The Lost mzungu and other short stories- The kaleidoscope man

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There sat a beautiful house on top a small hill in one of the best estates in the city. The house was built at the end of the street, on a 10 acre piece of land. This was an estate where grandeur thrust itself before your eyes and forced you to pause and admire the panorama.  This was a place that reeked of money, and no expense had been spared to make the mansion kingly. The house had 15 bedrooms, 3 master bedrooms and 12 guest ones. The furniture in this particular house were diverse, imported from different ends of the globe. The reason for three master bedrooms was simple, and the diversity found within this house bore testament to this. In this manor, christened kaleidoscope house, lived three men. Three men so different their characters bore no resemblance whosoever. And it was never difficult to notice the clash of characters, so evident in everything that was in this beautiful house.

Take for instance the beautiful paintings that hung elegantly on the wall of the dining room. It was drawn beautifully to give grace to the Lord Jesus Christ, the tears of pain so pronounced it was easy to feel communion with him. Beside him hang different paintings of religious value, a testament perhaps of the righteousness of the habitats of this abode. One would be forgiven to mistake the owner as either a bishop or perhaps a deacon, someone of weighty religious rank.

A deeper reflection would confuse one of the guest, since on the way to the dining room sat a very controversial house bar. A quick peep inside reveals a room fully stocked with every imaginable liquor, some of which would not feature in the mind of a religious man. The walls of this room, clearly one of iniquity, are filled with blasphemous pictures of female stars like Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and Niki Minaj. What made them disturbing is not the people they portrayed, but the fact that the aforementioned ladies were virtually naked. This sight, and the size of the pictures was enough to castigate a heart attack if viewed by the eyes of a devoted religious man. On the middle of the room sat a beautiful pool table, the purpose of which would have struck terror in the heart of those whose duty is to follow a path of divinity and the seeking of truth. Yes, this was not a table that found regular use as to the enjoyment of a game of pool; its use was far more exotic. Next to the bar sat a massive sound system, clearly a stereo meant to be used for only one purpose; hosting wild and orgy like parties.

But the most impressive room of all, one whose power to instill awe was unmistakable was the massive library. A library crafted with passion and care, every shelf the work of a master craftsman. And every shelf in the expansive library filled with books as diverse as the insects of Burma. On one wall hang a large plague with the inscriptions “We question not the religious faith of men, but rather the truth of the doctrine from which their faith  originates.” From history to philosophy, business to literature; this library had it all. With those single words, so clear as day, the owner had intellectually challenged the validity of any faith in God. And the mystery that is the kaleidoscope house deepens, and the mansion grins at the perplexion of those who dare to wonder at this puzzle. The three men are unconcerned, they had made peace with themselves and the confusion of the neighbors bothered them not a dime.


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