For the lack of better things to write about

So I haven’t been doing much writing of late, well, blogwise at-least. Most of you know by now that this is supposed to be a deep blog, according to one intelligent savvykenya (i need to stop this ass kissing (metaphorical of course), maybe tomorrow), but some times i like to regale you with tales of my dull and difficult life. I do it not because i think my life is interesting, but as precursor to gaining back the mojo to write deeper things. i do it because writing, anything for that matter, is therapeutic. i do it because i’m an introvert who lacks a live crowd to share my issues, so this becomes the only forum where faceless people will give me an ear and hopefully, understanding. So i wear my heart, not on a sleeve as bikozulu, but on my fingers through which my emotions and thoughts are conveyed to you, my dear reader.

So let’s chat, me and you. let me tell you about last week, the highs and the lows. Take your shoes off, settle comfortably into the couch, I’m making you a nice cup of cocoa before we embark on this literary journey. Feels good, doesn’t it? So Monday was my birthday, my 25th birthday. I can feel some of you thinking, dude you are so young. But it doesn’t matter, it never does anyway. Human judgement is a part of life, a negligible part of life which shouldn’t matter to those who are privy to deeper truth. But today we are shying away from depth, let’s keep this conversation simple and shallow. i usually love Mondays and expected this to be one of those better ones. This is because Monday evenings i get to hang with the whole crew at entyce where we chat and partake of the happy hour beer, retailing at 110. But this particular Monday, my birthday, only one peep showed up for the meet. On his defense, one jayNjoro, whom i met outside the place was sick and was being rushed to hospital, bummer. So on my bday, i chilled with this one pal for an hour or so and went home. Such is not a reason to sulk, all my birthdays have been boring affairs, at least the one i even remembered to acknowledge. Most simply passed me by stealthily, unseen, unfelt and unremembered. A milestone witnessed by a single person, celebrated by none, and witnessed by faceless people in a kingdom known as facebook.

Enter Tuesday, boring Tuesday. Nothing special about the morning, just some work as i hungrily wolf down my breakfast. Later i make my way to town, on a double m- I love this buses. i hook up with a pal and together we walk to japan embassy Upper hill where we take karate lessons. Needless to say the sensei pushes us to breaking point, i need to get me a new hobby. But this ladies at the class need to either get loose uniforms or smaller behinds, one doesn’t need all this distractions when executing some dangerous moves. One of this days a guy will chop someone’s neck too hard while distracted by “bendovering” karateka chic. On a second thought, i wasn’t aware bootylicious chics could practice martial arts, hehe, best class i’v ever being to. Hope they don’t quit, I still have to charm this hot chic so she can be dropping me in town, or at the estate. Wait, maybe her estate would be better, just saying. But no such luck today, and walking back it will be today. This dude at city market weighs for me some pork but refuses to chop it for me with the curt reply “masaa ya kukata imeisha.” I told the nigger he can take it to his cat, bastard looks menacingly at me and I’m hoping he’ll step out and make my day. Too bad the nigger turns out to be a sissy and I’m left to go look for a new supper, maybe i should hunt his cat.

Come Wednesday, nothing interesting happens today, save for breaking up with my girlfriend.

Thursday is always a day i love. Breakfast as usual. Don’t feel like working so i procrastinate to tomorrow, I’ll curse that when its time to pay the bills. Karate lessons as usual in the afternoon. needless to say, the bootylicious mamas are still there in plenty. Today I make some small steps towards that “soon to be drop me home lady.” But today, citi hoppa seems to be the mode of choice. I find my exhausted self on a mat to Ronga with my destination being the wild acacia camp. The place is kinda dull today so after a beer, its back home for an early night. early because its 11 and i never get to bed before 3 am.

