New Posting schedule

Its roughly one year since i started indulging in the luxury that is unhindered, unsupervised literal freedom. I could have given up along the way, but its great people whose encouragement have kept me going. And while I’ve been battered by the blizzard of mind block, and mighty floods of de-motivation, i have kept my eyes focused on the rainbow of friend’s support and i have literary swam on. Nothing good comes easy and although my statistics show that i have a long way to go to catch up with blog kings and queens like BikoZulu, Kbaab, Yella, Nyamb; I am on my way to the throne. And I’m giving you notice, your majesties, that this coup will be filled with violence, and no one will be spared in this literal battleground.

I have decided to start a new blog, a political blog for that matter. That does not mean I will abandon her (this blog), for the first wife still holds the largest significant in this soon to be, polygamous blog family. I’ve always felt that i am quite knowledgeable in matters of politics and governance, and I want to test this notion by delving into analysis of various political situations. Moreover, it is my intention to use this forum to generate new ideas which might one day help to shape the future of our young and struggling democracy. For those who are like me, and find a certain fascination to political and social opinion; watch this space and i hope that your participation will make it a vibrant forum.This blog will be named politusgenius, politus being a Greek word for politics and only an imbecile would require the definition for genius.

This new development have necessitated a change in the order of things, and hence the need to fix days for posting of different articles. From this week, posts in this blog (pitzevans) will be done every Monday and Friday morning while posts for (politusgenius) will be done every Wednesday morning. I hope that i will still get your support in my new endeavor and that your opinions will help shape mine so that together, we can create something viable, useful and indeed beautiful.



10 responses to “New Posting schedule

  1. Hey! I’m proud of you for keeping it together for a year and now you’re adding another blog. Yay you…that should count as one of your 2011 YESes πŸ™‚

    I must confess that I’ve started tuning out of politics and that’s partly because I’m not good at analyzing anything political. All the more reason I’m looking forward to your blog. I’m not sure how to add you to my blogroll but once I figure it out, I’ll add you.

    “See” you around!

  2. hehehe…did i jus get a crown??…wooohoo!!! :-)…ofcourse we’r gonna keep reading…taking on politics??…hmmm,you are a brave one…looking forward to see how you tear it down πŸ˜‰

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