This coffee is delightful

As my title suggests, the coffee I’m taking is delightful. Every sip I take, i mumble a million thanks for this utmost luxury. For to forget the plight of so many starving Kenyans would be disrespectful to a higher being which have taken mercy upon me. Mercy which exempts me from the torture of starvation or the misery of unending hunger. Mercy which bestows upon me, a humble son, the small pleasures of life which many take for granted. A warm cup of chocolate on a cold day to take away the gloom of this biting cold. A comfortable house on which to rest my weary bones after a long day of hard work. A hot shower to bathe slowly, not only to take away the dirt, but to relax muscles cramped with worry and stress. So I prefer to focus on the blessings that I have rather than dwell on the things that i desire, and lack.

It is best to let you know, dear reader, that this post have no head nor tail. It is heading nowhere, just the simple musings of a lonely fellow. An exercise of a freedom to express oneself regardless of the presence of ideas or not. A rebellion against the demons of “writer’s block” and the attempts by life to stifle my creativity. i write so that i may communion with those who deem it a ritual to share their thoughts in a media which is lonely, cruel and forbidding. I do so to occupy my time with a past time which is noble, enlightening and devoid of mediocrity or vice. i do so hoping that every new day, I will have the inspiration to find my original path and shape this blog to the confines of my initial vision.

On the other hand i had a great weekend. Friday was the pilsner mfalme event at Club entyce  in town. The DJs didn’t dissapointed and the music was awesome. The crowd was really receptive and the mood was electric and full of joy. A part from this dude who had lost in the initial stages and was oozing anger, hurt and disappointed. Someone needs to remind the aforementioned bloke that loosing is part of a winner’s life. But the favorite part of the evening was the dance competition. Forget the rest of the participants, this one lady made it all worthwhile. The said lady was not only super beautiful, but had the most beautiful well shaped big ass iv seen all year. This, in a land where bootylicousness is the norm rather than the exception, is saying much. take that package, add a fitting elegant blue dress and you have an image from a sweet dream. Now add crazy and talented dance moves to her and what do you have? In the words of the DJ, several hard ons and guys with their hands in their pockets. needles to say some dudes could be heard questioning how lucky a guy has to be to have a lady like that.

Saturday was pure awesomeness, and words are insufficient at this juncture, to explain just the beauty of it all. So, this is a story for another life.

Sunday started beautifully. rest of the day was spent at the parent’;s home catching up with the siblings and other relatives. My nephew is getting bigger but the little imp won’t stop crying. Small as he is, he’s driving every one mad with all the yelling. I’m sure my sister is considering offering her for adoption,hell, my dad might even sell him. Just saying, the ruckus that kid can cause, makes me shiver just thinking about it. So Monday is relatively uneventful, just sitting before my comp trying to make some cheddar. Writing and reflecting, wishing that somehow there was a way, to turn back the clocks of time, for a day, or two, no matter the cost.


14 responses to “This coffee is delightful

  1. now that i a agree with you too, let me google this “muse” and see whether this knew knowledge will help. otherwise always a pleasure, seeing you in this side of the blog divide.

  2. Now you know why some us can’t function without a cup of the stuff in our system 🙂 And yes, we should never forget to count our blessings…

    PS: Savvy Kenya has a fab idea there…perhaps you should write about your quest to find a muse.

  3. There’s this coffee called AliCafe. Tried it yet? Its awesome especially the classic version. It comes in sachets so you can try them out before buying the bigger packets. Nakumat iko.

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