Friday, ohhh lovely lovely Friday. For you i will sing praises, songs of happiness and glee. poetry is insufficient to describe the happiness you bring to a weary people, a chance to let go and unburden. To drink themselves silly and find themselves friends to help them make a fool of themselves, without care or worry. But before all that i had to complete some work, remember my Wednesday procrastination? Well, it had come back to bite me in the ass. so i made my way to town by 5 pm, looking and feeling like a million bucks. The only thing missing, ironically, was the million bucks.  i link up with this two buddies and escort them to their stage, where we get served very nice coffee, by the street vendors. Enter scratch to have one bavaria, but the place is full as always and i chuck unceremoniously. i find myself at betty’s, not because i love the place, but because it is the only other club i know where they serve bavaria 8.6. Lucky for me i meet this lady, waiting for her friends, who keep me company with very interesting conversations. Lady is lovely and i’m trying so hard not to stare at that beautiful cleavage. Boyfriend decides to do a re appearing act and the sweet lady asks me nicely to give her my number. needless to say the guy isn’t happy to find the girlfriend looking all cozy with me, and proceeds to give that look from Lily of the How i met your mother sitcom. yeah, the you are dead to me look which is supposed to vaporize me. Nigga please, I’ve been threatened by tough soldiers before for beating one of their own, your eyes don’t move me shit. So, when its time to leave, the lady reminds me that I have her number and i better call, din’t stay long enough to know what went down after i left.

Forgot to say that the reason i left was because another pal of mine, karen had tweeted me asking me to go say hi at psys tao. So i do that, the place aint half bad but we don’t stay but decide to head to Galileos for some shake leggy. being the all knowing alcohol guru, i take these two ladies to the entrance of scracth club where they sell all those nice tots at 60 bob. Several shots later, a cab to Galileos and i had missed the place. even the bouncer is complaining that i’m way too lost, if only the guy knew how expensive life was nowadays to heng at such expensive joints any more. My pals spent most of the night at the floor and I ended up chilaxing with this white dude who had one sexy ass lady. But despite the colour, this guy is a typical kenyan man with the ex syndrome. In other words, dude says the girlfriend is out of town and this particular lady was the ex and he couldn’t help himself but partake of the ex’s honey, all pun intended. Of course i had to go wild when the dj went rock and din’t i have fun.

Saturday and Sunday were a no show and i spent them watching movies at my crib. see gang, just a typical boring week in the shoes of one peter Evans.


8 ways to ruin your relationship by By John M. Grohol, PsyD

Stumbled across this post and decided to share it with the gang. Hope it helps you guys keep your relationships strong.


While most of the time we try and stay positive here on World of Psychology, every now and again reality sucker-punches us back to our senses (although not personally affecting me).

The fact remains that despite our wise advice over the years, we haven’t budged the divorce rate in the U.S. (not that we thought we could!). Most relationships fail — there’s simply no way to argue with it.

So maybe it would help some of our readers to catch sign of their failing relationship before it’s too late. Sure, we all would like to think that we could see the end of our relationship coming from a mile away. But truth is, many of us need a little help.

To that end, here are 8 ways you can bet you’re ruining your relationship and heading to splitsville.


1. Take your partner for granted.

There’s no better way to help hurry the end of the relationship than to just assume your partner is always there to make your life easier. Whether it’s by going to work or staying at home, cooking dinner or doing the grocery shopping, the ins and outs of our every day existence can take an especially hard toll when it comes to taking that special someone in our lives for granted.

Acknowledge your significant other’s efforts to your joint relationship and life together (no matter who is doing what). Say “Thank you” and “please” for being served something or for someone doing you a favor. After all, you wouldn’t treat a stranger in your home in that manner, so why would you treat the one you love any worse?

2. Stop talking.

Remember the start of your relationship? You couldn’t stop talking! You might’ve spent all night talking to one another, or countless hours on the phone or cuddled up on a couch somewhere.

Relationships die when the two people in it stop talking. And I don’t mean actual, physical talking (“We talk all the time!”). I mean the kind of real, honest conversations that couples have all the time at the beginning of a relationship, but which fade over time.

That fading is a natural progression in most relationships. The key is to not let that fading turn into never having those real conversations (which aren’t about the kids, your jobs, or what you read on TMZ today).

3. Stop expressing your feelings.

As we go along in a relationship, it’s also natural to stop saying, “I love you” as often. Or showing anger when you’re angry at your partner, or showing adoration when you’re feeling especially loving toward them. It’s as if the extremes of our emotions are taken away, and all we have left is a lot of moderate, unsexy feelings.

As much as you might think those feelings are too boring to share, they remain just as important to share. Yes, the passionate feelings at the beginning of any relationship tend to fade for most people. But that doesn’t mean you stop feeling, or that you should stop telling your loved one how you feel.

4. Stop listening.

Nobody likes to not be heard. So there’s no better way to kill a relationship than to stop listening to what your partner has to say.

It shows a lack of respect for the person, and of course your significant other will pick up on the fact that you’re no longer listening. If nobody’s listening, how can a relationship grow or thrive?

