The lost mzungu and other short stories- The tale of catherine

pg 4

“Don’t cry, little one,” I whispered to my first born.

“But its so unfair,” quipped the little boy, trying hard to suppress the sobs which threatened to wreck his delicate frame.

“The  world is never fair, but the year will go by first.”

The boy had paused to consider those words, and his cry subsided; having chose to trust my comforting words. As I watched him jump up and down, happy that though he was denied admission due to size and tenderness of age, he had beaten them all in the admission exam. He was always a brilliant child, eager to learn, curious than the proverbial cat.

As my first born, i couldn’t have asked for a better child. he was the anchor through which my pride took root, and the role model his other siblings will need to spur them on in the journey to adult hood. i showered him with love, watched him as he took his first step into a world full of hardships and bitterness. And from the onset it was apparent that he was a lazy child, but only selectively and I had no fear that he would not make it in life.

He grew up way too first, or perhaps it was I who was too preoccupied with bringing up his 3 siblings. Before i knew it he was done with elementary schooling, past primary and in high school. i was immensely proud when he passed primary school with flying colors and got admittance in a high ranking provincial school. i was even happier when he later got admitted into one of the leading universities and i knew that i had succeeded in molding my son, and hopefully ensured a successful future for him.

I had tried to impress on him that life is complex, and people are not always so good. i have failed on that aspect, for my son is too trusting, believing that all people have good in them. he once quoted some words by Abraham Lincoln,” That the only way to make men trustable is to trust them.” He has always been so ambitious, bent on finding ways to make this world a better place. I can only hope that my passing would not break his spirit, for he has endured too much pain and sorrow. And as a mother, i know that even the strongest people sometimes break under the weight of immense sorrow.



7 responses to “The lost mzungu and other short stories- The tale of catherine

  1. Thats too short to have a grimpse maybe another page or two n the suspense will b soo thick u can slice it with a knife

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