Being a rockstar

There are few things in this life that captures my fancy the way rock music do. Right now, I’m sitting in this uncomfortable seat before my old machine trying my best to make this story rock, pun intended (see the way other bloggers are making me a copy cat, my apologies bikozulu). I listen to rock while I switch off my light at night and prepare to take that solitary walk into dreamland, more like a crawl really with all this insomnia hanging around. It’s no wonder maybe that I always have dreadful nightmares, and I always wake up feeling like There’s a big monster in the room.

I loved rock back then in High school, when apart from rock the only tape we had was for dmx, the one with kato. For those who are too ignorant or simply disinterested, kato was dmx’s dog and the dude sings a whole song for his beast; damn, that’s gangsta love right there. Rock always fascinates me, not due to its weirdness and sometimes devilish tendencies, but the sheer talent that most rocksters possess.

I have to be forgiven at this juncture for the fact that I don’t really know most of the bands names, but I can’t be blamed for it really. Most bands have the weirdest of names, and remembering such twisted creativity can damage my tender brain. Puddle of mud (seriously?), Gorrilaz (talented fellows with their song sunshine) 6 pence (Must be poor) but atleast you see my point. But my favorite band is three doors down and their song super man, the best rock song ever. The lyrics are to die for ..” I took a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind, I left my body lying somewhere in the sands of time…” Then they go on to blow my mind with the chorus, “if I go crazy will you still call me superman,………” Then another part, genius at its best “You took for granted how many times I never let you down…I lift you up and put you on solid ground.” Pure inspiration, packed in one can of talent, energy and madness.

When my moods are down, either due to general life hardships or love gone soar, what better than the sound of soft rock to lift me up and put me on solid ground. What better message that to leave my body lying somewhere, preferably my bed, and take a walk around the world. And if all fails, take Coldplay’s advice and viva la vida. Now that is a song that can raise anyone’s mood, its mellow beats are beautiful, nothing can rival such talent.

Rock events are some of the best heng around the capital, and the energy in these gigs is unbelievable. The first time I went to my first event, jam rock at the carnivore, I was astonished at the number of hot ladies in the venue. I swear the percentage of ladies to guys was like 60 to 40, and I never once saw a lady who wasn’t redefining the word HOTNESS. Needless to say, going crazy in the dance floor to some of the best tunes in the rock genre, surrounded by a bevy of hot women, nothing beats that feeling. By morning every part of the body usually hurts and needless to say, talking becomes painful since the voice is already corrupted by the likes of system a down with toxicity. But trust carnivore to dampen the night thrill by throwing us out at 4 am, now where are we supposed to head to at such Ungodly hours with the Kibera ninjas hanging around with samurai swords.


7 responses to “Being a rockstar

  1. hehe! ati Kibera ninjas with samurai swords? you can imagine eh? anywhoo, rock is the antidote of anything in the world. love those bands, and the fray, phoenix, 30 stm…

  2. *grins* the first guitar riff i ever heard were Slash’s riffs. I was in primo, and my old man had one of the Guns n roses LPs. plus, there was an oldie show on KBC/VOK that used to feature rock charts…and that begun my love affair with rock…there is something about slash’s riffs that get beneath my skin, haunts my dreams & makes me want to howl…and that’s just on an electric guitar…when he picks a Spanish guitar, …wacha tu. (Go to you YouTube, and check the video clip for November rain, and watch it till the end then come back & tell me if that’s not awesomeness….or check him out in one of MJ’s live concerts…playing the riff to dirty Diana or something…

    Anyway, i listen to different rock sounds for different moods…and it’s sheer magic…

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