The kaleidoscope man and other short stories- A better Era

Pg 5, 6 n 7

A quick perusal of the file brings a small smile to my face. Should we allow the production to commence immediately and take over the distribution of the vehicles, we would still be able to recoup our losses and turn over a profit in a year’s time. If we can delay the production of the vehicle by one year, we would be able to find a way to reduce the cost of production and make it affordable to every one. Or at least that would be the cover story for the delay. The truth would be more economically simple and a matter of great speculation in coming times. With the amount of money we can raise, we would be able to create several shell companies and soak up all available shares for the production companies. What we cannot raise, we would use our private banks to fund our ambitious plan.

The phone light blinks continuously, a sign that a call was going through to James’s private plane.

“Change of plan, my friend, lets rendezvous at State house at six pm.”

“Rodger that.” Came the prompt reply from a man who has learnt not to question such orders.

The view from my private jet is divine, above beautiful cities and millions of hectors of cultivated land. Cities tall and vast in areas where deserts and desolation reigned for so long. Plantations occasioned by increased conservation, research and government commitment to modernity and efficiency. Hunger, that foe of old, slain and exiled from our vast and proud nation. Starvation just but horror stories told to stubborn children when they abandon modesty and take privileges for granted. Food is in plenty for all and agriculture continues to play an integral part of our GDP. In East Africa such issues as water shortage no longer exists.

Great technological strides have helped shape not only the future of our nation but the plight of its people. Half a century ago, water not only got rationed in urban estates but rural areas had to struggle if only to get a few cans to use. Rivers were running dry due to mismanagement of forests and runaway deforestation. Corruption and huge arid areas made it hard to drill enough boreholes to provide adequate water for people, animals and plants. But that’s just history found in historical books, archives and past exams in institutions of learning. Discovery of new cheap and sustainable methods of generating electricity have made several things possible. Desalinization of ocean water has become the simple and best way to acquire water for large scale use. Now rivers are allowed to flow freely without being dammed or polluted by greedy companies.  People can enjoy fauna and go for a dip in the crystal clear water in an age where the penalty for pollution is lengthy imprisonment.

“Hallo sir.” Says one of the guards at State house with a crisp salute, a show of respect.

“I’m good, Michael. How is everyone doing back at home.”

“Fine, just dandy.”

“Convey my greetings and tell the children to work hard.”

“Will do.”

The car moves forward and goes through the wall, at least that’s the impression which a casual ignorant onlooker would see. Technology has negated the need for gates and molecular advancement has made it unnecessary to build gates. Scientists simply discovered way to increase the vibrations of the molecules in solid matters to the same speed as gaseous matters. This are then prevented from escaping by a strong force built around the perimeter. Receptors within the control area picks up neuro-orders from the guards and the molecules are made to oscillate making it possible for people and objects to pass through the seemingly solid wall.

Arusha is a beautiful city and the magnificent State house doesn’t disappoint. It is massive, a house built to impress and wow its guests. A symbol of state power and a reflection of the pride of the great people of East Africa. From here presidential power is exercised over the vast nation and its interests across the world. From this house, one day soon, the mighty and sundry will offer allegiance as the nation’s power continues to surpass that of the world’s two super powers. As the greatest nation in Africa and the third in the world, EA exerts considerable power over the continent. No longer is the Dark Continent, Africa the largest market for any product with vast resources which are vital for the global manufacturers. The president’s ability to influence continental decisions on any sector makes him probably the most influential person in global politics.



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