More Mumblings

More mumblings

Did I ever tell you that I never wake up before 9 am. Before you jump to conclusions and judge me as lazy, I never sleep before 2 am either. A balance exists in my view as I attempt to gain an 8 hour sleep which doctors believe to be quite healthy. So what do I do with all those hours before 2 am. Not much really. Mostly I watch the news, the programs after the news then get into bed and watch a series dvd. Currently I’m watching vampire diaries season two which I interchange with gossip girls. It gets lonely sometimes, being in bed alone every night watching TV as the rest of the neighborhood snores peacefully. Sometimes I get thinking that it must be nice having someone there to watch TV with, every night. In fact, she doesn’t have to watch it; she just have to bet here next to me and I wouldn’t feel so lonely. Did I ever tell you I miss my departed mother? Sunday was mother’s day and I didn’t have one to share it with. Yet, all across the world people took their mothers for granted never reflecting on how lucky they truly are. Daughters disobeyed their mothers previous day and went to party and were not on speaking terms the next day, which coincidentally was mother’s day. They’d rather head to the dens of iniquity to grind their asses on foreign men (by foreign I mean unknown men) rather than stay home and show their mom’s that they care. Girls who’d rather become chips funga rather that funga some real chips for their mothers on such an auspicious day. But it’s surprising how first our society has changed and the way ladies have embraced modernity if that word can apply to the moral erosion affecting our girls today. I was having lunch with a white pal of mine and he had the audacity to comment on this state of affair. According to him, there is no point spending over 10 thousand on a prostitute when all you need to do is go to a club and buy beer to a lady who would gladly go home with you later. Needless to say I almost inferred from his statement the sentiment that all Kenyan women are loose. That of course is not true. It is a fallacy borne from experience with a cross section of Kenyan ladies who have decided to throw dignity to the wind and sing to the tune of promiscuity and risk. I have to wonder at this juncture whether those acts are one of liberation or folly? Can anything that will stand the tests of time grow from such liaisons born of chance meetings at such places of pleasure and pursuit of worldly happiness. I am of the opinion that not all women who frequent pubs are loose and that some marriages have been formed with their origin at the steamy dance floor of some city pub. But sometimes, the animals you are likely to find in a pig sty are pigs and one should not blame a foreigner who mistakes calf with a pig if the aforementioned calf is housed at the pig sty with the pigs. In fact, it is not totally unexpected to find that proverbial calf behaving In the same manner as the pigs since behavior is adaptive and usually influenced by environment and those socialized within that environment.


8 responses to “More Mumblings

  1. You’re a Vampire Diaries fan (YAY!!). I’m waiting for the final 04 episodes 🙂

    Going to clubs here in Nairobi always leaves me feeling sad because our social scene is screaming ‘Herd mentality’. We do things because so and so is doing it or because that is how we found things being done. We don’t seem to be imaginative enough to be individuals. Ask most people the why? and they just stare at you & shrug…So i stay away…

    But all is not lost. There are still pretty cool Kenyans out there. They’re just harder to stumble across. But they are there.

    • sad, kenyans seem to shy away from reasoning once they are done with school, n resort to ritual and habit as the beacon through which their lives gravitate

  2. And oh, i’m officially envious. You don’t get up before 0900 hrs?! Hell, even on sundays, i’m up by 0700. For some weird reason, i can’t sleep before midnight (coz i’ll wake up before 0400 if do) and if i sleep past 0700 hrs, i wake up feeling physically ill.

  3. I used to have your schedule but currently I’m being forced to be up by 5, and I can’t sleep before midnight. So I haven’t been sleeping well!

  4. Your ‘mumblings’ glide so smoothly between the different ideas…I almost missed my stop as the ride was so agreeable. I imagine that it can be easy to take Mum for granted if she is always there but when I look around I also see so many fine people paying tribute to their mothers – not just on Mother’s day but at every opportunity that they can. I salute all of them. For those of us without mothers – let us cherish the women around us; Wives, girlfriends, sisters and cousins – and all the other special women in our lives. We love you and admire you.

    I like this blog.

    • woolie, and i like ur prescence in the blog. I salute those guys who are humane enough to cherish those who gave birth to them, may God grant them the favor in return

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