The Kaleidoscope man and other short stories- The rebel

Pg 1 n 2

Loving something does not mean embracing it fully as it is. Sometimes love requires a complete paradigm shift from what is expected to a higher plateau of what one wants. To conform sometimes is to loose oneself in a sea of commonness and risk entombing oneself in a grave of mediocre anonymity. To conform is to accept the dictates of fate and acceptance of the doctrines of determinism which refutes the old adage that man is free. For what is freedom but the exercise of free will wherever such spirit might direct a man. So if a man has certain perimeters that dictate or limit his freedom, even though those limits might be informed by law or ethics, then his freedom is perceived but not real.

So I set out to in an untrodden path to dispel the myth that pure conformity to the English language is the only way to get acceptance and acclaim in the literal world. But to do this without coming out as a rebel without cause, I have to make one affirmation.

“I love the Queen’s language; love it to the core of my marrows.”

“Why is this you ask, given the fact that I’ve clearly demonstrated my intentions to stray away from the conformity of the expected semantics?”

“The reasons are simple and obvious to those who share similar sentiments.”

“For without love, I could not try to show the world that the language is both flexible and forgiving.”

“Love is the space where one can maneuver around all obstacles and create a relationship that is stronger and free spirited.”

“Love is the tool through which words can be mixed, altered, invented and lovingly cooked together to create an end result that is innovative, revolutionary and thoroughly satisfying.”

Success was not easy to come by in an era dominated by post-colonial ideals which stifled any proposed change to the status quo. Trying to convince editors of a need to cater to several intellectuals who were tired, bored and thoroughly disillusioned with the lack of innovation in the industry was difficult and down right frustrating. Talking to a cold indifferent wall would have borne better results than moving these clique of individuals who were still rooted in the past and completely blind to the potential of a different future.

To make a difference one has to chose to be different. To give in to the instincts of self preservation is to give up what makes one unique. In effect it is no different than selling your soul to the devil in order to thrive knowing well that the end result is eternal damnation. No, better to persevere in the righteousness of one’s cause for determination in the pursuit of a noble idea must result into success at some point. Better to wallow in dignified but humble existence rather than gain affluence by changing who you are, neigh, slaughtering your very individuality for the commonness of consumerism.


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