5. Kill the fun.

We hook up together in life for many reasons — shared perspectives and outlooks, physical attraction, shared spirituality, shared professional lives, etc. But we also enjoy one another’s company because it’s fun!

When fun leaves a relationship, it can be a sign that the relationship is heading to the rocks. Fun is a part of life and it’s definitely a part of any healthy relationship. However you and your significant other define fun, it’s important to keep doing it even as your relationship matures.

Love to dance but haven’t been in years? It’s time to make a new dance date. Met while hiking or kayaking, but haven’t made time to do it in months (or years)? Pack the backpack and get your outdoors on.

6. Nitpick.

Boy, am I guilty of this one! I’ve probably nitpicked a few past relationships into an early death. Not because I wanted to, but because it was a personal concern whose impact I never fully understood (until it was too late).

Nobody likes being told what to do, or how to do it. While some people may be more open to “suggestions” than other from their helpful partner, it can also be seen as nitpicking for little good reason.

Really? There’s a “better” way to clean the sink? That’s nice… use it the next time you do it then.

When I want to nitpick nowadays, I just keep in mind that if I want to go to the trouble of offering unrequested advice, I might as well suggest I do it myself. Or just do it next time myself, without having someone needing to ask.

Nitpicking may be a sign of needing to “control” others, but it may also just be a sign of the way some people were brought up. In any case, it’s a bad habit and one you should try and curtail in your relationship.

7. Threaten.

Wow, threatening your significant other is such a turn-on. Yeah, no it’s not. Whether you’re threatening to leave, chop off a bit of anatomy, tell someone’s parents, or find a better life in Maui, it’s never a good sign for a healthy relationship.

Threats are often made in an act of desperation or feeling like a situation is out of control — the threat is an attempt to regain control. However, threats are juvenile and more suited for children’s temper tantrums than an adult, mature relationship.

When a partner resorts to threats, it’s time to re-evaluate the relationship’s long-term potential.

8. Ignore your partner.

They say the one thing worse than being hated by someone is simply to be ignored by them. Being ignored means the person doesn’t even care enough to waste the energy of anger on you.

The same is true with relationships. If you take a lot of the previous tips and add them together, you have active ignoring. If you’re ignoring your partner (or vice-a-versa) for any period of time longer than a few days, that’s a sure sign the relationship is in trouble.

You don’t hook up with a person only to be ignored by them. If anybody wanted that, we’d simply go relive our high school prom. (Ooops, I shared too much!)

* * *

The good news is that these signs don’t necessarily mean your relationship is over. There is always hope, especially when both of your recognize some of these signs and decide you want to reconnect to try and grow your relationship.

If you can’t do it on your own — and a weekend getaway may be a good way to try — don’t fret. Although it may sound scary or extreme to think about, this is exactly what couple’s counseling is for. Any good couple’s therapist can help most couples improve their relationship in just a few sessions (although it may take more than a few, depending upon the seriousness of the problems).

Talk to your partner about your concerns. Then seek help if your own personal attempts to help improve the relationship don’t work out. I believe a great number of relationships have the possibility of being saved, if both partners are committed to working on changing it — and then take action.

A Tear Gas Nation (For comonwealth office publication)

A Tear Gas Nation

What defines a great nation in this modern era?  Is it advancement in economics to be in a position to cater to the plight of the citizens? Or is it great military development to inspire fear in the hearts of enemies and impress allies? What about great strides in human right respect and the promotion and protection of rights and freedoms of all rich and poor. Can we even equate greatness with such ambiguous terms as per capita income, over all GDP, global influence among many others? My answer is a resounding NO. For greatness must be traced to a general care for the plight of all human beings, local and international. Care which should be unconditional, motivated only by the pursuit for genuine brotherhood and devoid of hypocrisy or vested interests.

Do I believe that my country, Kenya, is a great nation? Again the answer is a strong NO. Kenya is a weakling surrounded by many other weaklings in what is supposed to be one of the moist developed parts of Africa. Why should a citizen make such a strong vote of no confidence in a country he loves and would protect at any cost? Why such an immense lack of faith in a country which feeds him, cares for him and ensures that he has opportunities for growth and survival? Because those who are in charge of caring for her, Mother Kenya, are incompetent, barbaric, hypocrites and gluttonous slobs. They do good, or appear to do good, yet promote veiled segregation in the implementation of programs and the sharing of what is widely known as” the national cake.” They play to the tune of the elite and try their best to make the life of these groups easy, prosperous and very comfortable. Yet the majority poor are burned by the side effects of this total disregard for the welfare of the majority poor.

