Damn, its monday again

Monday is to some the first day of the week. i have to say at this point, that I’v never quite seen the logic behind those who claim that Sunday is the defacto first day of the week. That in my humble opinion is sheer poppycock. Do i like Mondays, Hardly. Do i hate the day which have been taunted to contain the dreaded Monday blues,not really. My exact attitude about the day is one of indifference, it is just but a day after all is said and done. What i like about Mondays is that they end quickly due to the many pieces of duties a guy has to perform after a long weekend. It is no wonder then that I’m sitting on my comp trying to motivate myself to get into the right frame of mind and get some serious work done. Why? Because being the first day of the working week, slacking will only create a domino effect whereby all the other days will be filled with laziness and idleness.On the contrary, working hard today gives me the zeal to meet weekly challenges head on and decimate them without pity or mercy. So at the end of a hard working Monday it is the norm to pass by the good old bar and have me some beers. Why? A man who fights the blues and continues to build the nation deserves a cold one at the end of such a fruitful day. A chance to meet other hard working Kenyans and toast to the strong spirit of devotion to a land which bears no real love to its people. A chance to discuss the hardships that afflict ourselves and every other Kenyan, save only to the 1% of super rich Kenyans who are shamelessly exploiting the poor for their own wealth accumulation. let them wait when the true rapture comes, and no one knows the time, they will pay for their greed. So later today i will probably meet with some pals at club entyce and together, share a bubbly (not you kbaab) and head home to look forward for another day. So any of you who can join me, feel free to make a grand attendance and we will toast to you for being” A great Kenyan.”


Black Gold and the Suffering of our people

This Post I made for the purpose of commonwealth publication and to highlight the plight of our people.

Our people are suffering no doubt about that. We have been suffering for a while now, and it is hard to assign blame for the misery which has become our constant companion. It is hard to say who is suffering more, since individuals have different needs and our lifestyles differ greatly depending on income, location and circumstance. Every where you go the pain is almost palpable, and the sad eyes filled with melancholy and hurt stay with you long after you’ve passed. Tom Mboya once said that “Kenya is soon becoming a land of one thousand millionaires and 10 million beggars.” But even he couldn’t have foreseen the desperation Kenyans have been plunged into by a minority elites who are bent on self enrichment at the expense of tens of millions of needy Kenyans. The rains are here and the plight of IDP seems to have become just a political issue to be tossed here and there like a tennis ball, while the real victims languish in the cold, dump and inhumane habitats which is the tiny tents they call home.

But the larger problem lies with what some people have come to refer to as the black gold. Black has always been synonymous with suffering from time immemorial when colonialists embraced hypocrisy and swept under the carpet the maxims of human equality and pursued the trade of slavery with gusto and zeal. Black which was the talk of the 60′s during the civil rights movement in the States as the black populace struggled to get recognition and force the government to bring and end to racial segregation. Black which is symbolic for third world poverty where the mention of Africa creates imagery of back ward people, mud huts and uncivilized living in the jungles and savannas of untamed Africa. But now, black for the oil which powers the global economy and plunges most of the world populace into suffering and poverty never witnessed before. With the immense rise in cost of its acquisition, it has become symbolic and its value equated with the preciousness of gold.

So what has this black gold has to do with the gloom and suffering which is now characteristic of our society, and hope seems to be waning every day as the situation becomes dire and desperate. Every where in this global village, the topic that have captured every one’s attention is the increase in oil prices. To call it an increase would be an injustice to humanity for the right word is either escalation or spiraling out of control. Even the world super power is filling the pinch and many believe that this issue is likely to play a major part in determining presidential poll in 2012. But the focus of this article is Kenya and the countries around us. Why? Because oil prices affect every arena of our lives from the food we eat to the practices of our government and its agencies. A good example is the neighboring Uganda where protests by citizens over increasing living standards have led to inhumane crack down leading to the hospitalization of the opposition leader. The situation hasn’t become that bad in Kenya but all indicators shows that unless something drastic is done soon, the people will have no choice but to demand for government intervention or for a change in regime if it can’t deliver.

Last week was one of the worst times witnessed in Kenya’s recent history. Our economy nearly came to a stand still as the fuel shortage changed the priority of our people and focus shifted from building the nation to seeking fuel to commute from home to work. Most people were stranded as public transport called it a day as they couldn’t locate fuel to transport the daily commuters. There were unending traffic jams as vehicles lined for miles to acquire the precious commodity. It became almost comical to see well dressed people pushing their vehicles when they ran out of fuel and dignity became a luxury in the fight for the limited commodity. The looser were me and you having to wait for hours to secure a place in the few available buses. In line with past traditions, the conductors hiked the fare from the ordinary 70 ksh to Ksh 250. Needless to say most people, taking cognizance that over 60% live below one dollar per day, had to walk home over distances longer than 20 KMs.

Has the situation been resolved? Hardly. There is speculation in the media that fuel prices are bound to go up by next week with increases of more than Ksh 6. Moreover, the unwillingness of importers to bring in emergency oil consignments has fueled fears that another shortage looms in the near horizon. Our fear knows no bound, our desperation growing with every day that dawn. Inflation has whittled down our purchasing powers and it is likely to increase every month which brings with it increase in oil prices. It is necessary to point out that every sector of our economy depends on fuel, especially power which is largely thermal generated. Where do we go to escape these hardships, who do we cry to help ease our suffering? Our government seems unwilling or unable to do anything. In the meanwhile we starve as a small group of oil companies realize super normal profits. The government needs to do something and quick, or the people will take matters into their own hands.

