Toys act as major contributor towards gender differentiation

Gender roles are perhaps one of the most controversial aspects of the modern world, with the need to foster gender equality and bring an end to discrimination based on gender. There are several reasons why people ascribe to different gender roles, and toys act as a major contributor since children are more prone to adapt quickly to certain attitudes. Orenstein wonders, “what will be the effect of the aggressive princess campaign on the American culture.” This is an acknowledgement on her part that toys and the way they are marketed have a significant effect on the reinforcement of certain gender roles, which greatly contributes to the formatting of culture. The fact that she was outraged by the way every one in different places referred to her daughter as a princess and treated her in a manner that suggested delicacy and conformity to stereotypes set aside for girls. The extent to which this attitude is prevalent in our society is demonstrated by the rise in sale for princess products from 300 million to 3 billion dollars (90). The princess products includes Barbie dolls, home decors and other toys designed specifically for girls, reinforcing the belief that there are specific products for girls which are in tune with their expected future roles.

Boys prefer activities that are wild, dirty and masculine in nature. Girls on the other hand are prone to be involved in passive activities that reflect highly upon the roles taken by their mothers and other women in society. According to Orenstein the executives at Disney responsible for the princess line of products claims that “we cannot take credit for the success of the product, since all we did is consider what little girls want.” This sentiment reflects the attitude that girls want to be princesses and hence no amount of effort can alter their attitude. It is no wonder that trying to bring down the defined gender roles is a herculean task for society seems to have embraced it wholly. In fact, marketers and advertisers can be accused of strategizing to use gender roles stereotypes to market their products. Orenstein has noted that “The battle in which our children are engaged seems to pass beneath our radar screens.” This is because the ads are disguised in language the adult might not understand, targeting the children directly to bypass the parent’s need to protect her children (104). Nowadays advertisers are creating ads geared simply to the children, and their effect, will be felt for a long time to come.

There are certain activities in society that seem to be dominated exclusively by men, while women prefer to seek forms of employment which are viewed to be light in difficulty. Some of these male jobs include racing, construction, military, science oriented jobs among others. Women tend to prefer such jobs as catering, nursing, clerking and paralegal jobs. During child hood, boys tend to be exposed to toys which prepare them for these kinds of jobs while girls are denied the chance to play with those toys and hence grow up knowing that they shouldn’t venture into those areas. Young boys get to play with Lego sets, blocks, toy cars, tool sets, chemistry sets, among others. Boys will therefore have few limits in their game sessions and will drive they toy cars all over and get dirty. They will play with their blocks, Lego and chemistry sets and believes that they can become architectures and scientists when they grow up. Some people have become major experts in their chosen areas and giving as the reason for their success the fact that they found their calling while playing with certain toys in their childhood.

Girls on the other hand tend to keep to themselves and prefer to play with dolls and kitchen sets. Kitchen sets allows the girl to re-enact cooking, serving and mannerisms while eating. It reinforces her believe that it is her duty to cook for the family and perform other household duties. Playing with dolls, Barbie dolls and regular ones, causes her to prefer shopping and looking pretty and hence avoid jobs that are considered dirty. Some of these dolls can also be applied make up and this fosters her sense of beauty and hence the female preoccupation with beauty and this influences the choice of roles they take in the future. The fact that girls aren’t exposed to several toys like Lego sets and chemistry sets discourages them from science courses and narrowing the fields’ women venture into. A spot check of most retail centers like Wal-mart  shows that some toys especially dolls and kitchen sets are placed near areas with female things , a reflection of the believe that girls prefer to play with such toys only.





How to Become a Genius

A genius is someone who exhibits extremely high levels of mental abilities, high intelligence or artistic abilities above usual talent. There are several literatures both in print and on the web that asserts the possibilities of a person to increase his intelligence perhaps to the point of becoming a genius. It is indeed possible to become a genius by following certain patterns that boost IQ and enhance one’s knowledge and skills through internal ands external factors boosted by self confidence.

