Today i feel that the blog boy, Peter Evans, is becoming a man. I can hear the circumcision drums booming in the horizon, and the warriors are sharpening their spears and preparing to herald this youth into their literal battalions. Why is this auspicious ceremony, and what leads this great warriors into celebration. Well today my blog traffic has hit over 200 mark, and that as weighed against my average traffic is monumental. The last highest figure stood at 72, and i hope that this milestone will act as a booster to my morale to keep churning out more inspired pieces that will keep you glued to the computer. And though I lament the health implications this might hold for you dear reader, I feel elated knowing that someone out there is appreciating the humble effort that I exercise in a bid to combat boredom when idleness becomes the norm in those offices.  In addition today i got a recognition by my writing mentor and one of the most brilliant writer this country have been given the privilege to call citizen. And this recognition, meted out in flowery language and bestowed with kingly honor, means a lot that the benefactor will ever know. And so I have to say thank you, dear reader, for every thing you have done and that which you’ll keep doing. And I promise you, that the journey towards literal prominence has just began. And though I lead this infantry into literal battle, its you readers who’ll claim victory once we’ve slaughtered the dragon of ignorance and restored the beacon of hope at the throne of bloggosphere.


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