posts hanging on my wall

“A friend is someone we turn to

when our spirits need a lift,

A friend is someone we treasure

for our friendship is a gift,

A friend is someone who feels our lives

with beauty, Joy and grace

And makes the whole world we live in

a better place. ”

Second post:

“Strugling is the true meaning of life,

Victory and failure are in the hands of God,

So man must enjoy in struggling.”

Third post:

“Success is not judged by the money one’s made but by the kind of family one has raised.”

Fourth post:

“Sex hapana tumechill.

Ni poa kuchill.”

That last one I don’t know who put it there.


6 responses to “posts hanging on my wall

  1. This is pretty cool. You should tag people into showing you what scribblings are on or would wish to have on their bedroom walls 🙂

    I have none on my bedroom walls (just a bad ass poster of Optimus prime watching over me) but i can probably come up with memorable quotes I’d want as wall graffitti.

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