Dr. Barrios in his contribution to the debate of becoming a genius tries to dispel the myth that geniuses are born and not made. According to him, people think using a pattern made up of stable data. Perhaps in line with philosophical epistemology in the discourse of knowledge and truth, he asserts hat most of this data is not always correct. When a person meets certain situations that alter his belief in the truth of his particular data, he is forced to adopt or alter his data and hence adopts a new set of believe and a different train of thought. So for a person to become intelligent and begin his journey towards Genius, he must learn to recognize valuable data from the sea of unlimited data in the world and learn to form convictions based on this data alone.

Other methods that have been shown to work include the continued internal believe that one is smart and that in time, one will become so. Faith is a powerful thing and history has shown that a mind attracts similar conditions as it continuously holds to be possible. Another way is to plan your time well and minimize time wastage; this allows you to spend a much time as possible doing activities that make you smarter. This includes seeking new knowledge and making sure that no matter the day, you add to your mind something useful and knowledgeable.

Self confidence is vital in any attempt to succeed at a field of choice. Becoming a genius is not different and self confidence opens up your mind to this possibility and your actions reinforce this belief and facilitate the acquisition of necessary faculties. This requires a person to have an opinion on issues but also be very open to ideas advanced by other individuals.

A person who wants to be a genius must be goal oriented and this will act as the foundation on which skill and knowledge will be built to create a person full of intellect and great mental abilities. This must be reinforced by positivity since any amount of pessimism will negate any effort to acquire genius status.

One way which has been advanced to make you a genius is to improve the level of one’s IQ and hence allow the brain to acquire the capacity to work towards becoming a genius. Moreover, studying the techniques of past geniuses can greatly improve your chances of succeeding since even the bible recognizes such a possibility in its assertion that “Iron sharpens iron, man sharpens man.”

There is general consensus that becoming a genius is possible and that the notion of geniuses being born only is just a myth. Hard work along well stipulated paths and consideration of certain activities and mental conditions is all that is required to become a genius.


The worship of one God is widely believed to have originated from Israel and spread to other regions by apostles of Christ. This notion is held more strongly by Jews who ascribe to Judaism, for their religion asserts itself as the first monotheistic religion. This sentiment while not completely wrong is fallacious, for Persia had such a belief even before the coming of Christ. Zoroastrianism also known as Mazdaism traces its root to Persia as far as 6th century BC. It is a religion whose ideologies were introduced by the prophet Zoroaster, who believed that there existed one supreme God called Ahura Mazda. Mazda according to the prophet was all good, and no evil could trace its origin to him. In this regard, evil was a force trying to destroy good while Mazda was the force sustaining goodness in this world. Some have hailed it as the first universal religion to worship one supreme God, and Christianity and Judaism are believed to have come later.

There are many aspects of Christianity and Judaism that affirm the validity of Zoroastrianism, despite the fact that these religions originated from different areas and from different races. First, Christianity and Judaism acknowledge the supremacy of one God, who is the creator of all that is. This God is good and created human beings, whom he loved so much that according to Christianity, he allowed him to be killed to save mankind from evil. Zoroastrianism also acknowledges the existence of one God who is the creator of all, including men.  Moreover, he is total goodness and protects people from evil.

There are many other relations between these traditional Jewish religions and Zoroastrianism. This include the passing of commandments to Moses according to Christianity and to Zoroaster according to Zoroastrianism. The Judaism account of god giving the Jews the Ten Commandments is contained ion the Torah, which is considered God’s revealing himself to his people. The perpetual fight between good and evil is strongly reflected in all these religions and the eventual face off at the end of times where good will defeat evil. All these religions including Zoroastrianism have a 6 days account of creation with a further similarity in the origin of humanity from one God made couple. Moreover, the ultimate point of religious believe is in the rewarding of good and punishment of evil and all these religions, including  affirm the resurrection Zoroastrianism at the end of time.

Both Christianity and Judaism have several scripts and accounts that act as a validation for the genuineness of Zoroastrianism. In addition both Judaism and Zoroastrianism are very ancient religions with both of them claiming to be the first monotheistic religions. All three religions recognize some of the main accounts into the history of human kind, worshipping one God who created all of humanity and the rest of the world.

