There are things, or activities that not only appeal to us, but they also draw us in and we find ourselves participating not out of obligation but as a way of unwinding or seeking happiness. I call them fetish, I could be wrong, but this is my blog and will damn call them what I want. Of course the reason that motivates us to chose these fetishes are diverse and totally unique to an individual’s attitude and lifestyle. I know most of you must wonder why I chose to do this blog at this juncture, a Friday afternoon which usually finds me sitting at a bar taking some very cold Holland beer. Well, some of us are still broke and salaries have not got their way to the bank yet and the weekend is promising a very boring time indeed.

1. I love salsa, and have always aspired to become a master in the discipline. It always looked so easy when watching skilled guys do it, and i always imagined hat a month is all I’d need to master the sleek moves. I want to tell you, my fellow dreamers, that it’s far from easy. I started my classes at heartz club like a year ago and after three months of trying, I wasn’t halfway near perfection, and the moves were complicated and really tiresome. But I always loved the dance session afterward, sitting down and watching the pros glide across the floor, exotically and looking sizzling hot. Salsa is a sexy dance, and some of its genres (Kizomba for instance) are really romantic, and it breaks my heart that i don’t have the guts to step into the dance floor. So next Sunday I’m going back to class and i have every intention of mastering all the genres, and enjoy myself in the dance sessions without fear.

2. Martial arts: self defense is a good skill to possess, for you never know the hour that trouble might strike. I think this is a fetish I might share with yella (www.yellasoul.wordpress.com), her dream about fighting Ninjas really jazzed me up, especially the fact that she always loose. No worry my dear, I’ve been studying martial arts for so long and I still can’t master the courage to fight a drunk, hehe. I joined the first martial arts class in my first year in Campus, karate shorinryu, which I studied for around 7 months. The reason i quit is because the sensei, reached a point of stagnation and was not showing us any other moves, and the ones we knew were becoming monotonous. In 3rd year I joined kempo Shorinji and judo, and having to train in both classes was demanding and painful most of the times. Kempo is cool, adapted from the shaolin temple; it has most of those moves you see in kungfu movies. The fists are dangerous and powerful, the kicks meant to cause serious injury. The arrests, well just hope you never have to experience one of them because they’ll make you weep like a small boy. Judo on the other hand was fun, o violence just a lot of throws and holds. The fun thing is you learn how to take down anyone one who “pigas you ghetta” and size is no matter, you can take anyone easily. Last year I decided to learn basic skills in taekwando and the classes were fun, but that back spin kick stills hurts my thighs. i did a week or two learning kungfu but the style is extreme and my body rebelled, but i did learn some cool defense moves and methods to distract an opponent and beta the shit out of him. This year I’ll be taking aikido classes at the Japan embassy, I hear it’s a cool art where you learn to use a person’s strength against them.

3. Writing is my passion, I just love it. It’s therapeutic even, a way to siphon off stress and gain rejuvenation. I write for several reasons, but my favorite is doing it just for the sake of it. i write for a living and though its informative, it can be quit stressing. I admire people who work in the newspaper industry since they get paid to be professional; academic writing ion the other hand requires immense research and academic intellect. I’m also working on a book or two and i have realized that writing books is no easy feat, especially when you have to do it in the sideline of other daily endeavors. Blogging is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and putting words to a post feels like the ultimate freedom. Someday I hope, I will not only be a famous author but be a bloggosphere celebrity.

While this are not my only fetish, they top the list and hence my devoting a whole post to them. Other things that I love to do include reading novels. I read all the time, even in the middle of the night when Insomnia strikes and abducts my sleep. i love watching people have fun at a club, i can sit down at the counter and watch revelers. The happiness i see in them while they grind and move and be naughty reminds me that happiness is real, and that sadness is temporal and fleeting. I love theater, both the house for plays and movies. 3D is so cool and i don’t mind chucking some reds now and then to catch all the nice 3D movies. Step 3 and Last air bender were awesome. Plays are so original and they wow me, and there is one tomorrow and i hope I’ll make it there. So dear reader, do not be afraid to indulge in your fetish.




4 responses to “Fetish

  1. i love this article buddy. you know #1 does it for me… i wanna dance with you this coming Sunday so i hope as you said you will enjoy yourself in the dance sessions without fear like i do=;} have a fab day!!

  2. Pitzevans, say YES to salsa. Dancing (and most arts) are like a foreign language; you only get better with practice and not in your head but outside of you. So what if you make a mistake? Go for it! I went for a salsa evening and it was good but I was super self-conscious.

    I’ve never watched a 3D movie. Can you believe that? I’m looking forward to changing that in 2011. Wish me luck!

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