The Fallacy of Orgasms

The fallacy of the Orgasm

An orgasm, in my humble opinion, is an addiction, a bodily drug that we crave to satisfy our insatiable, incurable addiction. And the fallacy of this craving is that we deem it the ultimate high, for which all other pleasurable acts must strain to reach. I call it a fallacy because I beg to disagree with this common belief, recognizing that to assign such importance to an end is a blatant disrespect for the means, and the participants of this sacred activity. I have read, again and again, magazines and newspaper articles proclaiming the means to find this elusive of highs, at least to the female sex. And yet, to equate ejaculation (referring to the man here) with orgasm is stretching fallacies too far, in fact; a total display of ignorance in my humble opinion.

There are those who truly experience an orgasm, while others fake it to please those they love. Again, I enter into fallacious assertations, for love does not always play a part in faking orgasms, there are those who do it for money. And mind you I’m not talking about prostitutes only; for we all know that it is not only them who engage in coitus for the sake of money. There are those yummy young yielding small girls who date the elderly, I don’t think for love, and hence the only motivation can only be fiscal and material. And hence taking into consideration the huge ego in the bosom of these frail but moneyed monkeys, these tender tenacious girls have to stroke their inflated egos by shouting their brains off in mockery of true orgasms. Since when do these sad old men with shrunken balls, all pun intended, get the energy and size to send a young nubile vivacious woman into hysterical moans and groans, pushing her beyond the boundary of reason and make her call out with glee manifested in shrill feminine screams.

But I digressed from the motivation causing me to write this article, the sheer assertion that an orgasm is not that important; and a person who accepts that to be the truth finds an enlightenment that causes one to gasp in brief wonder. And if ejaculation can constitute orgasm, wouldn’t masturbation be an easier and less tiresome avenue. And this in, my opinion applies to women to, for isn’t orgasm just a stimulation of a certain sensitive part of the female anatomy. And so if orgasm is just the reason we pursue sex, wouldn’t it be easier to avoid it all together and seek self satisfaction instead, avoiding the prolonged courting, possible disappointment while performance is inadequate, and the emotional attachment that arise leading to eventual pain.

To cut a long story short, I believe sex is enjoyable when a person learns to enjoy the process of making love, avoiding orgasm as the devil worshipper avoids the holy book. By denying yourself a feeling that lasts a few seconds, you train your body to enjoy lasting pleasure that can be partaken even for hours. See the logic, for it is sometimes prudent to enjoy the main meal more as opposed to the small glass of ice cream. For if you had to choose between the first two course or just the glass of ice cream, what would you choose? For if you can stop for a minute, block out the end to which you so crave, perhaps you’d learn to enjoy the immense pleasure that every second of love making produces, and the more you keep at it- the more the endorphins the body will produce. The final result, euphoria the like of which a sheer orgasm, couple by a few minutes of ignored pleasure can ever give you.

So next time you find yourself in bed, or even kitchen table, with that special one; put aside your conformity to orgasmic traditions and dare to try a new approach. It will not be easy, and no one says it should be, all I do say is that it should be worth it. And only when you can learn to deny your self what you crave most, only then can you truly be able to achieve it, should you award your self that chance. For even the bible says “Those who try to save their life will loose it, and those who loose it for a higher case, will keep it.


11 responses to “The Fallacy of Orgasms

  1. At first I wasn’t sure where you were going but I think what you’re saying is that the orgasm is not the most important part of sex. In addition, I believe the kind of sex you’re talking about is (or close to) Tantric Sex. Look it up. I think it’s an interesting concept and could be part of a couple’s “heating things up” playbook.

    My personal belief is that all sex shouldn’t/can’t be “love making”. A quickie, a nooner, a whatever on the kitchen sink or swinging from the chandeliers can be just as satisfying as the long, drawn out process of “making love”. I do think sex is better with a special someone as opposed to just anyone.

  2. miamor, i think its spam too hehe i dnt know anyone with herpes. and yeah i read like 20 articles on tantric sex, very interesting ones i even found one which i wanted to share here tantric sex is a bit complicated though, wah with its multi dimensional considerations and its ambition to use sexual energy as a way for heightenedawareness.

  3. I’ve never really delved into tantric sex knowledge but your blog inspired it. You should write about it, or maybe I should? I mean 2011 is about saying YES right? Who cares if I’m saying YES to writing and not to sex? lol

    Not to be a killjoy but you prolly *do* know someone with herpes. It’s an STD but it’s not a big deal so doctors don’t really talk about it, although they prolly should. Lemme send you back to google for that info 🙂 So much research, huh? Well, lemme go and research tantric sex 🙂 Talk later!

  4. Hehehe….considering the topic, the play on words doesn’t elude me 😉 Yes, let’s do it together. It’d actually be an interesting topic to write about from both a male and female perspective, although I need to get some research done. I’ll keep you posted.

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