How to Become a Genius

A genius is someone who exhibits extremely high levels of mental abilities, high intelligence or artistic abilities above usual talent. There are several literatures both in print and on the web that asserts the possibilities of a person to increase his intelligence perhaps to the point of becoming a genius. It is indeed possible to become a genius by following certain patterns that boost IQ and enhance one’s knowledge and skills through internal ands external factors boosted by self confidence.

Dr. Barrios in his contribution to the debate of becoming a genius tries to dispel the myth that geniuses are born and not made. According to him, people think using a pattern made up of stable data. Perhaps in line with philosophical epistemology in the discourse of knowledge and truth, he asserts hat most of this data is not always correct. When a person meets certain situations that alter his belief in the truth of his particular data, he is forced to adopt or alter his data and hence adopts a new set of believe and a different train of thought. So for a person to become intelligent and begin his journey towards Genius, he must learn to recognize valuable data from the sea of unlimited data in the world and learn to form convictions based on this data alone.

Other methods that have been shown to work include the continued internal believe that one is smart and that in time, one will become so. Faith is a powerful thing and history has shown that a mind attracts similar conditions as it continuously holds to be possible. Another way is to plan your time well and minimize time wastage; this allows you to spend a much time as possible doing activities that make you smarter. This includes seeking new knowledge and making sure that no matter the day, you add to your mind something useful and knowledgeable.

Self confidence is vital in any attempt to succeed at a field of choice. Becoming a genius is not different and self confidence opens up your mind to this possibility and your actions reinforce this belief and facilitate the acquisition of necessary faculties. This requires a person to have an opinion on issues but also be very open to ideas advanced by other individuals.

A person who wants to be a genius must be goal oriented and this will act as the foundation on which skill and knowledge will be built to create a person full of intellect and great mental abilities. This must be reinforced by positivity since any amount of pessimism will negate any effort to acquire genius status.

One way which has been advanced to make you a genius is to improve the level of one’s IQ and hence allow the brain to acquire the capacity to work towards becoming a genius. Moreover, studying the techniques of past geniuses can greatly improve your chances of succeeding since even the bible recognizes such a possibility in its assertion that “Iron sharpens iron, man sharpens man.”

There is general consensus that becoming a genius is possible and that the notion of geniuses being born only is just a myth. Hard work along well stipulated paths and consideration of certain activities and mental conditions is all that is required to become a genius.


7 responses to “How to Become a Genius

  1. I beg to disagree.. genius-ness is related to IQ, and IQ is something you’re born with. Perhaps with an above average IQ,one can acquire enough knowledge to be considered a genius .. but chances of someone with a very low IQ transforming themselves into a genius are very low indeed. This is considering the fact that they may lack the capacity to distinguish between useful and useless info that they come across, as well as inability to grasp some concepts ‘geniuses’ find it easy to understand.

    If someone actually manages to make themselves a genius, then perhaps their IQ was high to begin with and they were just lazy. Undiscovered if I dare say

  2. I found this subject interesting. A genious (cannot remember which one) once said that he just worked really hard at his art and people started calling him a genious. I believe him because he was, afterall, a genious.

    By the way, I like the new look. Very tastefully done.

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