The kaleeidoscope man and other short stories- The Tale of Chui

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I am a son of the great Savannah, sprawling fields that strech as far as the eye can see. I am a born warrior, born of a renowned mother in an area full of predators and hunters. I am Chui son of Shadow, from the clan of the great mountains. This is a tale of great adversity and with it great courage. A story of love so profound it defies even the great challenge of death and doom. Of sacrifice which touches the heart of both man and beast. Of happiness abundant as the grass in the fields when the heavens open and rain comes in majestic unending drops. A story which will bring both happiness and sadness in equal measure, but a story which must be told to immortalize the legend of Chui.

My mother gave birth to me on a rainy morning inside a dark cave at the sides of the great mountains. This was in keeping with the traditions of the clan which have from time immemorial called this their home. There were two of us, male and female. We were so small but my sister was even smaller if such a thing is possible. My eyes were glued shut, and the darkness seemed even darker. But in the uncertainty of this new environment, we sensed comfort and security emanating from our exhausted mother. We could feel her concern for the plight of her newly born cubs, concern which touched and confused as with equal measure. We were young, innocent and naive. Unwary of the great dangers which surrounded us, threats which were large and merciless.

Instinctively we searched for the breast which would sustain our lives in this new world we found ourselves in. As the warm milk easily found our eager stomachs, we knew that somehow, we will learn to survive. Sleep was not far away and the warmth cast by mother was enough to send us to a long and blissful sleep. It is only sad that were so young into this world as to have dreams to accompany us into the world of the unknown. But a day will come when we will wish for those gone days of childhood, of happiness and unending love. But time is perpetual and constant, and childhood must fade into the strife of maturity. Innocence lost in the struggle for survival, in a jungle where its either kill or be killed in order to survive.


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