The Weekend after

Last time i spent some quality time, caressing the keyboard of my pc in order to recreate a significant part of my weekend escapades. The truth is, writing allows you to portray something as being too good, while in essence a day was just ordinary. Anyway, my week was just ordinary and i have no idea what i did in the course of the week. The only interesting thing was the discovery of these great blogs which I’ve been devouring with relish day and night. Of special mention is writers like Bikozulu, Nyambura, the spinster, Kbaab. There are several more but I’ve not had the chance to partake in their literal delicacies, but have no doubt, my hunger has not been sated yet.

Friday for me started like any other day, and my only agenda for the day was a talk show being held at la mada hotel Thika road. So i decided to go pay a visit to a pal of mine, a former class mate in KU; might as well kill two birds with one stone. The funny thing is i never made it to the talk, reason, a stupid conductor who refused to let me a light at la mada. The fool takes me all the way to the Survey stage and expects me to walk all that way, amidst the dust and the scorching heat. Needles to say i cast daggers at the fool, mumbled something obscene and told the imbecile to continue moving since i had no intention of alighting. I swear the dude wanted to say something rude, but changed his mind on realizing just how dangerous that could turn out to be; for him of course.

6pm I’m in the CBD looking forward to going home. My pal gives me a call urging me to chill for him so we can have the proverbial one for the road. So i head to bettys, eager to meet my long lost friend; Bavaria 8.6. I meet this two friends of mine, and one of them is hotter than the January sun. For real it seems global warming is not just affecting the climate, but the beauty of a select group of women and this one is on top of that list. Anyway we chat for awhile, apparently they are waiting for some guys who are supposed to take them out, lucky fellas those must be. I take my leave, and make it to the club and locate a strategic seat on the counter. But damn didn’t i feel lonely sitting there all alone while everyone either had a friend, a lover or even both. As for me, i had squat, nada, zero and the only company i had were the virtual friends in facebook.

As my glass meets my lips, a beautiful kiss between flesh and barley, a consummation of a marriage made in a brewery in Holland.  I love Bavaria, more so because its so strong and it doesn’t really have hangovers. Its good value for money since you don’t need to take a lot of it to get drunk, and your thin pocket gets a bit of a reprieve. I’m in my third bavaria when my pal breeze in and orders his usual alvaro. Dude I don’t know how many times i got to say this, get rid of this soda nonsense and acquire a taste for liquor, any liquor for that matter. We change venue and head to Jazz where as always, they disappoint me with the simple fact that they don’t stock my bavaria and i have to settle for a pilisner. Drinking on an empty stomach is not recommended so i order some rice beef and accompany the delicious food with some red wine; just kidding, pilsner will do today.

This place is rather dull today, and my pal ken is dancing on the floor with 2 or three guys; no ladies. So i propose we ditch that pub and head to westy, see whether the goddess of fun and mischief was brewing a storm of excitement in that direction.  Outside red tape i bump into my pal George with his gal friend, apparently having been frozen by the bouncers. i get into the club for a look and the place is half empty at midnight; this is not our night i guess. So we follow George and his friends, two other guys and a chic, to their car and go in search of a better joint. One of this dude must be doing so good because he was driving a brand new Land cruiser Prado, massive car that fits all of us effortlessly.

At sohos, the place is half empty too but we decide to have a drink nonetheless. My pal George is having some Malibu cocktails, same with his girlfriend; the damn things cost 500 each. I was wondering how these guys are looking so drunk if all they’ve been taking is this expensive shit; but I didn’t have long before i learnt the truth of the matter. And boy, didn’t i regret coming upon that truth, it wasted me, killed me even, but that’s what Friday nights are for anyway. George and his girlfriend drags me out to their car, asks me to get in and get comfortable which i oblige; but grudgingly since i didn’t quite know what the deal is. Shock on me when this dude reaches below the seat and produces three 750 ml bottles of famouse grouse, and i swear there was an evil gleam in their eyes. Needless to say we drank that shit, the three of us till our vision became blurry, at least mine anyway. We head back to the club and i don’t even remember finishing my other drink.

My pal ken, being the funny character he is, insists that i take him to changes. i tell the dude to find his own way there but dude is stubborn, and i oblige after insistent nagging. Now i don’t know what orgies were going on in that place but it was too packed, inclusive of several tents outside. i leave the guy there and make my way back to sohos, after being lost a couple of times only to find my pals gone. I tried calling them without success; I was later to learn the phones were one of the chic’s bag and she’d left it at the car.  I’m annoyed at ken at this juncture since those guys would have dropped me at home later, saving me time and money in the process. No worry, the course of true friendship never run smooth, or was it love? I look every where for this dude at Changes but can’t trace him and the only thing evident is the immorality going on in the dim spaces. i swear i saw a guy bendoveriing a chic, not to the song bendover but to other more animalistic inner songs.Needless to say the only singing to the music by the above persons was several undecipherable moans and groans, what has this nation come to.

I took a mat to town and another one to banana and i was looking forward to some well deserved rest at my bed. But the Mat dumps me somewhere short of my destination at four in the morning, the sheer audacity in those guys. After 30 minutes of waiting for another mat i decide  to take a cab home which costs 3 times the amount it costs from banana. May fate curse those fools with impotence, i hate their guts. After being deposited by the cab at the gate, I think some robbers were lurking about and they scared me shitless, and i ran frantically to the other side, via my neighbor’s land seeking refuge at my friends house. But the guy doesn’t open the door, must have a chips funga or something so I’m forced to man up and head to the road to meet my ambushers. luckily I find no one there and i head to my crib, crush in ma bed, and sleep with everything on, including the shoes. i was later to learn that two of my neighbors were robbed somewhere close to my home in the middle of the night.


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