strictly over 25

yesterday was Thursday, we all know that. I also want you to be forewarned that this post is not intellectual, and the contents here might be offensive to several people. if you are among these persons who are easily offended by absurdity, kindly refrain from venturing into the mine fields that is this post. But if you insist on going through the contents contained here, i apologize if the words cause discomfort and offense and call for more restraint on your part next time. For this is not my story but the story of an anonymous couple having their idea of fun at a favorite city joint under the full glare of a bored crowd.

The day started just like any other day, the only exception being the lack of morale to do some work and earn some cheddar. So me and my cousin decide to “piga roundi mtaani” and our first stop is another cousins home to say hi to the sweet niece. And since “mkono mtupu haulabwi” we pass by the fish joint and buy some tender cuts for the young one to nibble while the grown up engage in meaningless conversation about this and that. About four pm we made our way to the city and linked up with another pal, Mahawk. For those of you who might be inclined to think that this is an Indian Immigrant from the Indian tribes of the US, his name originates from the Mahawk hair style he prefers, against my continued protests. So we chilling at bettys, chatting about this and that; football and women mostly. Every time I go to Bettys i choose this table that has a clear sight of the entire club and a guy can feast on all the beautiful mamas strolling in the club displaying their very beautiful wares.

Other pals saunter in and now our table is fully packed, the only peculiarity of the table being lack of any femininity both in gender or characteristic. A boys night out if you like, a peculiar thing since I’m not used to the ideal of being in a club with a bunch of dudes and no female company to temper the concentration of testosterone. But it was one of those days when ideas are being thrown around bout this and that, from business to politics to the dynamics of today’s relationship. Just when we were bout to leave the club, our shallow pockets crying bloody murder, shooing us out to the loneliness of our bachelor pads, this student leader from main comes over. Apparently he knows one of my pals and din’t that guy have some mad chooms to burn on dem alcoholic drinks. So before long the table is full of drinks, and we are like 8 guys so you can imagine four rounds must near the 5k bracket. And just like that, when we thought the better part of the night was the Churchill show, betty’s turned into Lidos.

My eyes were riveted on a lady on the lower section of the club, a sight worthy of any man’s attention. let me give you a brief idea about this sight from a dream, in a club full of beautiful women, she still stood out from the rest of the flock. Im not sure beautiful is the right word to use here, for what she evoked was not admiration. She was sexy, gorgeous and every other word that makes a man’s lust glands go into over drive. She was hot, so much that the club felt like a furnace and men fidgeted in their seats wondering what raised the temperatures that high. She oozed of sexuality, the aura so intoxicating you could feel the unease as the helpless males tried to trace the object of their discomfort. Dressed completely in white, from her clothes to the shoes; she gave a deceptive image of angelic innocence. Her white miniskirt hugging her ample hips and her well formed behind like the embrace of a lover reunited after long periods of sexual deprivation. And men, din’t the men in that club ogle at that booty, and the tv and music could have been switched off and no one would have noticed.

But there is so much guys can stare and our interest waned, and back to our conversations we all went. But not for long. A few black ices afterwords, our lady decided that it was time to get down and boogie. And Wololo when she “tingishad” and “tetemeshad” the whole club went mum. I could feel all the men, like moths drawn to the light, shift all their attention to watch the movement of that eternal motion of pure bliss. i have seen women shake their asses before, in parties and clubs; sometimes in my dreams too. But I don’t think I’v ever seen, at least in the near past,an ass shaken so well. i could think of several theme songs that could better accompany that scene, shake it like a salt shaker, you wish ur galfriend was hot like me, kelis milk shake and im sure you guys can think of better songs; anyway i digress.

When she moved it was like watching a beautiful butterfly take flight and watch its perfectly colored wings flap through the air. When she moved it up and down, it was like in that simple act, she managed the miracle of stopping time. And when she got down, well, the lust thermometer shoot up the roof and men would have laid all their assets to take her home; except me that is. And when her boy decided to put his hands all over that ass, I could feel the murderous intent of men suddenly bound by a savage hand of jealousy and envy. We wanted to satisfy our male fantasies without the hindrance of some potbellied guy hindering our sights and interfering with the sexual gyrations of this sex siren.

