Writers block

I came upon this word while perusing several blogs, which is how i keep myself entertained in this age of tv dullness. And yes, i am currently facing such a catastrophe, a block that leaves a tight grip upon my creativity. But in order to keep my readers entertained and informed, i have striven to find other materials by other writers which might be of interest to you.  So bear with me, as i try hard to combat this crisis and let the juices of creativity flow again. So this is an appeal to other writers, bubbly, yella, biko, tomasi, nyambura, what do you do when the block lays siege to your mind. What hot line does one call in order to seek help, for it is a sad day when a writer looses his mojo, his drive to be what the lord made him to be. But sooner that later, we will victor upon this forces of evil, and emerge as victorious in the name of literal enlightenment. And even better, sweeter will be our victory; for obstacles can only sharpen our resolve to become the best. I have made my cry for help, who will answer? And time is of the essence here, so if you are a literal night, armed with the tools of mind unlocking, hurry, before its too late.


13 responses to “Writers block

  1. Firstly thanks for making the point that we are living in the age of TV dullness. Writer’s block is a condition a little bit like insomnia; the harder you try to correct it the more difficult it gets. Thinking too much about it doesn’t help. I have to agree with Cesky – don’t force it because everything will come to pass.

    Inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places – change your routine go to work a different way – use a different mode of transport. Before you know it you will be kicking out fantastic posts without blinking. For now be thankfull that you are not using the old-fashioned type-writer and wasting tons of A4 paper 🙂 Saty well…

    • …maybe you can try reading books by guys like Khaled Housseini, Paulo Coelho & Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Their genre may be fiction, but you’ll find out that their profound stories are woven by someone with a deeply reflective mind’s eye…

      And maybe, chill out with your friends, and friends of your friends & work mates…you can observe lots of curious human nature stuff bubbling beneath the surface…

      Just a thought.

      • the block is receding the problem is that my mind is weighed down by several ideas im considering to improve my financial future, a man cant eat words u know

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