Another minor milestone

Life is full of many opportunities and challenges and sometimes we have to smile when we succeed in passing a milestone. last time, I was overjoyed to get a blog traffic of over 200 in a day. Today, I’m happy because I got listed as a commonwealth correspondence and can have a large platform to share my opinions on issues that affect our society. In fact I seem to be the only listed correspondent from Kenya and I’m sure there will be some to follow later. I’m not calling it an achievement just tan opportunity to do y bit in trying to make our world a better place. On the downside, there is no monetary gain that accompanies the enlistment, but there might be some benefits.

According to the commonwealth website, There are many benefits of becoming a Correspondent:

  • It can be hugely satisfying to know your articles are being read by other young people all around the world.
  • It’s also a way of making friends and learning new things.
  • Your articles may influence opinion across the Commonwealth and within governments (they will certainly be read by lots of senior people at the Commonwealth Secretariat).
  • It is a great thing to add to your resume/curriculum vitae – likely to impress future employers and university tutors.

I’m placing the links to two of my currently published articles. Kindly take some time to go through and if time allows, leave a comment there.

You should probably use internet explorer to open the links, Mozilla seems to fail in that front.


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