best weekend in a while

As most of you know by now, i rarely write about my days. Don’t really know why since I’m not a very secretive person. So in complete disregard to my traditions, and to give respite to my dear readers from ideas and fiction, let me tell you a little about my weekend. Thursday is undoubtedly the new Friday and this one didn’t disappoint either. I was feeling a bit under the weather so I skipped the karate class and went directly to Acacia camp. For those who are blessed with long memories, i did a post on this joint ( sometimes back .

Acacia is always wild, like the mara, and vast as the savannahs of the Tsavo. Acacia is untamed and the people who throng this venue share a kindred spirit with the place. This are people bent on unleashing their animalistic desires in a way that appreciates music and their very sexuality. Here ladies look young, nubile and ready to be plucked by those with means, desire and the will power to make the effort. So this day me and my pal jaymo link up with some other guys who were already there. It also happened that the pilsner mfalme event was happening at the venue that very day and some green dj’s were getting the opportunity to woo the crowd. A hostile crowd it turned out to be for those who, deceived by friends and a lack of common sense, thought they had it only to face the cruel cold truth. Pilsner was retailing at 100 bob so that became the drink of choice and the night got better and better. I rarely talk to ladies in pubs but this night ladies seemed to just gravitate towards me as if the stars were aligned just right for that particular night.

These two ladies were trying to convince me that they were engaged but still had the freedom to go out by themselves whenever they feel like. So I’m wondering what their boys are thinking letting two beautiful ladies, fiances for that matter, go to a place like a acacia with so many eligible lustful men lurking around. Is that trust or pure stupidity? But it was fun chatting with them, and looking after their belongings when they were busy shaking what their mama gave them. But most of the night I heng with this Buganda lady from a a nearby campus who was just really fun to be around. Girl dances really nice with those big round Baganda ass and a voluptuous figure that makes a guy want to….write a poem, lol. So the night was really fun but i had to go home, said my farewell to the lady from “Sevo’s” land and headed home. Feels good to be a nice guy, if i wasn’t, I’d have had me some Bugandan tail for the night.

Friday was lazy day partly because i had a hangover from the previous day. But hangover or not i had to attend the bake meeting at Secrets lounge from 6pm. i link up with a pal of mine ,Soni, and together we make our way to secrets lounge at view park towers. The bouncer directs us to the upper floor which is virtually deserted even though the meeting’s starting time is past. Turns out the meeting was downstairs and it took the kind intervention of some kind blogger to come get us from the upper level. The organizer makes his speech and ends it with the sweet announcement that everyone should have two free beers.i had fun talking to great bloggers like Nittszah, I am cous cous, Kachwanya, raymond, wayward foe, shiku k, and John karanja. The only downside is Savvykenya din’t show up and the way I was looking forward to meeting her again. So savvy, next time, get your sexy ass (oops) into the next bake meeting or else…

Saturday, again I’m still feeling week so i skip gym. Instead i head to shags to say hi to my folks at banana and check whether guys are still taking the deadly illicit brew. And yes, still taking the damn brew so..anyway thats how banana is. me and my cousin head to a local at rwaka estate where i have a quarter KC (don’t judge me here people, times are hard), as i catch up on the home gossip. I head to town to pick a mat to my place, convinced that the night was over but hoping some random miracle might derail me. The power of faith, clearly faith can move mountains, a call from a pal at South B. No point saying no to free drinks so i pick a jav and before you can say Zoinks, I,m sauntering into the bar like I own a million bucks. needless to say between me and poverty, a hundred bob sat lonely in the pocket. Drinks flow and the music is mellow but we changed the club after a while looking for excitement if not exhilaration. I bump into my, not very close pal Smitta, who is always overjoyed to meet a fellow rocker. So we chat and complain to the dj to throw us a bone or in human language, some rock tracks. You should have seen us go wild with glee and jiggle like crazy to the rock tunes. In his usual way Smitta forces me to imbibe dry vodka or vodo as he likes to call his brew. You’d be surprised how intelligent conversations flows with this dude when facilitated by some triple distilled lethal vodka. Needless to say the night was awesome and I left the bar at almost 7am. people were going to church by the time i checked into my estate, exhausted, drunk and happy. Sunday was a no show and movies and a big duvet was the only agenda for the day.


10 responses to “best weekend in a while

  1. hehehehe escapades!

    so is this a bloggers meet – bake- or what? i am new to blogging but would like to attend. How do know when the thing is on?

  2. bake yeah great bloggers forum once a month, you just see it in other people’s blogs, its always a great place to meet other writers. whats up with ur link, it says that the blog has been deleted.

  3. You sound like you had a real lively weekend. The pace is so fast – just reading it sends my head spinning.

    Farmgal asks a very….pointed question. I was rolling with laughter ati did you write a poem? Great post, sir.

  4. I say you should have written the poem in the air and let it fly away like the way you were a ‘nice’ man and let go her go….a lot of blogger(read name)-dropping there….

    • seriously everyone realy wishes i wrote that poem, i see her around so when i do, maybe i will. as for the bloggers, yeah great guys always nice interacting with them.

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