The Kaleidoscope man

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“Elizabeth, hand me my briefcase,” Joseph shouts lightly at the butler.

“Here you go sir,” the butler, looking regal and ironic, hands the leather case to his master.

This morning, Joseph was dresses conservatively in a Hugo Boss suit, the kind usually tailored to the like of rich conservative men. The suit was navy blue, worn with a stripped shirt and no tie. The suit was completed with some black moccasins, and a gold Rolex on his sizable arms. The picture this man gave was that of a rich conservative aristocrat, comfortable to remain in the anonymity of quiet wealth. And to call him wealthy would be the understatement of the year, for the man possessed riches beyond the imagination of many men. His property, both commercial and residential could fill up a small novel, from the shops of Capetown to the luxury of Paris. From the chateaus of Bordeaux to the palaces of old England, his real estate empire was vast and expansive. His ships pried the seven seas transporting goods from one end of the world to the other, numerous as the creatures that swam under them. His planes, some of them private, flew proudly under all skies proclaiming to the world the rich heritage of this noble family. And his investments, made secretly under the guise of several shell companies could easily dwarf those of several members of the Forbes top 100, combined.

“When Jason comes back, tell him i left for him the cheque he needed.” And with that the master steps out, adopting the languid steps he always preffered as he goes to pursue various important tasks.

“How I wish that he could just take the cheque and never come back here,” lamented the bachelor slowly as he remembers the events of the previous night.

The sound of the young ladies as Jason pounded them in the pool room, uncaring of whether his escapades caused discomfort to the other occupants. He chuckles quietly to himself in his ingenious use of pound, for that was the right word for the angry love making that Jason preferred. Sometimes, he can’t help but wonder whether the screams were the product of pain or pleasure; knowing fully well the physical power of this controversial man. But everything about the occupants of this house are controversial, and just like them, he had made peace with that fact. And why wouldn’t he, when the salary he draws makes some senior executives in the master’s companies look like pea nuts. The master and his brothers could go about their businesses, he would aid them, and let those affairs remain within the confines of this grand mansion.

Outside, on the marble steps of the grand house, Joseph waits patiently for the driver to bring the rolls from the under ground parking. Being a Wednesday he prefers to ride in the elegant white rolls, disliking the Mercedes which would be lost among the sea of similar cars as he plays chess with his friends at a popular hotel. He could take the limo, but he has never liked the immense length of the car, preferring the detailed beauty of the smaller vehicles. But he could afford the choice of any car currently sitting idle in the vast garage, but he frowned heavily on some of the many cars taking space of his beloved garage. He sneers at the jaguars and Maybachs, wondering what his brother Jason sees in such small cars. He worries that the speed would be the end of his erratic brother, and the sight of them never ceases to arouse this impending doom. He makes a mental note to talk to him about it, something he never seems to get the opportunity to do. But what mollifies him is the cheap unassuming vehicles preferred by his other bother Walter. In his bedroom, he has a gold and diamond watch more costly than the most expensive car driven bv Walter. Not that Walter had many cars, he always felt that two vehicles were more than any man deserves. His brother always felt that humility was a prerequisite for any man of God, and usually went several days without food to pray for those without.

The driver opens the door for him, and makes way to the drivers seat after making sure the master was comfortable.

“To the bookshop George, I need to pick another thriller.”

“Right away sir,” Replies George as he eases the vehicle down the long drive way.

“Hows the children”

“Fine sir, the youngest is feeling well now”

“That’s good,” Joseph replies absentmindedly as his  mind wonders about the children he never had.

At 40, he had resigned himself to the fact that children were not for him, and has dedicated his life to knowledge and taking care of his brothers. Sometimes the fact that all three of them chose a life of bachelorhood bothers him, but dismisses the thought with carefully chosen theories and attitudes. Every one deserves to chose the kind of life they live, and it was not his business to query the coincidence that is their enjoined life. A river must follow its own course, as it makes its way to the ocean of life; without hindrance or distraction.

“I heard your brother Jason mention something about heading to Europe for a month.”

“So he called you to fetch him from ehhh?”

“Some big club, I don’t remember the name”

“How was he?”

“Very drunk, with two ladies in his arms. But if I might say tso, boss, he looked very happy.”

“Happy, I think every one would look happy with so much alcohol in his body and the prospect of laying two beautiful women looming in the near future,” replied Joseph as he wondered, silently when was the last time he felt the warm body of a woman in his bed.

“Perhaps you are right sir,” replied the driver honestly, having learnt long a go that there was no likelihood of being fired from this job. He knew too much, and this knowledge forever a security of tenure, and a basis for which his adequate remuneration was anchored.


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