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More Mumblings

More mumblings

Did I ever tell you that I never wake up before 9 am. Before you jump to conclusions and judge me as lazy, I never sleep before 2 am either. A balance exists in my view as I attempt to gain an 8 hour sleep which doctors believe to be quite healthy. So what do I do with all those hours before 2 am. Not much really. Mostly I watch the news, the programs after the news then get into bed and watch a series dvd. Currently I’m watching vampire diaries season two which I interchange with gossip girls. It gets lonely sometimes, being in bed alone every night watching TV as the rest of the neighborhood snores peacefully. Sometimes I get thinking that it must be nice having someone there to watch TV with, every night. In fact, she doesn’t have to watch it; she just have to bet here next to me and I wouldn’t feel so lonely. Did I ever tell you I miss my departed mother? Sunday was mother’s day and I didn’t have one to share it with. Yet, all across the world people took their mothers for granted never reflecting on how lucky they truly are. Daughters disobeyed their mothers previous day and went to party and were not on speaking terms the next day, which coincidentally was mother’s day. They’d rather head to the dens of iniquity to grind their asses on foreign men (by foreign I mean unknown men) rather than stay home and show their mom’s that they care. Girls who’d rather become chips funga rather that funga some real chips for their mothers on such an auspicious day. But it’s surprising how first our society has changed and the way ladies have embraced modernity if that word can apply to the moral erosion affecting our girls today. I was having lunch with a white pal of mine and he had the audacity to comment on this state of affair. According to him, there is no point spending over 10 thousand on a prostitute when all you need to do is go to a club and buy beer to a lady who would gladly go home with you later. Needless to say I almost inferred from his statement the sentiment that all Kenyan women are loose. That of course is not true. It is a fallacy borne from experience with a cross section of Kenyan ladies who have decided to throw dignity to the wind and sing to the tune of promiscuity and risk. I have to wonder at this juncture whether those acts are one of liberation or folly? Can anything that will stand the tests of time grow from such liaisons born of chance meetings at such places of pleasure and pursuit of worldly happiness. I am of the opinion that not all women who frequent pubs are loose and that some marriages have been formed with their origin at the steamy dance floor of some city pub. But sometimes, the animals you are likely to find in a pig sty are pigs and one should not blame a foreigner who mistakes calf with a pig if the aforementioned calf is housed at the pig sty with the pigs. In fact, it is not totally unexpected to find that proverbial calf behaving In the same manner as the pigs since behavior is adaptive and usually influenced by environment and those socialized within that environment.


I want to do a post, neigh, long to do a post. Problem is there is nothing that comes to mind and my wit seems to have forsaken me. So today I’m just going to write a bunch of sentences that comes to mind and hope that you, dear reader, don’t take offense. Do I drink a lot? My pal thinks i do. i told him that there is big difference between drinking often and getting drunk often. I like to relax at the end of a day, any day, with pals and have a drink. Most days it is either a few tots of vodka with soda and ice or just one beer complemented with tasty bites. Which brings one question into mind. Does the guy believe i drink a lot simply because i got the pub a lot or is it a manifestation of thought borne of personal experience.  i put my money on the latter, for we are usually the product of our own experiences. reminds me of campus where I minored in philosophy. I have to tell you guys, philosophy is no joke and trying to see logic in the minds of insane philosophers is a daunting task. Take Descartes for instance. The guy simply decided that he did not exist and that if he didn’t, then nothing could possibly exist. But the burger realized the fallacy of this thought since a non existence being couldn’t determine its own non existence. So he retracted and made his famous “cogito ego sum” which translated means “i think therefore i am.” So having proved his existence on the basis of his ability to doubt existence, he was confronted with the dilemma of acknowledging his body or denouncing it all together. The burger chose the latter, finding that since the mind doubted only it could possibly be real. The audacity on this guy to simply ignore the existence of what was around him on the basis that it might all be an illusion or a trick of his mind. Trying to expound to you dear reader of how he came to prove the existence of his body would take time and lots of philosophical mumbo jumbo. This brings me to Russel, the guy who claimed that nothing truly exists and everything that is is a projection of our imagination.To him all objects are ideas in the mind of people and any other reality is an illusion. Sick bugger that he is couldn’t explain why I had to buy the computer that i’m using rather than imagine it for it to exist. Why do i have to type this post because since it exists in my mind, it should just be on this blog because i already conceptualized it. But the mad dude did put a caveat on his logic in that some things exist independently of our thoughts since they are ideas in the mind of a higher being. In order not to look like a fool he delved into a complex discourse with the sole objective of proving the existence of that being. thereby making some tough ideological concoctions which thrown together are supposed to prove the existence of God. let me tell you my people, there is nothing as complex as philosophical doctrines that tend to logically show why there is a God. That journey is full of inconsistencies and several assumptions thrown in here and there. One of my favorite however is the dogma that seeks to show that another place must exist where good people are rewarded and bad people punished.Why you might ask. natural justice expects good people to thrive and bad people to suffer n an unending miasma of pain and misery. truth is contrary to this notion and more times than not, bad people succeed and good people suffer. Since our lives are finite and philosophers have a consensus on the immortality of the soul, then another dimension is necessary to right the inconsistencies of this world. Such a place exists independent of human power and beyond the realm of human capability. So? Another being with infinite capabilities must have created such a place and the only being that is capable of doing so must be the same being which created this dimension. This being must be the one which people across the globe strive to worship and whose authority is globally acknowledged as being that of God.