Area 51

For those who are keen, or simply ardent fan of my writings; you will have noticed the change in my blog name. No, it’s not a mid life crisis due to the simple supposition that for such to be the case, I’d have to be in mid life. It is also not an expression of sci-fi obsession, to quench the curiosity of those who are in the know as to the actual attribute of the term; area 51. It is however an attitude, a growth perhaps, an expression of the need to improve. I think its time I joined the big leagues, a time of true discovery, a time of crafting a personal identity which can stand the test of time and emerge stronger and better. I have followed great writers through time, sometimes to the point of pure obsession. Why, you may ask? Solomon intoxicated by the great cup of wisdom once wrote that if you walk among great men,some of their wisdom might rub off onto you. By studying these literal deities, observing their writing mannerisms, identifying what makes their style unique and arresting; i hope to join the small elite of writers who gain recognition as having the mojo to truly excel. This forum,  hence forth to be known as Area 51, is a zone where anything will be possible. Sometimes, when the galactic forces align perfectly to inspire literal greatness, posts which amaze and fascinate will be found captured by the guardians which dwell in words and letters. Posts which will demonstrate the true power of learning demonstrated by prowess in expression and creativity. Learning borne by a deeper yearning for recognition and appreciation. Skill manifested by emulation and imitation, not with the intention of copying but for the pursuit of inspiration and cultivated talent.Whether I succeed in this endeavor is not upto me, but is squarely in the hands of the Supreme being. Yet struggle we must, or wither in the anonymity of the mediocre grave yard. A cemetery full of unread words, housed in the coffins of uncelebrated writers. Death caused not in the hands of mean readers but rather in the complicity of demotivated or conceited writers. So one must rid oneself of conceit and pride, and bath to rid the dirt of insecurity and doubt. For only when one clothes thy self with the garments of purpose and modesty can one gain  recognizable talent.


8 responses to “Area 51

  1. Why does this sound soooo familiar, oh I am in the same stage too… I hope the new ground you have found will be able to stand the weight of your legs, great post Pitzevans

  2. HEy Pit, i hope you don’t mind the shortened version of your name, if it is at all your fell name. I wish you the best with this, i’ve just started reading your blog and i can totally relate to the insecurity over putting one’s words out there, at least that’s what i am going through, i can not seem to get over my fears and start blogging already.

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