and social circumstances that surround people, among them religion and moral norms. But for me, the main drive behind this institution is a need to create an institution whose main goal is to invest in people’s ideas. Rather than consider the ability of these person to secure funding, it is best to dwell, on the strength of that idea to create success and by extension, a better life to its creator and those around it. Rather than create emphasize on those who have gained some level of success in business, give the means to those whose ideas stand a great chance to change the status quo. We talk of poverty eradication? How exactly are we achieving this by funding existing business and slamming our doors to individuals with amazing ideas and no capital. By investing in existing and tested ventures while closing our sight to the possibility of social innovations that have the possibility of bridging the great divide between the rich and poor, between the old and young, visionary and rigid, successful and pioneers, we perpetuate what economics like to call the vicious cycle of poverty. I, in my own right, have chosen to rebel against this tradition. I will map out my own path, directed only by intellect, and counseled by like minded individuals. i will invest in the dreams of others so that they too, can make my dream a reality. Together, me and you, “we are the new future. “