It is no secret that majority of Kenyan’s are poor. What most do not know, or prefer not to acknowledge, is that even the ones presumed not to be poor are; if truth be told, poor. Most organizations have fallaciously decided to use the below one dollar method as the parameters for which poverty is measured. In their limited evaluation, they would have us believe that people who earn over this cap are well off. There can be nothing more which is far from the truth as this particular perception. In Kenya, $1 is equivalent to a measly 89 SH. This amount cannot buy a 2kg flour of maize flour, or any flour for that matter. Even if a person was to earn double this amount, the new amount, 178Sh would not be able to buy this flour and a half KG of cooking fat. So tell me, dear reader, how is the 2$ income better that the below 1$ income. Aren’t the two people in the same crisis, a crisis of hunger, stress and misery. They say that over 50% of Kenyan’s live below less than a dollar a day. True, yet this paragraph paints an even more grim picture of the over all situation. Having established that a majority of Kenyans who live above this minimum are just as poor, it goes to show that, in my humble estimation, that close to 85% of Kenyan’s are absolutely poor. What most know, and prefer to bury their heads in the sand, is that even those earning 20$ per day are just as miserable being cognizant of the rapid escalation in the standards of living.

Millions of Kenyans are facing starvation and hunger has become a national disaster even if the government, for purposes of pride and ignorance, refuses to accept so. Recent pictures in television and newspapers have conveyed the plight of such people, people so hungry and emancipated that even words are too much effort to utter. Theo only strength they have left is to point, with their pitiful and bony fingers, to their painful stomachs in the hope that someone will grant them mercy and offer them food.  Yet such help seems too far away and every day the sun sets, hope sets with it. Hope that the government will hear their cries and come to their aid. Hope that NGO’s will see their tears, and come to their aid. Hope that other Kenyans will remember their suffering and come to their aid. But such help might come a little too late. The country lacks the most vital food which makes survival possible and aid adequate to save lives. This ladies and gentleman, is maize.

A country that once exported the commodity has ran out of it. There are several reasons for this but the main one, without doubt, is government failure. And the people know it if recent demonstrations are anything to go by. All they want is flour, for in Kenya, without it only death can follow. The current situation is worrying, depressing even. It is the first time, in my humble existence, the price of maize flour surpassed that of wheat flour. Yet even wheat appears to be heading in the same worrying direction, with reports that most of the wheat fields have dried up due to drought. Who will save us, my dear people, from the gloom of an uncertain future? This government, which invests only in tear gases and arms of war to bear down on its own people. No, we will not die easily. We will not give up either, for we have a right to food and water. As the country becomes a tear gas nation, we will soldier on, fight on, clamor on, demand on, and struggle on till the very end. For we are Kenyans, and tear gas cannot take way the heritage of our freedom, wrenched from the colonists with blood and brotherhood. We will eat that tear gas if need be, we will wash with it, drink it, until the government has no option but to listen to our cries. If we must, we will use it to build the foundation for a better future, where hunger will be just a story told to stubborn children by mothers in a bid to keep the past, archived. For to give up, is to loose the patriotism which unite us, to lay aside the independence which was granted us, not for a while, but to eternity.

best weekend in a while

As most of you know by now, i rarely write about my days. Don’t really know why since I’m not a very secretive person. So in complete disregard to my traditions, and to give respite to my dear readers from ideas and fiction, let me tell you a little about my weekend. Thursday is undoubtedly the new Friday and this one didn’t disappoint either. I was feeling a bit under the weather so I skipped the karate class and went directly to Acacia camp. For those who are blessed with long memories, i did a post on this joint ( sometimes back .

Acacia is always wild, like the mara, and vast as the savannahs of the Tsavo. Acacia is untamed and the people who throng this venue share a kindred spirit with the place. This are people bent on unleashing their animalistic desires in a way that appreciates music and their very sexuality. Here ladies look young, nubile and ready to be plucked by those with means, desire and the will power to make the effort. So this day me and my pal jaymo link up with some other guys who were already there. It also happened that the pilsner mfalme event was happening at the venue that very day and some green dj’s were getting the opportunity to woo the crowd. A hostile crowd it turned out to be for those who, deceived by friends and a lack of common sense, thought they had it only to face the cruel cold truth. Pilsner was retailing at 100 bob so that became the drink of choice and the night got better and better. I rarely talk to ladies in pubs but this night ladies seemed to just gravitate towards me as if the stars were aligned just right for that particular night.

