Marriage part 2

My pal jade is annoyed that i choose to condemn gayism with the strongest of words, i apologize my dear friend. I apologize not for saying that such acts are simply too wrong to find societal approval but because i annoyed one of my biggest fans, and friend for that matter. And so this is a public apology to my friend, since I think everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I hope that your convictions on this issue are true and impregnable. But I find it controversial for any Christian, who is truly a believer in God, to find peace while at the same time supporting such people. Why? because the bible is direct and true in the condemnation of people who choose walk in the boulevard of nature contravention. But the Lord is a forgiving God, and all you need to do is crossover to the light, and you will receive redemption.

To go back to marriage, it is a difficult institution to maintain harmony and requires joint efforts by both parties. So what exactly brings people together in order to set up a singular house; and bind themselves to a future together, for good and worse. Love or the believe of love has been a major culprit in imprisoning individuals to matrimonial cells, whether they be single cells or mansions. Why do i say the believe of love, I bet all of you can philosophize on this particular question and spew out intellectual and dazzling answers. For love is elusive, and a thin line exists between love and friendship, infatuation and lust. Love is perpetual, beautiful, kind, patient and most importantly not cruel nor selfish. So how does a person know they are in love, and whether that love is strong enough to sustain a promise to be together till death do you part. Most people, believing themselves to be in love, have entered into marriage speedily only to find themselves trapped in loveless marriage. My humble question at this juncture should be obvious, standing out like the ass of a baboon. Was there love in the first place, or were these people casualties of infatuation and lust?

Other people marry for convenience, to escape the hard rigor of bachelorhood and partake of the delicacies only a good wife can provide. Personally there are certain duties i find daunting, and i wouldn’t mind a helper (as the bible stipulates) to aid me in my daily endeavors. There are those guys who look for a wife to assist, or actually take over all the chores which used to haunt the single man. This includes but not limited to cooking, maintaining the house, ironing, among others. some chauvinistic male invented the definition of a wife’s duty (as is clear from her name) to be,washing, ironing, Fucking, Etc. But in order to avert the wrath of my female fans, i don’t agree with that outlook, for a woman is an amazing individual and such a definition is disrespectful and basically puny.

There are some cultures where marriage is still organized by family and the participants have no choice but to oblige. I’m tempted to think back to the days of  our ancestors where choosing marriage partners was the reserve of parents and the main consideration was wealth and status. There was a civilization who were famed for the simplicity of their methods, and i can’t help but admire their lifestyle. All a man needed to do was hide near the river, identify the beauty (beauty here being subjective) and after ambushing her, carry her home on your shoulders and I’d like to think; make mad love to her in your hut.  Some of these traditions have persisted in some tribes as recently witnessed in the news, where guys have to battle it out with huge monstrous canes and the one who wins takes the girl home. And modern men still have the audacity to say wooing women nowadays is hard, try persevering several lashes of a fat cane handled by a horny love struck man who is contemplating the chance to finally evade sexual lanina.


9 responses to “Marriage part 2

  1. hmmmm…my quick take on gay relationships:
    1) i have no right to judge 02 consenting individuals based on who they choose to give their hearts to or take to bed…and seriously, there is bad stuff happening in the world and being gay wouldn’t even make it to the top 20…

    2) The irony of those who are opposed to such relationships is, if the gay pal remained closeted you’d still be tight with them and sema what great individuals they are…till the day you find out who they kiss…don’t you love human being?

    3) If people left the judging to someone with more experience like God, the world would be a less messed up place…

    Now, about Marriage:

    I’ll agree with you on one thing; it is not something to be taken lightly or entered into for selfish reasons. I believe it is a partnership where 02 individuals respect & care for each other…it is a friendship where both parties work towards making it & each other grow…is it for everyone? i don’t think so…

  2. I very much agree with Nyambura, there are other issues in the world that are of importance and gays are people too, let them deal with their shit. as for the apology, accepted, but you know you don’t have to do that, it’s just expressions.
    as for marriage, I really don’t know what to say, it’s an institution that I know little about.
    oh, and Peter, I know you are a guy and not into girly things or beauty, but si haka ka-theme uchange? *hides*

    • jade, i withdraw my apology and the reason im doing this is beacsue its chalenging for me, and challenges makes me a better writer i hope… more part and i’m done

  3. I read an articl abt ppl who feel trapped in their own bodies,such dat their mynd’s teln them they’r of th opposite sex 4rm wat th body proves!!So they end up in gaysm sinc they 2 need th pleasure of makn lv.4 such ppl i cnt judge em.Now abt marriage…Mmh av nothn 2say cz th thot of it freaks th hell outta me.Tho i ges its a beautiful thng wen u belong 2 each otha n …..I gv up on ths issue…

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