Bake happy hour

Last Friday i got to attend for the first time a meeting of the bloggers association of Kenya. According to the information made privy to me, this was the third such meeting. The venue was Kp lounge at Utalii house near View Park tower. It was an awesome experience to say the least and  I’m glad to say that I was pleasantly surprised. However, i was dismayed to find out that only one or two bloggers who I actually follow turned out for the meeting. This was surprising on two premises. First, I’m an avid blogs readers and i expected to be conversant with most bloggers who are likely to attend such a meet. That was not to be. The place was packed with current bloggers and aspiring ones and it was an honor to share a drink or two with like minded individuals. Secondly, that most of the bloggers seemed to know each other and they were flabbergasted by my claim that i read a lots of blogs and i hadn’t read any of theirs.

My highlight for the evening was getting chatty with one Savvy Kenya. For such an academic lady she’s one cute mama. i have to apologize dear pal for saying that such looks should only be found on the person of a dumb blond. beauty and brains is an uncanny combination which can be quite intimidating for any chap. Looking forward to chatting some more in the next bake meet and miss in at the pain of death if I’m allowed to borrow a phrase from the kings of old. I did meet other bloggers like Kigen, John Karanja, matrix something, Nitzsa or something, Archer Mishale, Kahenya and others. Some bloggers also exhibited side talents when they boogied to the tunes which was a pleasant break from the somber atmosphere. I do hope that next time I get to see other great writers like Biko, Bubbly, Shiko msa, wayward foe, Otieno Hongo, Woolie among others. Thanks savvy for inspiring me to attend the meet and keep the literal fire blazing.


12 responses to “Bake happy hour

  1. Had fun at BAKE 😉

    Now I’m blushing blushing while reading this!

    I think as time goes by and bloggers become familiar with each other, the said ‘sombre’ atmosphere will vanish!

  2. Pitzevans sounds like you guys had a great time. It has been a while since I attended a proper do – if you do not count the the weekend seminar on oral hygiene thing last November – that too was quite a laugh.

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