The Kaleidoscope man and other short stories- A Better Era

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“God bless the Federal republic of east Africa.” Concluded the news anchor on the midday news.

The radio goes silent as the neuron amplifier sends my wish to the receptor within the vehicle. I slide forward a bit in the back seat to assume a more comfortable position in order to recollect my thoughts and strategize. I’m alone in the big vehicle and the car purrs silently as it rushes on in the seven lane super highway. My destination is the State of Southern Sudan from the port of Lamu where I just concluded some business and received some disturbing news.  As I fly past the state line I can’t help but notice for the hundredth time the beauty of not having to undergo the bureaucratic process of border crossing.

That ended some time back when the States of East Africa integrated to form the Federal republic of East Africa or EA as is best known. With it brought down border crossing points and the only reminder of interstate travelling is beautiful sign posts welcoming you to another state. People are free to move from one state to another without discrimination from the indigenous people of the previous sovereigns. Tribalism as known in those days no longer exists and the country knows only one tribe, the Tribe of East Africa. Congress enacted a law several decades a go banning the use of indigenous languages and the two languages spoken by all is Kiswahili and English. Mother tongues are only ideas taught in the lower grades and documented in the Museums of the various States.

“The City of Juba” My silent command to the car, beautifully adapted to respond to my very thought. Creative people these Germans for harnessing science to create machines fitted to respond to the needs of the owner. Long gone are the days when man would sit at the wheel and with incompetence and neglect cause accidents and human carnage. Gone are the era where men would limit their pursuit of happiness to obey the laws of nation and self preservation. These are beautiful times where machines are made to ensure perfection and preserve human lives at precisions never thought possible. Vehicles made with a computer system more astute in maneuver than the brightest of any human mind. All you have to do is offer it your mental wishes and the machine will execute it to the point without deviation or error. In an age of improved GPS and digital maps, one can simply sleep as the vehicle executes one’s wishes without fear of accident or derailment.

The phone rings and is quickly answered as the receptor picks up my willingness to take the call.

“Hi, John.” My business partner.

“I’m good, James. What can I do for you.”

“I take it you have heard the rumor circulating around the business community.”

“Yes I have and I’m still trying to figure out a way out of this situation.”

“I might have a way.” Came back the pleasant answer from the man on the other side of the world.

“When can we expect you back from China.”

“ I’m an my way to the airport, I’ll be there in 3 hours.”

“Okay James, call me when you get here.”

There was imminent news about to be released regarding the mass production of a vehicle which would make the current transportation obsolete. The prototype was made some years back but its mass production was taunted as being unfeasible due to the several changes that would need to be made in all sectors to accommodate it. Apparently, we were wrong. This unfortunately is not an age where being wrong is an option as shifts in technology can bankrupt a wealthy man.

The new vehicle would accomplish the tasks carried out by car, plane and ship. With the combined ability to travel on the ground, fly to any point in the world and slide over water, it was revolutionary. Yet catastrophic to investors who have invested so much in transport, which is about to be rendered irrelevant if not obsolete. Though this will undoubtedly bankrupt several wealthy people, I am not worried, for I am not a wealthy man. I am, for the lack of better worlds, filthy rich. My portfolio is so diverse it is hardly possible for any one man to keep track of and is therefore the responsibility of several portfolio managers to do so. I just hate to loose, to be the last to know when seismic activities are about to happen in any sector of the global society. This is bigger than any investor and soon as my business here is complete, the next stop will be sate house. I’m not sure yet how the president can be used to redress the scenario but as my close friend, we will think of something.

With the car safely packed in the basement parking, I make my way to the top most floorusing an executive lift guarded by two armed guards. My office is in this floor and the secretary smiles warmly as I pass by. She picks up a huge file next to her and follows me inside my immense office, takes my coat off and hangs it in a secret wardrobe inside the office.

“You have to watch this sir.” The TV comes to life again the product of several receptors within the office.

“We are happy to announce the launch of our newest product, one which will change global transportation in a scale never seen before.” Said the charismatic voice on the 200 inch wide rimless TV. The TV goes off leaving the confused secretary staring at the blank wall where the images were.

“Leave the file and get me something to eat, Gladys.”

“Yes, boss.”


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