A perilous Journey

My companions today are my old PC, my slightly dirty keyboard and a glass of top secret whisky which sits forlornly on my new coffee table. My dishes look on from their damp dark and sad sink in the kitchen as they wonder deeply at the mystery which surrounds the life of their deeply troubled master. I know they ponder hard at the quagmire which is the life of he who inhabits this simple abode in the heart of the ever silent jacaranda estate. A man whose mystery emanates not from either riches or poverty but due to the uncertainty of both present and future. The past is gone, trampled under the heavy weight of toil and the despair of broken dreams. All we have is the hope that some one out there will open a gate for us and have the guts to make a path in a jungle haunted by failure and bankruptcy. Yet such knights are almost extinct and such virtue as honor, decency and fairness erased by the gloom cast by greed and nepotism. But hope is all a writer has, to loose that is to let go of the very threads on which our meager lives hang.

This is a lonely existence where words become the breath of life which sustains our decaying existence. Decay borne of worry and unappreciation. Death looming in the face of doors slammed to the hopes of struggling writers, as life is yanked from their heart when their vocation is taunted, judged and mostly found wanting. But what criteria does the Bourgeois of the literal world use to judge talent when such judgment is biased and corrupted by indifference and greed. What justice can thrive when the cannons of fairness are swept under the carpets to wither and die in the wake of such blatant inhumanity. The indignity of it is heart wrenching yet redress is a mirage replicated by impunity and the end of chivalry in a filed where such principles should abide in abundance. But we must soldier on regardless of difficulty or obstacles, motivated by the success stories of a few mentors who made it despite all odds. When victory becomes ours, for here the question is not whether rather than when, we must open the doors for those who struggle behind us. For that, when all is said and done, is what true success is all about.


8 responses to “A perilous Journey

  1. Life indeed I a lonely journey when you’re a writer. As you said success is measured by your legacy … did you pave the way for those to come later? Did you show them the path to redemption?

  2. Powerful moving words. A lot of darkness, decay and misery – and a continuous reference to death. I shudder as I magine most readers do at the thought of such a miserable end.

    I guess that this is a journey to redemption too as you speak of honour, decency and fairness. For this very reason we have hope.


  3. ”But we must soldier on regardless of difficulty or obstacles, motivated
    by the success stories of a few mentors who
    made it despite all odds.”

    yes we MUST

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