Next bake Meeting and the tag awards

I just saw from Savvy kenya’s website that the next bake meeting will be on Friday 8th July at the secrets lounge from 6 pm. The last meeting at Kp lounge was awesome with so many great peeps attending the function. This one is likely to be bigger and better and I’m hoping to see all of you guys there.Kindly register here

I was recently tagged by jade wakarima in her blog Once tagged, you must say seven things about your self and tag three other people who you want to do the same. So here goes nothing.

1. I love writing because it allows you to express what is inside your very soul and by doing so feel redeemed from the burden of being misunderstood or ignored by an indifferent world. It goes without saying that I love reading especially blogs by awesome uncelebrated writers out there.

2. I love exercise since it not only leaves me relaxed but maintains my health as well. It is common to find me at the gum four times a week working out or at a dodgo learning martial arts, not so much for self defense any more but as a hobby.

3. I love philosophy and minored in it back in campus since it opens up a man’;s mind to the infinite possibility of the mind.

4. I hate high density mattresses because they are so damn hard and makes sleep virtually impossible to get.

5. I do, and I’m sure all of us do, love sex.

6. I love family and true friends whose love for me has been tested and proved over time.

7. Lastly and this is not the only things i love, i like to offer a helping hand to any person in need so long as i am able to do so.

My tag award goes to bubbly, bikozulu and waywardfoe.


4 responses to “Next bake Meeting and the tag awards

  1. thanks for the tag, i’ll get on that, can we say just anything about ourselves or is it seven things i love?
    and thanks for the reminder about the event friday.

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