The Kaleidoscope man and other short stories- The Hunter

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Deep in the Savanna in one of Kenya’s most expansive park, Tsavo East, we lie crouched under some huge acacia trees. We are not tourists for those who might conceive of such a naive idea. We are not rangers either and our intent is not a noble one. We are not lost, for such might occur to those who are ignorant of the location or the immense size of the park. No, we are not wild animals either at least not entirely. We are something different all together or a blend of all the above possibilities. We are tourists partly because we love the beauty of the savanna and the majesty of the animals which roam these untamed lands. We might be rangers because we wear camouflage uniforms, have walkies talkies and carry arms. As for being wild animals, sadly, we are predators come to kill what should inspire awe and fear. We are, and always have been, hunters.

To call us poachers is to undermine our art for we hunt for the thrill of the kill. A poacher is motivated only by profit, he is crude and unfeeling. He does not respect the beasts he sets to kill neither accord them the respect they deserve in their fallen glory. he is a beast which hunts with abandon and has neither rules nor mercy. A poacher is uncivilized in his ways and sets himself for failure or fall in the hands of both ranger and gun. He finds no mystery in the ways of the bush and is motivated by greed for money and affluence. A poacher is more vile than the vilest of earth creatures. He smears our trade with excrement borne of greed and amateurishness and our contempt for such a creature knows no bound.

My group consists of three members, two men and one lady. There are three groups in our small society. A society which traces its aims from the lords of old when hunting was a game of nobility. A game which set aside great people from the peasants who killed only for food and survival. A past time where skill and courage were horned by a society which required its leaders to be knights and warriors. beautiful times those were, great times indeed. Where a man could pursue passion without the dictates and tyranny of governments behind his heels. Where the hunter was not hunted by indulging in his God give right to hunt down the animals of his beloved motherland. Change has not been kinder on hunters, but determination overcomes any obstacle even though doing so means challenging certain death.


6 responses to “The Kaleidoscope man and other short stories- The Hunter

  1. I’m sorry, I don’t feel deeply for this story because nothing can justify hunting in these current times. Maybe if the story was based in the past… when game was plenty and hunting was acceptable as a sport/for survival.

    • i dont blame you but as a writer, controversy is a good thing, but then again thats just page one and you should wait for the plot to develop, dont judge a book by its cover..

  2. Controversial indeed. A writer’s job is to make us think; I have nothing against hunting to place food on the children’s table but when we kill rare rhino for their horns so that impotent old men can be given false hopes – that is going a bit far…….Great post.

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