Flirting good for relationships (written some 3 months back)

A relationship is a complex institution, driven by complicated factors that either aid its development or facilitate its demise. There are those who base commitment on love, driven to believe that emotional attraction is enough to hold them together. Others are more superficial, taking pleasure in the beauty possessed by their counterparts. Others are more physical, held together by a glue born of animalistic desire, pursuing a common goal in the achievement of physical pleasure. yet sometimes the distinction is too obscure to notice, and a combination of these factors are vital for success. Nonetheless, the world of the couples is not always rosy and there are factors that bring quarrels and breakage of this tender bonds. One of the classical cause of spausal trouble is infidelity, cheating in lay man terms. Others include neglect, its causes diverse and almost unavoidable. Even more so, ordinary lying is a major culprit. And love, that eternal word plays a major role in keeping two souls together, for after attraction wears off, it might be the only bond in an empty world. Boredom is a common cause of straying, in fact an essential player in the pool of factors contributing to breakage. Nonetheless, anger is usually a result of jealousy, and couples should learn to reign in on it if they are to keep their relationship intact. My point in all this is the fact that i believe flirting, when kept moderate is a healthy factor in keeping the fire, emotional and physical burning in a relationship. So what motivated my need to write this article? watching couples grapple with the jealousy of watching their counterparts engrossed in steamy close contact dancing with other people in the club. A friend of mine once asked me whether it was appropriate for my date to dance, in such provocative manner with other men. i wondered the same too, but saw it fit to restrain my action until I had adequate time to reflect. Several questions came to mind. first, her actions elicited in me jealousy, something i take to mean that i cared for her. In this regard, such acts of blatant flirtation acted as an avenue to further arouse my emotions and remind me that i still care. 2. i was dancing the same with several beautiful ladies, i enjoyed it realy, and hence saw no need to deny her acts that i myself was involved in. In this regard, my flirtation enabled me to allow her the same, pushing me to show consideration and hence act in an unconditional manner. 3. sitting next to this ladies had caused her to become possessive, leading her to act in an intimate way, something that might not have occurred otherwise. Therefore, my flirtation causes her to become intimate and hence enable our union to become emotionally and physically close. Her flirtation also causes you as her man to keep her close as a way of reducing it, again working to foster closeness. In addition, these acts might remind her you care since many people over time fail to act in a way that shows her that. 4. Moreover, the thrill of being so sexually close to other people as you move together with the beautiful rhythm causes arousal in both parties, and since this desire cannot be released with the flirting partners, it can only be redirected on each other later. therefore, flirting in this case improves sexual relations and inturn improve the over all relationship. 5. furthermore, the people, ladies questioning the rightness of such acts in the presence of one’s spouce, are doing the very same, flirting and dirty dancing with other men. Since these are women with their men elsewhere, it simply means that their involvement in such acts cannot be right if they condemn it in others. But since they dnt see a problem in their own behavior, it means there really is no problem at a all and people should give their partners some space to flirt and interact with others. However, they should not go overboard and act in behavior that can be seen as crossing the line and cheating on their partners. In conclusion, i Belive that though letting your partner flirt with others causes jealousy and insecurity, it is in your best and long term interest to let it happen. Working to prevent it might lead to ultimate loss, being dumped.


2 responses to “Flirting good for relationships (written some 3 months back)

  1. I’m a big believer in communication; the verbal kind & the behavioral…each individual is wired differently. For some it will be a thrill, for others they won’t be so comfortable with the head games so much so, they will end up not taking you seriously & move on to someone else. The tricky bit is, some won’t even tell you they are not comfy with it till too late…

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