My new favorite joints

I’m not an alcoholic, neither do i purport to love alcohol. I simply partake of the brew when a chance occurs, and I tend to do my very best to regulate the amount I indulge in. Over the years my drinking habits have changed, mostly due to the fluctuation in my purchasing power. In the good old days, the high school days, merry cane was the shit and was taken from those sachets going for a meager 10 or 20 bob.  Hollywood was the club complemented by a few visits to nyanza club, where the dj used to play some sizzling reggae. Needless to say, this was in the dead of nyt on Saturdays when we sneaked out of school cl;ad in matching trousers.

I have to warn you my dear reader that you will not find any display of brilliant wit in this post, i write simply because i feel obliged to make a post; today being a Monday. The last two years, my two drinking joints were Roast house and club bettys, not necessarily in that order. My coffee and lunch club has been, and will continue to be club geez at latema road. I have made several friendships at geez, some which have endured the test of time while most have disintegrated like bread crumbs in the hold of hungry jaws. during the day you are likely to find me chilling at the village market food court, a tusker keg complemented by some dorman coffee.  But of late, i have acquired a strong taste of club scratch in Moi avenue near galitos and the Galileo Lounge. I like the classy appeal of the lounge, and the great music on Friday by the MOB deejays.  Scratch is a bit small and lacking a dance floor, but i like the crowd there and the deejay doesn’t disappoint either. So my Fridays are likely to be spent in either these two clubs, and sometimes in both depending with the hour of the night.


8 responses to “My new favorite joints

  1. merry canes…..remember Amario sachets??will def. try out this Scratch place kesho…please let it worth all this hype. 🙂

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