marriage part 1

What is a marriage, and better yet, why is a marriage? Well, a marriage is widely considered to be an union between man and wife for the purpose of establishing a family. However, this definition have come under heavy attack from radical persons who want to redefine the issue, by trying to integrate within it foreign and unnatural concepts. An issue that shows just how important this institution is the raging debate on the provisions of this new constitution, specifically on the claim by some that it legalizes gay marriages.

The church vehemently opposed the new constitution on two major grounds, abortion and gay rights.  Some people have read some provisions, especially on issues of marriage, to mean the possibility of legal loopholes which could be used in the future to legalize gay marriages. Do i support such a possibility, no, capital no in fact. And its my believe that any man, or woman who purports to believe in gay rights is immoral, sinful and hypocritical. gay people in my opinion are an affront to both nature and God, and as proteges of both this entities, we should find such behavior repugnant to both law and morality.

To go back to the start, a marriage should be a beautiful thing. This however is more easier said than done, as most of you can bear witness. The bible says “he who finds a good wife finds a good thing, and receives favor from God.” Then why do some people, having found themselves good wives, and receiving favor from God, commence to use the fruits of that favor to harass, torment  and destroy their better halves. In my opinion only one outcome of such inhumane acts can arise, and that is to draw the wrath of the Almighty. For how can fate lead you to a path of divine luck, and on top of that, grant you ultimate executive gifts from heaven only to turn upon the very angel through whom such acts were made possible. No, the good lord would not turn a blind eye to such slights, and I’m sure the angel of wrath would be quickly summoned to dish out justice in equal measure, a tooth for a tooth, torment for torment, ingratitude for eternal damnation.


10 responses to “marriage part 1

  1. Wewe! ati what are you saying about gays? I am no gay, not immoral or hypocritical, and I believe people should be left to live their life they way they want, if they want to give it someone of the same sex, the dogs, whatever then they should go ahead, it is their life. as long as it is not affecting your life I don’t see why you should go saying it is affront. I never heard a gay guy saying being straight is so yuck, they give you your space, give them theirs.

  2. wakarima go say that in ug, will be coming to your burial, n morality should matter to everyone, affected or infected, and to say that since it doesn’t affect you it doesnt matter; thats in my opinion is tantamount to burying your head in the sand. So, as for me i don’t like gay people, and have no faith in the general attitude that gayism is a product of faith and not choice, for though we are all born sinners, the extent of our sins should not contravene nature.

  3. pitz,i believe any1 can,and shld indulge in whatever thingyz he sees fit n those which satisfy him/ ever this doesn’t mean am OK with gays….i would go gaga if one among my brood goes the g-way.that said,marriage is not as beautiful as u make it sound,a not so beautiful side lies after the glamour of the D-day.all you need to know about marriage is to listen to some local radio station in the morn…..not such a beautiful thing after all.will i marry some lucky young lady?yap…..but after i take one of those spiritual journeys to mecca or Everest or smthing//

    • hehe my article isnt done yet im yet to get to the gross part of it, as for marriage, im thinking of taking a 3 month stay at tibet with the monks meditating about the issue

  4. Peter, I’m with Wakarima on this issue. I believe that people should do wat they wish. I’m behind them; not because what they do is right, but because it’s their life, they are not doing it to me, it’s not a choice and NO-ONE is perfect. I hate it when people pretend that their sins are less bad!

    • no no sin is better than the other, but some sins are witin the tempts of nature, my problem is with those who contravene nature in the name of personal freedom, its inhuman, n hence repugnant to the very existence of life

  5. Boss the gay community in uganda lost an activist the other day…i pity africa and its ignorance….its not like gay people are interested in all heterosexuals or what…these guys hav tastes and preferences…so ppl shud stop that mentality of thinking that gay ppl are constantly soliciting for sex from them or that they force heterosexuals to hav sexual relations with em…ppl shud let em be,they are human beings.

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