When to hold on and when to let go-part 2

last time i asked about the above question, cognizant of the fact that relationship matters are complex and subjective. Just like beauty is in the eyes of a beholder, how to respond to an ailing relationships depends on the people and circumstance of the commitment. Experience plays a major role too in influencing personal decisions on whether to hold on or not. People who have held on in the past and yet suffered the pain of subsequent break up will tell you that its not worth it to do so. The few who have held on and have had a taste of blissful future will urge you to fight on even though the present feels like walking on a mine field whereby the mines keep going off on a daily basis. For me, i don’t think its worth it to hold on when all pointers and instincts tell you that it won’t work. you might delude your self or bury your head in the sand like an ostrich but the disease will eat up all that remains and the result will be a painful death. Sometimes, I advocate for relationship euthanasia whereby a quick painless death is the first step towards resurrection.


8 responses to “When to hold on and when to let go-part 2

  1. Hmmmmm…i wonder, is there such a thing as a painless breakup? Either way, someone is going to get hurt by the breakup…unless of course, it reaches a point where both parties are at a point where they not in love with each other anymore…just thinking out loud….

  2. I don’t believe in living stoically through a relationship due to the fact that I believe we have only one life to live and so you better make the best use of it. Having said that, I also don’t believe in bolting out at the first sign of trouble or crisis. All relationships will experience some sort of conflict every now and then and let nobody say otherwise. Life is about finding the right balance

    • true, but when a relationship is lopsided and only one member is expected to facilitate dialogue in times of crisis, it raises a very important fundamental question,”does the other person really care.” If your answer is no, this answer being the result of several incidences, bolting becomes the logical choice.

  3. Today,s relationships have a common enemy-“Happy” we’re obsessed with wanting to be happy and the first sign of unhappiness we take off. Maturity comes when after the euphoria has died, we stay and work it out. If we thrill seek all our lives, we’ll die lonely and sad.

    Everyone has a part to play and if it means you always start the conversations, then so be it. I could go on

  4. There is crisis to wait out and sort out and there is crisis you should bolt from at the first sign. Its up to every individual to judge depending on the circumstances within their walls.

    A wrong relationship can alter your life so badly that you end up being someone else for three quarters of your life. If this is the case, bolt!

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