Damn, its monday again

Monday is to some the first day of the week. i have to say at this point, that I’v never quite seen the logic behind those who claim that Sunday is the defacto first day of the week. That in my humble opinion is sheer poppycock. Do i like Mondays, Hardly. Do i hate the day which have been taunted to contain the dreaded Monday blues,not really. My exact attitude about the day is one of indifference, it is just but a day after all is said and done. What i like about Mondays is that they end quickly due to the many pieces of duties a guy has to perform after a long weekend. It is no wonder then that I’m sitting on my comp trying to motivate myself to get into the right frame of mind and get some serious work done. Why? Because being the first day of the working week, slacking will only create a domino effect whereby all the other days will be filled with laziness and idleness.On the contrary, working hard today gives me the zeal to meet weekly challenges head on and decimate them without pity or mercy. So at the end of a hard working Monday it is the norm to pass by the good old bar and have me some beers. Why? A man who fights the blues and continues to build the nation deserves a cold one at the end of such a fruitful day. A chance to meet other hard working Kenyans and toast to the strong spirit of devotion to a land which bears no real love to its people. A chance to discuss the hardships that afflict ourselves and every other Kenyan, save only to the 1% of super rich Kenyans who are shamelessly exploiting the poor for their own wealth accumulation. let them wait when the true rapture comes, and no one knows the time, they will pay for their greed. So later today i will probably meet with some pals at club entyce and together, share a bubbly (not you kbaab) and head home to look forward for another day. So any of you who can join me, feel free to make a grand attendance and we will toast to you for being” A great Kenyan.”


12 responses to “Damn, its monday again

  1. Where is this we are having a drink to toast to the end of the day? Directions!

    Certainly a motivation to do something of worth so I can reward myself at the end of the day. A cold one at 17:59 πŸ™‚

    • hehe i dnt like mondays but if i dont work hard on Monday i never have the mojo to work for the rest of the week so i gather my strength to maximize my Monday

  2. I missed the cold drinks, Pitzevans – can we not do it again today(thursday). If I was a real somebody – you know like the 1% that you mention with a famous name and lots of chapa I would sponsor someone to draft a law to reform the calendar. I would fly around the capitals of the Africa asking fellow leaders to support a motion moving monday to somewhere closer to the end of the week. Monday’s current position spoils our full enjoyment of Sundays. If I was a member of the 1% I would hold a prayer meeting to ask for 2 Sundays in a week.

    Stay well

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