These two ladies were trying to convince me that they were engaged but still had the freedom to go out by themselves whenever they feel like. So I’m wondering what their boys are thinking letting two beautiful ladies, fiances for that matter, go to a place like a acacia with so many eligible lustful men lurking around. Is that trust or pure stupidity? But it was fun chatting with them, and looking after their belongings when they were busy shaking what their mama gave them. But most of the night I heng with this Buganda lady from a a nearby campus who was just really fun to be around. Girl dances really nice with those big round Baganda ass and a voluptuous figure that makes a guy want to….write a poem, lol. So the night was really fun but i had to go home, said my farewell to the lady from “Sevo’s” land and headed home. Feels good to be a nice guy, if i wasn’t, I’d have had me some Bugandan tail for the night.

Friday was lazy day partly because i had a hangover from the previous day. But hangover or not i had to attend the bake meeting at Secrets lounge from 6pm. i link up with a pal of mine ,Soni, and together we make our way to secrets lounge at view park towers. The bouncer directs us to the upper floor which is virtually deserted even though the meeting’s starting time is past. Turns out the meeting was downstairs and it took the kind intervention of some kind blogger to come get us from the upper level. The organizer makes his speech and ends it with the sweet announcement that everyone should have two free beers.i had fun talking to great bloggers like Nittszah, I am cous cous, Kachwanya, raymond, wayward foe, shiku k, and John karanja. The only downside is Savvykenya din’t show up and the way I was looking forward to meeting her again. So savvy, next time, get your sexy ass (oops) into the next bake meeting or else…

Saturday, again I’m still feeling week so i skip gym. Instead i head to shags to say hi to my folks at banana and check whether guys are still taking the deadly illicit brew. And yes, still taking the damn brew so..anyway thats how banana is. me and my cousin head to a local at rwaka estate where i have a quarter KC (don’t judge me here people, times are hard), as i catch up on the home gossip. I head to town to pick a mat to my place, convinced that the night was over but hoping some random miracle might derail me. The power of faith, clearly faith can move mountains, a call from a pal at South B. No point saying no to free drinks so i pick a jav and before you can say Zoinks, I,m sauntering into the bar like I own a million bucks. needless to say between me and poverty, a hundred bob sat lonely in the pocket. Drinks flow and the music is mellow but we changed the club after a while looking for excitement if not exhilaration. I bump into my, not very close pal Smitta, who is always overjoyed to meet a fellow rocker. So we chat and complain to the dj to throw us a bone or in human language, some rock tracks. You should have seen us go wild with glee and jiggle like crazy to the rock tunes. In his usual way Smitta forces me to imbibe dry vodka or vodo as he likes to call his brew. You’d be surprised how intelligent conversations flows with this dude when facilitated by some triple distilled lethal vodka. Needless to say the night was awesome and I left the bar at almost 7am. people were going to church by the time i checked into my estate, exhausted, drunk and happy. Sunday was a no show and movies and a big duvet was the only agenda for the day.

The Kaleidoscope man and other short stories- The rebel

Pg 1 n 2

Loving something does not mean embracing it fully as it is. Sometimes love requires a complete paradigm shift from what is expected to a higher plateau of what one wants. To conform sometimes is to loose oneself in a sea of commonness and risk entombing oneself in a grave of mediocre anonymity. To conform is to accept the dictates of fate and acceptance of the doctrines of determinism which refutes the old adage that man is free. For what is freedom but the exercise of free will wherever such spirit might direct a man. So if a man has certain perimeters that dictate or limit his freedom, even though those limits might be informed by law or ethics, then his freedom is perceived but not real.

So I set out to in an untrodden path to dispel the myth that pure conformity to the English language is the only way to get acceptance and acclaim in the literal world. But to do this without coming out as a rebel without cause, I have to make one affirmation.

“I love the Queen’s language; love it to the core of my marrows.”

“Why is this you ask, given the fact that I’ve clearly demonstrated my intentions to stray away from the conformity of the expected semantics?”

“The reasons are simple and obvious to those who share similar sentiments.”

“For without love, I could not try to show the world that the language is both flexible and forgiving.”