Picking up my pride

Most of you by now know that the writing mojo have deserted me. However, this is not the only reason why my posts have declined over the last few weeks. I have responsibilities that require my attention and the more living standards go up, the more life becomes difficult. The cost of every little thing have skyrocketed and most of us have to change our lifestyles if only to make ends meet. So one of the few sacrifices I’ve made is blogging, since i have to write for a living, I have opted to concentrate on that sector if only to earn extra dime. But that does not mean neglecting my faithful audience completely, seeing as it is you are the only reason i post on this humble blog. You, the gang, are my everything.

Today i find myself enthralled by a need to reflect on some issue, seeing as it is that i have changed significantly over the last few months. I have let down most of my usual pride, hell, all of it i think. i changed because people convinced me that the only way to succeed in any given relationship is to lay aside your pride and put your significant other first. These all knowing friends said that as soon as this is achieved, relationship trouble will be a thing of the past. I’m here toe tell you that experience has taught me to question the truth behind such advise. because pride or not, I find myself where I’ve always ended up being, single. Despite changing for her, sacrificing all my pride at the alter of hopeless romance. So the next time fate thrusts me in another relationship, i will stand my ground and be who I’ve always been. Didn’t they say love is unconditional? Even if it is not, I refuse to give up my personality for the probability of succeeding in a venture which is likely doomed to fail. There, i said it. For most relationships, if not all, are headed to this sad eventuality. With the likelihood of appearing to bow to fatalistic dogmas, i have to say, with self righteousness and profound self assurance, “Love sucks.”

i will not hire a Mexican band to serenade her at the setting of the mighty sun after a long day of showering unworthy mortals with his graceful rays. i will not shed my tears in lamentation of loosing one who didn’t deserve me in the first place. I will not tarnish her name or send her biter and insulting tests. i will do no such unmanly thing. I will pick up my pride in the garbage can where it lay humiliated and embarrassed by the indignity of being discarded for the pursuit of humanly emotions. I will clean it with the lessons of hindsight and the knowledge brought by desertion and hurt. i will dry it with the strength manifested by the fortification of wine, imbibed in partnership with her several sisters. i will cloth myself with that pride, and I will walk like a man should in the pursuit of the mundane. I will do so since what else is there to do but chase after the wind, for that is all it is in the end, vanity. And i will take my happiness from anywhere i possibly can, from the intoxication of wine to the quenching of desires wrought to us by a weak flesh and satiable only by the conquest of a fair maiden. And when they bear down on me with judgement and disapproval, i will shield myself with the shield of pride, in the conceitment that only pride can provide. For pride is the utmost weapon against a harsh world, a foundation on which everything is based. But remember, ladies and gentleman, unmoderated pride will eventually lead to grand fall.

Operation rainy sahara:Tracking the muse

“Muse sighted 100 km, north of those huge sand dunes.”

“Instructions received, move out unit, retrieve the muse at any cost, i repeat at any cost.”

Ladies and gentleman, the fight is on and the ground is expansive. The prize is clear and the parameters are wide. There is no room for failure and surrender is not an option. This war has to be fought and won at any cost, down to the last ounce of will power if need be. What is at stake is bigger than me and you, the course of destiny stands threatened by rebels within the life force which hampers the flow of creative juices. Juices which are vital for the continuity of the writing mojo which is the life essence of the blogging, neigh, the writing world. What a sad day this world would be, if writers downed their literal weapons and retreated to the anonymity of other professions. What chaos would descend among the ranks of mortals, sowing despair and failure where hope and inspiration reigns supreme.

“Muse growing wings as we speak and seems ready to take off.”

“Nuke the bastard, damn it.”

“Nuke armed and ready to deploy.”

“Fire at will, lets stop the bastard from flying away. may God save us all.”

“Aye Aye Sir, Nuke deployed. Target Neutralized.”