Then the alcohol really took over and the sports club turned into a strip club. One stockinged leg went over the shoulders of the guy and that ass went round and round, up and down before the face of the guy. And that lady can shake it, so picture that sight of the lady, her hands clutching the sit before her, her ass facing the seated guy, one leg thrown over his shoulder and shes moving as if her whole life depended on it. The effect, the whole club cheered. Yesterday was the only time in my life i ever saw one couple, stop the ordinary goings of a packed club, rush from their seats to witness the sexual gyrations of an intoxicated couple. So the whole club is cheering them on, so like a great performer enjoying her 1 minute of fame, she gives us the best performance of her life. before long the mini starts riding up her thighs, until her white panty is visible to all who cares to watch; and at this juncture it was everyone. “jesus” i could hear the astonished remarks of a hapless gentleman after realizing that the lady had no intention of stopping to adjust the skirt, and didn’t us guys relish the sight of that ample behind clad in the white panty draped over the stockings moving to the beats. The older guys quickly fled from the scene, perhaps wondering whether their beloved daughters engaged in similar escapades without their knowledge.

It took the intervention of the dj to end this sweet fiasco, for the bouncers were content to stand back and wallow in the pit of gleeful lust evoked by the unfolding scenario. So we all go back to the calm and boredom of ordinary conversations, momentarily annoyed by the attack on our entertainers for the night. But that act seems to have raised the horniness levels of our two actors and what ensued was a scene from a teen movie, the kind that have strict adult only ratings. It started with the mad kissing, with the lady sitting on the lap of the guy with her legs firmly intertwined behind the guys back. After a while our lady become the yellow pages, for the guys fingers started walking all over her. When i say the guy explored her, I’m not exaggerating. From her neck down went the hands to rest momentarily on her perfectly shaped bosom, taking each in his hands as if to examine the quality of those organs of pleasure. Shock on us when the lady pulled down the top part of the dress, tugged her bra to let loose those breasts. i could remember the breaths of several spectators catch, and the eyes pop out s if pushed from within. Firm breasts the color of milk, or was it, i was too busy staring to notice the color. i did notice the big nipples, i wonder if that’s their size or she was just…….

First the guy stroked them, them firmly squeezing them with relish. before my yes could brink, for fear that they would be quickly returned to the safety of their keep, the dudes mouth was all over those nipples; what he was doing to them, ill leave at the convenience of your own imagination. Aware that every one was staring, at this juncture no one was even pretending to be doing anything else and those without a view had walked over to the ledge to watch, they stopped their pursuits. Five minutes dint pass and the lady went back to dancing, this time doing some complex dance moves whilst she raised her skirt up to the point where her panty was visible. I’m willing to bet any man that no stripper can do what she was doing, expert dancing while teasing the hormones of the men around, showing enough to cause our imaginations to over heat as they raced there and there, mostly all over her.

I think I better end this story here, for i could go on and on about the scene that i had the pleasure to behold. i have to let you know that when she tired of the gyration, and she sat down next to her man, the drama dint stop, and neither did it disappoint. His hands were clearly visible as the ventured inside her skirt, with her aiding our view by pulling up her skirt to the waist level. We could see his hands massage that soft flesh between her thighs, and watch her close her eyes and make what we imagined to be soft moans of pleasure, moans sadly drowned by the loud music of the club. And then, in a flash, but not too first that the club din’t capture the moment, the guy went down on her. Yes, before the glare of the lights, under the gave of a hundred yes, his lips sought the honey pot and for a few seconds, did his thing. I thought I was beyond shock at this moment but that right there, it shocked me. never in my imagination did i expect to ever see a man, go down on a lady, with hundreds of guys watching his every move. And the little twat enjoyed it, it was so clearly visible by the movements of her body and the expression of her lips. After the guy came back for air, the lady decide enough is enough and down shot her hand, and for the next minutes, proceeded to stimulate herself until (and this is my just opinion) she came.


12 responses to “strictly over 25

  1. aih,bana…thats just crass!..kama sio strip club pelekeni imagine if there was a lady at your table whom you had taken out for a polite drink (you,having chosen venue)..alafu she has to return your eyeballs in their sockets for you…tabia mbaya hio!!

    • yella, acha hizo that has never happened before how was i to predict that was going to happen. and since it did, should i have walked out and went to another venue, hmmm. they found me there so they weren’t going to chase me out.

      • lol…naona uko kaodo defensive…relax modo…my comments do not go to you…but are my opinion as to the exhibiting couple..hehehe…una bahati you got a freebie show since you were jus hangin loose with yo boys??…je kama
        mlikuwa na easy going uncle/boss/your dames?? umempeleka club ati your throwin’ a loose rao…e he?..strip club ni strip club..hanye club ni hanye club.joto zikipanda mkiwa hanye,watu wavuke B&

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