When to let go, n when to hold on- part 1

Love is a complex ideal and any attempt to delve in its discourse is filled with pitfalls and subjective innuendos that are neither verifiable nor validifiable (this one I conjured it up). To try and understand it is like the proverbial rich man trying to enter heaven and being slapped with the assertion that it would be easier for one of his fat camels to go through an eye of a needle than for him to succeed in that endeavor. Though he might try, the vanity of his worldly wealth would be too much for him to overcome and humility but a pit through which he pees and as such cant stoop as low as to eat from it. So no, this is not about the ideal of love but about the separation of those who are together; because of love or whatever forces that unite them.After all, the Greek gods deed declare in their infinite wisdom that the best way to punish a man is to give him what he wants.

All of us have been in relationships, okay most of us adults anyway who are not caught up in the vanity of pure promiscuity and playing/dogging is not a lifestyle. We have been through the joys of a fulfilling relationship and the frustration of a shaky shitty one. We have been in relationship for love or infatuation while in many other times, coercion and lust. In other times pity has driven us to the insanity of commitment and ended up tearing apart the souls of all concerned. We have laughed together, happy like intoxicated elephants feasting on that blessed alcoholic tree. yet pain has been part of the package and our lives sometimes reduced to worry and hurt in the hands of uncaring, unloving and unsympathetic spouses. But the most important question that i want to pose is, “When do you let go of a relationship that is not working and when do you choose to fight for what once was beautiful?”


2 responses to “When to let go, n when to hold on- part 1

  1. Damn my dear. Matters of the heart eternally leave me sadly puzzled…i wish i had a solid answer for you. I feel that when it reaches a point where it just hurts too much to be with that person… a point where you look at them and all you see is pain, i think it’s time to let go. Easier said than done though. *sadly shrugs*

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