“”Negative, Negative. The Muse is in the air. I repeat, the muse is in the air.”

“Call Delta. This fight is in their hands now, back to base.”

My point, dear reader, is that a writer must from time to time be turned into a prisoner of war by the dreaded enemy, writers block. I know most of you are skeptical as to the evilness reminiscent in the person of this, writer’s block. have no doubt, dear reader, that its as evil as evil come. I’m talking magnito evil, he of the X men fame. Think of the wizard of oz, for those still fixated with living a fairy tale life. For the horror lovers, imagine wrong turn combined with the chain saw massacre. Then add a bit of hostel and saw and you have a picture of what kind of evil engulfs my creative mojo. But a plan is slowly formulating in my zillions brain cells on how to use amphibious techniques to stealthily neutralize this threat and plant my victory flag on the mountain of victory. Watch this space, especially you Nyambura and savvy, for giving me the go ahead to wage this war. This plan will unfold like the disappearance of fog on the onslaught of the majestic sun. As I dwell in my situation room, strategizing, planning, scheming even, the end result will be mind boggling. But then again, extremity is the only way to live life, everything else is sheer poppycock.




This coffee is delightful

As my title suggests, the coffee I’m taking is delightful. Every sip I take, i mumble a million thanks for this utmost luxury. For to forget the plight of so many starving Kenyans would be disrespectful to a higher being which have taken mercy upon me. Mercy which exempts me from the torture of starvation or the misery of unending hunger. Mercy which bestows upon me, a humble son, the small pleasures of life which many take for granted. A warm cup of chocolate on a cold day to take away the gloom of this biting cold. A comfortable house on which to rest my weary bones after a long day of hard work. A hot shower to bathe slowly, not only to take away the dirt, but to relax muscles cramped with worry and stress. So I prefer to focus on the blessings that I have rather than dwell on the things that i desire, and lack.

It is best to let you know, dear reader, that this post have no head nor tail. It is heading nowhere, just the simple musings of a lonely fellow. An exercise of a freedom to express oneself regardless of the presence of ideas or not. A rebellion against the demons of “writer’s block” and the attempts by life to stifle my creativity. i write so that i may communion with those who deem it a ritual to share their thoughts in a media which is lonely, cruel and forbidding. I do so to occupy my time with a past time which is noble, enlightening and devoid of mediocrity or vice. i do so hoping that every new day, I will have the inspiration to find my original path and shape this blog to the confines of my initial vision.

On the other hand i had a great weekend. Friday was the pilsner mfalme event at Club entyce  in town. The DJs didn’t dissapointed and the music was awesome. The crowd was really receptive and the mood was electric and full of joy. A part from this dude who had lost in the initial stages and was oozing anger, hurt and disappointed. Someone needs to remind the aforementioned bloke that loosing is part of a winner’s life. But the favorite part of the evening was the dance competition. Forget the rest of the participants, this one lady made it all worthwhile. The said lady was not only super beautiful, but had the most beautiful well shaped big ass iv seen all year. This, in a land where bootylicousness is the norm rather than the exception, is saying much. take that package, add a fitting elegant blue dress and you have an image from a sweet dream. Now add crazy and talented dance moves to her and what do you have? In the words of the DJ, several hard ons and guys with their hands in their pockets. needles to say some dudes could be heard questioning how lucky a guy has to be to have a lady like that.

Saturday was pure awesomeness, and words are insufficient at this juncture, to explain just the beauty of it all. So, this is a story for another life.

Sunday started beautifully. rest of the day was spent at the parent’;s home catching up with the siblings and other relatives. My nephew is getting bigger but the little imp won’t stop crying. Small as he is, he’s driving every one mad with all the yelling. I’m sure my sister is considering offering her for adoption,hell, my dad might even sell him. Just saying, the ruckus that kid can cause, makes me shiver just thinking about it. So Monday is relatively uneventful, just sitting before my comp trying to make some cheddar. Writing and reflecting, wishing that somehow there was a way, to turn back the clocks of time, for a day, or two, no matter the cost.