“Love is the space where one can maneuver around all obstacles and create a relationship that is stronger and free spirited.”

“Love is the tool through which words can be mixed, altered, invented and lovingly cooked together to create an end result that is innovative, revolutionary and thoroughly satisfying.”

Success was not easy to come by in an era dominated by post-colonial ideals which stifled any proposed change to the status quo. Trying to convince editors of a need to cater to several intellectuals who were tired, bored and thoroughly disillusioned with the lack of innovation in the industry was difficult and down right frustrating. Talking to a cold indifferent wall would have borne better results than moving these clique of individuals who were still rooted in the past and completely blind to the potential of a different future.

To make a difference one has to chose to be different. To give in to the instincts of self preservation is to give up what makes one unique. In effect it is no different than selling your soul to the devil in order to thrive knowing well that the end result is eternal damnation. No, better to persevere in the righteousness of one’s cause for determination in the pursuit of a noble idea must result into success at some point. Better to wallow in dignified but humble existence rather than gain affluence by changing who you are, neigh, slaughtering your very individuality for the commonness of consumerism.

The kaleidoscope man and other short stories- A better Era

Pg 5, 6 n 7

A quick perusal of the file brings a small smile to my face. Should we allow the production to commence immediately and take over the distribution of the vehicles, we would still be able to recoup our losses and turn over a profit in a year’s time. If we can delay the production of the vehicle by one year, we would be able to find a way to reduce the cost of production and make it affordable to every one. Or at least that would be the cover story for the delay. The truth would be more economically simple and a matter of great speculation in coming times. With the amount of money we can raise, we would be able to create several shell companies and soak up all available shares for the production companies. What we cannot raise, we would use our private banks to fund our ambitious plan.

The phone light blinks continuously, a sign that a call was going through to James’s private plane.

“Change of plan, my friend, lets rendezvous at State house at six pm.”

“Rodger that.” Came the prompt reply from a man who has learnt not to question such orders.

The view from my private jet is divine, above beautiful cities and millions of hectors of cultivated land. Cities tall and vast in areas where deserts and desolation reigned for so long. Plantations occasioned by increased conservation, research and government commitment to modernity and efficiency. Hunger, that foe of old, slain and exiled from our vast and proud nation. Starvation just but horror stories told to stubborn children when they abandon modesty and take privileges for granted. Food is in plenty for all and agriculture continues to play an integral part of our GDP. In East Africa such issues as water shortage no longer exists.

Great technological strides have helped shape not only the future of our nation but the plight of its people. Half a century ago, water not only got rationed in urban estates but rural areas had to struggle if only to get a few cans to use. Rivers were running dry due to mismanagement of forests and runaway deforestation. Corruption and huge arid areas made it hard to drill enough boreholes to provide adequate water for people, animals and plants. But that’s just history found in historical books, archives and past exams in institutions of learning. Discovery of new cheap and sustainable methods of generating electricity have made several things possible. Desalinization of ocean water has become the simple and best way to acquire water for large scale use. Now rivers are allowed to flow freely without being dammed or polluted by greedy companies.  People can enjoy fauna and go for a dip in the crystal clear water in an age where the penalty for pollution is lengthy imprisonment.

“Hallo sir.” Says one of the guards at State house with a crisp salute, a show of respect.

“I’m good, Michael. How is everyone doing back at home.”

“Fine, just dandy.”

“Convey my greetings and tell the children to work hard.”

“Will do.”

The car moves forward and goes through the wall, at least that’s the impression which a casual ignorant onlooker would see. Technology has negated the need for gates and molecular advancement has made it unnecessary to build gates. Scientists simply discovered way to increase the vibrations of the molecules in solid matters to the same speed as gaseous matters. This are then prevented from escaping by a strong force built around the perimeter. Receptors within the control area picks up neuro-orders from the guards and the molecules are made to oscillate making it possible for people and objects to pass through the seemingly solid wall.

Arusha is a beautiful city and the magnificent State house doesn’t disappoint. It is massive, a house built to impress and wow its guests. A symbol of state power and a reflection of the pride of the great people of East Africa. From here presidential power is exercised over the vast nation and its interests across the world. From this house, one day soon, the mighty and sundry will offer allegiance as the nation’s power continues to surpass that of the world’s two super powers. As the greatest nation in Africa and the third in the world, EA exerts considerable power over the continent. No longer is the Dark Continent, Africa the largest market for any product with vast resources which are vital for the global manufacturers. The president’s ability to influence continental decisions on any sector makes him probably the most influential person in global politics.


