I want to do a post, neigh, long to do a post. Problem is there is nothing that comes to mind and my wit seems to have forsaken me. So today I’m just going to write a bunch of sentences that comes to mind and hope that you, dear reader, don’t take offense. Do I drink a lot? My pal thinks i do. i told him that there is big difference between drinking often and getting drunk often. I like to relax at the end of a day, any day, with pals and have a drink. Most days it is either a few tots of vodka with soda and ice or just one beer complemented with tasty bites. Which brings one question into mind. Does the guy believe i drink a lot simply because i got the pub a lot or is it a manifestation of thought borne of personal experience.Β  i put my money on the latter, for we are usually the product of our own experiences. reminds me of campus where I minored in philosophy. I have to tell you guys, philosophy is no joke and trying to see logic in the minds of insane philosophers is a daunting task. Take Descartes for instance. The guy simply decided that he did not exist and that if he didn’t, then nothing could possibly exist. But the burger realized the fallacy of this thought since a non existence being couldn’t determine its own non existence. So he retracted and made his famous “cogito ego sum” which translated means “i think therefore i am.” So having proved his existence on the basis of his ability to doubt existence, he was confronted with the dilemma of acknowledging his body or denouncing it all together. The burger chose the latter, finding that since the mind doubted only it could possibly be real. The audacity on this guy to simply ignore the existence of what was around him on the basis that it might all be an illusion or a trick of his mind. Trying to expound to you dear reader of how he came to prove the existence of his body would take time and lots of philosophical mumbo jumbo. This brings me to Russel, the guy who claimed that nothing truly exists and everything that is is a projection of our imagination.To him all objects are ideas in the mind of people and any other reality is an illusion. Sick bugger that he is couldn’t explain why I had to buy the computer that i’m using rather than imagine it for it to exist. Why do i have to type this post because since it exists in my mind, it should just be on this blog because i already conceptualized it. But the mad dude did put a caveat on his logic in that some things exist independently of our thoughts since they are ideas in the mind of a higher being. In order not to look like a fool he delved into a complex discourse with the sole objective of proving the existence of that being. thereby making some tough ideological concoctions which thrown together are supposed to prove the existence of God. let me tell you my people, there is nothing as complex as philosophical doctrines that tend to logically show why there is a God. That journey is full of inconsistencies and several assumptions thrown in here and there. One of my favorite however is the dogma that seeks to show that another place must exist where good people are rewarded and bad people punished.Why you might ask. natural justice expects good people to thrive and bad people to suffer n an unending miasma of pain and misery. truth is contrary to this notion and more times than not, bad people succeed and good people suffer. Since our lives are finite and philosophers have a consensus on the immortality of the soul, then another dimension is necessary to right the inconsistencies of this world. Such a place exists independent of human power and beyond the realm of human capability. So? Another being with infinite capabilities must have created such a place and the only being that is capable of doing so must be the same being which created this dimension. This being must be the one which people across the globe strive to worship and whose authority is globally acknowledged as being that of God.


12 responses to “Mumblings

  1. I admire Philosophy, it gives an avenue to speak one’s insane thoughts in a sane and sensible manner, which I one day hope to achieve.

    There is definitely a difference between getting drunk often and drinking often, sadly my friends can’t also seem to tell which’s which πŸ˜€

    • engaging in philosphical discourse is interesting studying it is however a bit conflicting since one does not always agree with the major philosophers. as for drinking, u do it to hang with pals and unwind to to be drunk.

  2. Very interesting – I have noticed a similar problem here. Since they banned smoking in pubs and clubs smokers must go and stand outside the pub. Now this particular joint is located beside a very busy road. Whenever I drive past I just wonder how many other passersby see the poor smokers and pity them saying….tch,tch,tch poor alcoholics.

  3. I discovered philosophy through a book called Sophie’s World. My boys & I found it awesomely fascinating & discussing it made memorable convos…picture a bunch of smashed college friends seated on the bleachers or by the poolside at MOW discussing Socates & Plato and whether their schools of thought make sense in our lives…those are priceless memories i’ll forever treasure…

    As for the drinking alot, it depends…if having a drink is a daily ritual you can’t walk away from…maybe it’s alot?

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