The worship of one God is widely believed to have originated from Israel and spread to other regions by apostles of Christ. This notion is held more strongly by Jews who ascribe to Judaism, for their religion asserts itself as the first monotheistic religion. This sentiment while not completely wrong is fallacious, for Persia had such a belief even before the coming of Christ. Zoroastrianism also known as Mazdaism traces its root to Persia as far as 6th century BC. It is a religion whose ideologies were introduced by the prophet Zoroaster, who believed that there existed one supreme God called Ahura Mazda. Mazda according to the prophet was all good, and no evil could trace its origin to him. In this regard, evil was a force trying to destroy good while Mazda was the force sustaining goodness in this world. Some have hailed it as the first universal religion to worship one supreme God, and Christianity and Judaism are believed to have come later.

There are many aspects of Christianity and Judaism that affirm the validity of Zoroastrianism, despite the fact that these religions originated from different areas and from different races. First, Christianity and Judaism acknowledge the supremacy of one God, who is the creator of all that is. This God is good and created human beings, whom he loved so much that according to Christianity, he allowed him to be killed to save mankind from evil. Zoroastrianism also acknowledges the existence of one God who is the creator of all, including men.  Moreover, he is total goodness and protects people from evil.

There are many other relations between these traditional Jewish religions and Zoroastrianism. This include the passing of commandments to Moses according to Christianity and to Zoroaster according to Zoroastrianism. The Judaism account of god giving the Jews the Ten Commandments is contained ion the Torah, which is considered God’s revealing himself to his people. The perpetual fight between good and evil is strongly reflected in all these religions and the eventual face off at the end of times where good will defeat evil. All these religions including Zoroastrianism have a 6 days account of creation with a further similarity in the origin of humanity from one God made couple. Moreover, the ultimate point of religious believe is in the rewarding of good and punishment of evil and all these religions, including  affirm the resurrection Zoroastrianism at the end of time.

Both Christianity and Judaism have several scripts and accounts that act as a validation for the genuineness of Zoroastrianism. In addition both Judaism and Zoroastrianism are very ancient religions with both of them claiming to be the first monotheistic religions. All three religions recognize some of the main accounts into the history of human kind, worshipping one God who created all of humanity and the rest of the world.


7 responses to “Zoroastrianism

  1. Well, I learned something new today.

    “There are many aspects of Christianity and Judaism that affirm the validity of Zoroastrianism, despite the fact that these religions originated from different areas and from different races. ”

    So which different races are we talking about here? And isn’t Judaism and Christianity from the same race/region?

  2. contrary to what many believe, my search has unearthed several differences between christianity and judaism,. but Judaism was more or less a Jew religion while Christianity was adapted by the larger Europe.

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