The Kaleidoscope man and other short stories- A Better Era

Pages 1,2,3 n 4

“God bless the Federal republic of east Africa.” Concluded the news anchor on the midday news.

The radio goes silent as the neuron amplifier sends my wish to the receptor within the vehicle. I slide forward a bit in the back seat to assume a more comfortable position in order to recollect my thoughts and strategize. I’m alone in the big vehicle and the car purrs silently as it rushes on in the seven lane super highway. My destination is the State of Southern Sudan from the port of Lamu where I just concluded some business and received some disturbing news.  As I fly past the state line I can’t help but notice for the hundredth time the beauty of not having to undergo the bureaucratic process of border crossing.

That ended some time back when the States of East Africa integrated to form the Federal republic of East Africa or EA as is best known. With it brought down border crossing points and the only reminder of interstate travelling is beautiful sign posts welcoming you to another state. People are free to move from one state to another without discrimination from the indigenous people of the previous sovereigns. Tribalism as known in those days no longer exists and the country knows only one tribe, the Tribe of East Africa. Congress enacted a law several decades a go banning the use of indigenous languages and the two languages spoken by all is Kiswahili and English. Mother tongues are only ideas taught in the lower grades and documented in the Museums of the various States.

“The City of Juba” My silent command to the car, beautifully adapted to respond to my very thought. Creative people these Germans for harnessing science to create machines fitted to respond to the needs of the owner. Long gone are the days when man would sit at the wheel and with incompetence and neglect cause accidents and human carnage. Gone are the era where men would limit their pursuit of happiness to obey the laws of nation and self preservation. These are beautiful times where machines are made to ensure perfection and preserve human lives at precisions never thought possible. Vehicles made with a computer system more astute in maneuver than the brightest of any human mind. All you have to do is offer it your mental wishes and the machine will execute it to the point without deviation or error. In an age of improved GPS and digital maps, one can simply sleep as the vehicle executes one’s wishes without fear of accident or derailment.

The phone rings and is quickly answered as the receptor picks up my willingness to take the call.

“Hi, John.” My business partner.

“I’m good, James. What can I do for you.”

“I take it you have heard the rumor circulating around the business community.”

“Yes I have and I’m still trying to figure out a way out of this situation.”

“I might have a way.” Came back the pleasant answer from the man on the other side of the world.

“When can we expect you back from China.”

“ I’m an my way to the airport, I’ll be there in 3 hours.”

“Okay James, call me when you get here.”

There was imminent news about to be released regarding the mass production of a vehicle which would make the current transportation obsolete. The prototype was made some years back but its mass production was taunted as being unfeasible due to the several changes that would need to be made in all sectors to accommodate it. Apparently, we were wrong. This unfortunately is not an age where being wrong is an option as shifts in technology can bankrupt a wealthy man.

The new vehicle would accomplish the tasks carried out by car, plane and ship. With the combined ability to travel on the ground, fly to any point in the world and slide over water, it was revolutionary. Yet catastrophic to investors who have invested so much in transport, which is about to be rendered irrelevant if not obsolete. Though this will undoubtedly bankrupt several wealthy people, I am not worried, for I am not a wealthy man. I am, for the lack of better worlds, filthy rich. My portfolio is so diverse it is hardly possible for any one man to keep track of and is therefore the responsibility of several portfolio managers to do so. I just hate to loose, to be the last to know when seismic activities are about to happen in any sector of the global society. This is bigger than any investor and soon as my business here is complete, the next stop will be sate house. I’m not sure yet how the president can be used to redress the scenario but as my close friend, we will think of something.

With the car safely packed in the basement parking, I make my way to the top most floorusing an executive lift guarded by two armed guards. My office is in this floor and the secretary smiles warmly as I pass by. She picks up a huge file next to her and follows me inside my immense office, takes my coat off and hangs it in a secret wardrobe inside the office.

“You have to watch this sir.” The TV comes to life again the product of several receptors within the office.

“We are happy to announce the launch of our newest product, one which will change global transportation in a scale never seen before.” Said the charismatic voice on the 200 inch wide rimless TV. The TV goes off leaving the confused secretary staring at the blank wall where the images were.

“Leave the file and get me something to eat, Gladys.”

“Yes, boss.”