Picking up my pride

Most of you by now know that the writing mojo have deserted me. However, this is not the only reason why my posts have declined over the last few weeks. I have responsibilities that require my attention and the more living standards go up, the more life becomes difficult. The cost of every little thing have skyrocketed and most of us have to change our lifestyles if only to make ends meet. So one of the few sacrifices I’ve made is blogging, since i have to write for a living, I have opted to concentrate on that sector if only to earn extra dime. But that does not mean neglecting my faithful audience completely, seeing as it is you are the only reason i post on this humble blog. You, the gang, are my everything.

Today i find myself enthralled by a need to reflect on some issue, seeing as it is that i have changed significantly over the last few months. I have let down most of my usual pride, hell, all of it i think. i changed because people convinced me that the only way to succeed in any given relationship is to lay aside your pride and put your significant other first. These all knowing friends said that as soon as this is achieved, relationship trouble will be a thing of the past. I’m here toe tell you that experience has taught me to question the truth behind such advise. because pride or not, I find myself where I’ve always ended up being, single. Despite changing for her, sacrificing all my pride at the alter of hopeless romance. So the next time fate thrusts me in another relationship, i will stand my ground and be who I’ve always been. Didn’t they say love is unconditional? Even if it is not, I refuse to give up my personality for the probability of succeeding in a venture which is likely doomed to fail. There, i said it. For most relationships, if not all, are headed to this sad eventuality. With the likelihood of appearing to bow to fatalistic dogmas, i have to say, with self righteousness and profound self assurance, “Love sucks.”

i will not hire a Mexican band to serenade her at the setting of the mighty sun after a long day of showering unworthy mortals with his graceful rays. i will not shed my tears in lamentation of loosing one who didn’t deserve me in the first place. I will not tarnish her name or send her biter and insulting tests. i will do no such unmanly thing. I will pick up my pride in the garbage can where it lay humiliated and embarrassed by the indignity of being discarded for the pursuit of humanly emotions. I will clean it with the lessons of hindsight and the knowledge brought by desertion and hurt. i will dry it with the strength manifested by the fortification of wine, imbibed in partnership with her several sisters. i will cloth myself with that pride, and I will walk like a man should in the pursuit of the mundane. I will do so since what else is there to do but chase after the wind, for that is all it is in the end, vanity. And i will take my happiness from anywhere i possibly can, from the intoxication of wine to the quenching of desires wrought to us by a weak flesh and satiable only by the conquest of a fair maiden. And when they bear down on me with judgement and disapproval, i will shield myself with the shield of pride, in the conceitment that only pride can provide. For pride is the utmost weapon against a harsh world, a foundation on which everything is based. But remember, ladies and gentleman, unmoderated pride will eventually lead to grand fall.


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